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How To Find Sex And Get Laid Tonight

If I were a betting man, I’d be willing to bet that you want sex and you want it now. You want to get laid tonight and I cannot blame you. Don’t worry, every other guy is thinking the same thoughts so you’re not alone. After all, who doesn’t want to get laid?

Today’s your lucky day because I’m about to tell you how to get laid tonight and the specific steps I take to find sex near me. If you’re still scrolling through your phone contemplating whether or not to text that ex, I’m telling you now to STOP.

Quick Rundown First: If you absolutely want to get laid, then there is no better way than using a sex app. Simple as that. I’ve got one secret app that works every single time. Try this here. If you do not get laid, I will be shocked because it works great.

I’ve been where you are and it’s a dark place but not one you can’t get out under from. The days of simply sending dirty text messages and hoping you don’t get ignored are completely over.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or on a hot streak, I want you to take the time to read my tips. There’s a reason why I’ve laid out ten simple steps for you to take – because the process WORKS.

Now, without wasting any more of your time, here’s what you need to know if you want to get laid tonight.

There is a ten step process that I follow in order to hookup on the same day I meet girls. Sure, you’ll have to put some work into this but it should work quite well if you do it right…

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How To Find Sex And Get Laid Tonight (10-Steps)

Again, you need to follow these steps in the correct order if you want to get laid tonight and seal the deal successfully! Here’s everything you need to know. Trust me, I use these same steps and yes, I need to get laid right now too. So I’m going to go through the same motions as I know the steps work.

Step #1 – Join A Dating Website.

If you are not a premium member of a dating site, then get off your ass and join one immediately. I’ve provided a list of those that I recommend, so just join one of those.

It will take you less than three minutes to register and use one of these sites, just do it so we can move on to step two. Here’s my list of the best networks to join.

Circle back once you’ve done that…

Step #2 – Start Chatting Locally

Too often, people make the mistake of chatting with the hottest user that live a few states away. They chat because they are smoking hot and have some pipedream of hopping on a private jet and smashing them the same day. Sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen unless you’re rich AF.

Instead, you’ve got to be chatting with girls in your local zip code or the surrounding zip codes. Use the searching options to your advantage, that’s what they are there for.

Once you find someone locally that you’re attracted enough to want to bang, then message them – PRONTO. Do not be shy, cut right to the chase and ask if she is willing to meet you tonight for a casual date.

Step #3 – Meet Her In Person

Once you two have connected via chat, you’ll want to set something up and meet her in person. I suggest you go out of your way to take them to a nice local spot for the date and do not skimp or be cheap.

Be sure to wear something nice looking and make sure that you tell her how pretty she looks in whatever the heck she shows up in. Keep your eyes above her chest and make her feel wanted.

Step #4 – Give Her That Attractive Feeling

There’s nothing a sex partner likes more than feeling attractive. If you’re trying to entice someone to want to hook up, then making them feel like the most attractive person in the room can help.

However, you’ll need to be careful here as things can look too obvious if you’re trying too hard. Strap on your confident boots and compliment her. Keep it natural and you’ll be good to go.

Step #5 – Try To Really Connect With Her

Think of it this way, you have one job – to connect with her. That’s literally all you have to do. She has already confirmed that she’s looking for a sex partner.

There’s no guessing on that at all. Now, all you need to do is connect with her enough to make her want you. That’s really the key to getting laid tonight or any other night, making the connection.

Step #6 – You Must Ask Sometimes

Don’t be afraid to ask her if you can kiss her. Kissing is one of the most sensual acts that you can partake in if you really want to connect with someone. Assuming your date or meetup is on a positive path, then ask for a kiss or go in for one.

Step #7 – Pay The Bill

Don’t be a cheapskate buddy. If you want to get laid tonight then you’ve got to show her you mean business. Pay the tab or you will be on your own, I guarantee it.

Step #8 – Never Leave Separately

If you don’t leave with her, there’s a good chance that she could totally back out and not show up to have sex. Do not ever leave before she does either, it’s bad manners and shows that you truly don’t care about her safety. Show that you care by leaving with her.

Step #9 – Hit A Hotel

You’ll want to rent a hotel room unless you live very close. The long commute to a hotel room, house or apartment can cause people to lose interest and excitement.

Keeping the excitement high is so important when on a first casual sex date. I’ve taken 25-minute rides that ended in no one getting laid because the ride was such a burden and headache.

This is why it’s so important to play close to home.

Step #10 – Bang

Well, you’ve put in the work and done everything right. Now it’s time to bang her. You are in the right place if you rented a nice hotel and you’ve had some drinks with her, so now it’s time to indulge in one another.

Start with some basic foreplay and kissing, then work your way to the good stuff e.g. eating you know what and all that getting inside her.

That’s it, you’ve got the foolproof formula laid out and you know exactly what it takes to get laid tonight or today with very little effort, just stay local and put in the work.

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Well, now you’ve got all the tools necessary to make this happen. If you’re not able to get laid still, then you’re not trying hard enough. Just take massive action and you’ll be fine!

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