Euro Girls Escort Review

Are you into European girls? How about hiring escorts? Well, if either of those things gets you excited, then you’ll want to read my review covering the Euro Girls Escort site. I did a lot of research in order to uncover all that I could about this escort directory. You’ll have to make your own call as to whether or not it’s something you want to try out. The good news is that you’ve got options and feedback to base your decisions on.

Euro Girls Escort Reviews

Euro Girls Escort Review Reveals The Truth

For every good adult dating site on the internet, there are at least two really bad ones. The bad sites have really perfected the methods it takes to lure unsuspecting men in and keep them interested, and paying, without actually delivering anything to them. Euro Girls Escort is not only one of these shady sites, it’s really the crème de la crème at escort/dating site trickery.

Terms Speak Volumes

If you’ve ever read the terms of usage of any dating site, you’ll know instantly if they’re shady. How do I know? Because any dating site that is bad will utilize fake profiles. To avoid getting into legal trouble, they must list this practice in their terms. Usually, they’re called love stars or love cupids, or they claim these profiles are there to ensure site safety or some other nonsense, so make sure you read carefully.

Auto-Generated Profiles

The profiles are usually computer-generated with stolen photos to keep you thinking that their site is active, fun, and has a plethora of sexy women available to make your dreams come true. The double whammy with Euro Girl Escorts is that not only do they have fake “freelance” sex worker profiles, but escort agencies are now pulling the same tricks. It is fairly easy to spot a fake profile. The fakes are usually a woman that is “too-good-to-be-true” beautiful, her profile has the absolute bare minimum in information, and her reviews are pretty revealing.

Reviews From Consumers

Anyone that uses an escort on Euro Girl Escort review can leave a review of her services. This is another way to spot if things are “off” with a site. If you are considering hiring a sex worker while on Euro Girl Escorts, take a moment to peruse the reviews. More than a few that I ran across discussed how the woman pictured wasn’t the woman that showed up for their date, that they were robbed, or didn’t even get the services they paid for.

Pre Pay Only

What’s worse is that you must prepay for any sexual services on Euro Girl Escort and at that point, there is no recourse for you should the escort not bother to show up. And the fees are not cheap! Fees vary by location, but they average €150 for an hour, up to €1850 for 48 hours. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly think of a few dozen other things I’d rather spend that money on.

Conclusion: Euro Girls Escort Site Is A Bad Choice, Really Bad!

Euro Girl Escort is really just a site that is full of lies and trouble. It may look super sexy on the outside, but the only thing you’re going to find when you start to peel back the layers will be a huge headache when trying to deal with anyone connected to the site. With its multitude of fake profiles, reviews exposing numerous lies and rip-off encounters, and their affiliation with the shadiest escort agencies you’ll find across Europe, you should honestly think long and hard about using any services that Euro Girl Escort claims to offer.

If you’re wondering whether or not there are other shady escort sites out there that you should avoid, you better believe there are! In fact, there are tons of sites out there that you need to steer clear of. My advice would be to NEVER visit the U.S.A. Sex Guide as well as the Nightshift Co.


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