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International Sex Guide

International Sex Guide

It’s time for me to shed some light on one of the so-called shady sex guides that exist out there today. As you know, I spend a significant amount of time researching dating websites, hookup networks, sex classifieds and escort forums. One of the latest sites that I came across was the International Sex Guide. If you did not know, at one point I was a really lonely guy who would use just about any option out there to find a girl to hook up with. I sadly admit that I would surf various escort forums in an attempt to find someone to smash. What I can say is that using this site was a really bad idea.

You’re probably wondering why and rightfully so. Fear not, I’ve laid the cards out on the table and shared everything that I know about this self-proclaimed world sex guide forum. Whatever you do, please DO NOT attempt to check it out until you read this review in full.

International Sex Guide

International Sex Guide Review: Reasons Why This Escort Forum Is The Worst!

If you’re basically clueless about what goes on here, then there’s a good chance that you haven’t got a clue as to what happens at Backpage.com or Craigslist.org either. Those sites are similar to this international sex guide.

They claim to help facilitate connections between escorts and Johns looking to hire girls. Additionally, they claim to provide reviews of the girls. These reviews are what most people refer to as streetwalker reports.

What I can tell you right now is that using the internationalsexguide.info to obtain any information on call girls or escorts is a really bad decision. In fact, it’s so bad that I’ve done the research and spent an hour writing this review just so you don’t make the same mistakes as other men.

But before I get started, there’s something that I need to share. This website is very closely related to usasexguide.info. In fact, they are almost identical and I’ll tell you why. It’s because the sites are run by the same people.

Sure, they claim to be the “Internet’s largest sex travel website,” but that’s not what they are and if you believe the tagline, then you’re a fool!

Main Reasons Why I Hate This Site

Okay, so time for me to share some of the main reasons why I absolutely hate this website.

Unreliable Sources

The people posting reviews on International Sex Forum might not even be real people. Not to mention, you have no idea whether or not they are the escorts writing their own reviews via other accounts or if they are real men sharing their opinions of the girls.

Whatever it is, I don’t trust the sources for a second. Afterall, it’s just some open Internet sex forum which welcomes the discussion of hiring girls to hook up with you. Sounds shady? That’s because it is in my humble opinion.

Tons of Ads

You can’t visit a single page without clicking around and eventually ending up clicking on some random ad. Most of the ads are for fake escort scams and shady international websites. Again, that’s just my personal opinion on things.

I noticed that in the top right corner of the site, they have some banners for a site called Secret Benefits. I don’t get it, if this is supposed to be the end-all be-all for meeting up with girls to pay for sex, then why are they trying to send you elsewhere? Something smells strange here, that’s because it is!

internationalsexguide ads

In my opinion, it gets much worse the deeper you get into the site.

Membership Fees

Okay, so the International Sex Guide charges people $19.95 to get access to what they claim to be 100,000+ photos as well as some private messaging system and a banner-free experience. Here’s what I don’t like about that. If you spend money buying a membership just to research the escorts, then that’s money you won’t have to hire the girls.

Not to mention, joining an escort forum and giving them your credit card information is perhaps the stupidest thing you could do. I don’t care what country you’re living in, it’s an awful idea.

What if the site gets raided? If that occurs, then the Feds have your personal information on file and the fact that you’re spending money to gain access to escort and streetwalker reports isn’t going to sit well on your record, trust me!

Unverified Images

I took the time to do some reverse image searches on some of the photos posted on this forum and it seems like a lot of them have been posted all over the web. Now, that tells me that someone ripped the photos from another site and posted them here or vice versa.

I don’t know to be quite honest, but it’s not my job to check that. If no one is verifying the authentication of these photos then why should you or I use the site? Not to mention, some of these photos look very suspicious with regards to age and I’ll bet that lots of girls haven’t given the site permission to post the images.

Possible Diseases

Since this is an international sex forum, it’s possible that using the site may lead to the contraction of serious diseases. Many of the countries in which the girls and Johns are posting in are poor and in some instances, the girls likely don’t use protection when sleeping with clients.

Gross huh? Even worse, I bet some of these girls sleep with hundreds of guys a week and many may even have life-threatening diseases such as HIV. Again, I’m not claiming that any of them do, I’m simply saying that sleeping with some of these women is a bad idea for your health and well-being.

No USA Reports

Lastly, you won’t find any reports of girls based in the United States. That’s because the mirrored site USA Sex Guide was shut down due to laws and legal issues. They removed all the United States data and based on my knowledge have revamped or morphed into this site. Trust me, it sucks all the same.


Perhaps the only good thing this site provides is a list of abbreviations and definitions of acronyms so that you’re not left in the dark when it comes to hiring escorts.

But do yourself a favor and DO NOT hire any of them.

Conclusion: Avoid The International Sex Guide For Good

If you’re planning on using this site during your next trip out of the United States, then you’re crazy. There are plenty of reasons why you’d be best to avoid it entirely and not spend any money paying escorts for sex, period.

Here’s a quick rundown as to why I suggest avoiding the site:

  • It’s not going to get you anywhere unless you spend money.
  • You’re chances of getting a disease skyrocket
  • The girls are not verified, nor are the photos
  • Possible legal issues with unlawful acts
  • Too much physical danger and risk
  • All girls you need to pay
  • Some fake ads and drug addicts even
  • Way better off using sites like Doublelist

If you’re looking for sex, then join a network where other people are mutually looking for the same thing. My advice would be to take the time to join one of the sites listed below before you waste your time and money on the International Sex Guide Forum.

The forum is a complete waste of time. Perhaps ten times worse than even The Erotic Review website. Oh, and if you think using those massage parlor review sites is a smart alternative, you’re dead WRONG! I’ve covered those sites as well and learned quickly that perhaps the worst of them all is Rubmaps.com. Don’t even think about trying that out either. It’s just as bad.

If you’re going to use ANY sites to meet people to hook up with, then use those posted below:

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  1. why would anyone take backpage ads serious? They are mostly all STINGS. Use hook up apps, thank me later.

  2. Looking for a sexy mature woman to have sex with and a good time with no strings attached? [phone number removed]

  3. Hi in Columbia but coming to NY. What’s easiest way for quick clean discrete hookup? Thanks

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      My advice would be to join one of the sites on my “best apps” page and you’ll find someone, no problem.

  4. Ariel, Angelic Adelene, Annabelle, Genevieve. All 1 chic tried to trust her dated for almost 4 years. Got her out of lifestyle moved her to bail caught her living with a douche.they all use fake names. Tried to help her what a waste of. You can not help someone who enjoys what they do.tried to give her a better life. If you got ripped off by her I no her real name an where she’s at let’s talk

  5. You came into it like a newbie idiot anyway. Backpage had escort reviews in the past. You obviously looked at the wrong people.
    There are great escorts, both male and female. I don’t know how you managed to get this put online, but whomever reads this don’t believe this man.
    You got played is all that was.

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Jean, thanks for stopping by. I always love when hookers who depended on backpage escort ads to generate income come and chime in. It’s laughable that they think this is legal!

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