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male prostitute

The Different Types of Male Prostitution

male prostitute

Male prostitution is where men provide sexual services to women or males for payment. It’s a form of sex work, and clients can be of any gender. However, most of them are older males who have sexual needs a woman can’t offer.

Compared to female prostitutes, a male prostitute hasn’t been studied as much by researchers. Still, male prostitutes have a long history, including the HIV/AIDS impact, regulation through homosexuality, and even conceptual developments in sexuality.

Male sex workers have made new sexual acts popular and carved out spots in cinematic development. Today, the goal is to improve the mental health, treatment, and working conditions for these male sex workers.

Terminology for Young Male Prostitutes

Many terms are associated with the male prostitute, and some vary based on the business method or the previous clients. When prostitution is taboo or illegal, a male prostitute uses various euphemisms to present their business as a dancing partner, erotic massage therapist, nude modeling, or to provide companionship. The word gigolo often implies the man works with female clients, but they are men providing sexual services nonetheless.

Other common synonyms include:

  • Call boy
  • Rent boy/rent boys
  • Masseur
  • Model
  • Hustler

If a man doesn’t associate as bisexual or gay and has sex with male clients solely for money, they might be called “trade” or “gay for pay.” The male escort who enjoys wearing women’s clothing might be referred to as a fairy.

Generally, male clients like to pick up a male prostitute in a bar or on the street, so they’re called tricks or johns. People working in the prostitution ring, especially street prostitutes, refer to the game as “turning tricks.”

Often, a male prostitute has four types:

  1. Outcasts – They are impoverished and work on a daily basis. Typically, these people have substance abuse problems and use the money for drugs and alcohol. Often, they use drugs before the encounter and afterward to help them feel numb or forget what they did.
  2. Part-timers – These people don’t do sex work every day. They just perform sexual activity acts when they want to be more comfortable. For example, they have to pay a bill or save up for a vacation. Often, they’re around 28 years old.
  3. Insiders – These men grew up in the lifestyle, so they feel it’s an honorable occupation. A male prostitute might try another job but always comes back to prostitution because they like the work.
  4. Liberationists – This group is homosexual, so prostitution allows them to realize and explore their fantasies. They often have high levels of education, have great connections with family, are highly positive, and have good self-esteem.

Clients for a Male Sex Worker

male prostitute
“Marcus” was the first ever male prostitute in Nevada’s shady lady brothel. Photo Credit: GQ

A male prostitute gets paid for sexual services, so the work clients of the male prostitute pay them. Before the 20th century, clients were shielded and invisible from the public. In a sense, sex workers got into trouble for supplying the sex, but the clients weren’t punished for demanding or buying it.

Characteristics of the Client

Clients may be of any gender, and many of them are older and unattractive middle-aged men. However, a woman can also request a male prostitute if she is between boyfriends or doesn’t want a relationship.

Common reasons to buy sex include:

  • Having an unsatisfying sex life at home
  • Attraction to younger men working the scene
  • Being unable to find partners without paying them

Generally, the male prostitute fills the emotional or sexual void the client experiences. Here are the three main scenarios:

  1. Married men may have non-existent or unsatisfying sex lives. They could be homosexual or just unhappy with their situation, so they resort to paying for company.
  2. Men have a healthy heterosexual marriage but enjoy homosexual experiences. In a sense, they’re bisexual because they like girls and guys.
  3. Sometimes, non-married men are closet homosexuals and are scared of being outed. They may also be openly gay and want more opportunities to find sex.

There’s no real difference between all of these men. The reality is it could be a husband who wants a boy prostitute or a lady who needs sexual release and can’t find someone to bang.

Support and Friendship

Sometimes, the male prostitute and the client become friends and don’t perform any sexual activities. Renters could finance the prostitute’s education, find other jobs or clients, or give them clothing, shelter, and food. Many times, the male prostitute praises the client, and both of them have their needs and wants satisfied.

Regulation for the Male Escort

At the beginning, male prostitution was ignored, so there were no examinations or policing as with females. While law enforcement might have believed a man to be a male prostitute or gigolo, they disregarded it.

Eventually, though, prostitution was regulated for everyone. Still, the male prostitute wasn’t arrested as frequently and received lower fines and sentences than women.

The Present-day Male Prostitute

Most people believe that the male prostitute is only available in large cities, such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and the like. However, they can be in Rhode Island or any other small city or state within the nation.

This categorization of a male prostitute isn’t exhaustive and includes:


Indoor escorts tend to advertise their services on male escorting sites, either through the escort agency or independently. These websites may face legal difficulties. For example, rentboy.com was a well-known American website, and the Department of Homeland Security took it down and charged the operators with many things.

However, if you want a male prostitute or wish to become one, research does suggest that the number of online escorts is growing. Even though there are strict anti-sex worker laws in place, the male prostitute is flourishing in Chicago, Las Vegas, and other large cities.

Clubs, Bars, and Streets

Major cities, such as Las Vegas and Chicago, have many areas where a male prostitute can become available to clients driving in cars. There might be an informal name for them, but the areas are risky for the male prostitute and the clients, both in terms of safety and from a legal perspective.

Law enforcement might keep an eye on the place, and others might want to harm the client for seeking paid sex because of the social stigma.

Public Toilets

A male prostitute could work in the public bathrooms of establishments and parks. Clients prefer those settings for the excitement and rush they get. Others claim that they can’t orgasm if they’re not in a public toilet.

Regardless, the idea of being caught is the game plan here. Plus, it’s anonymous and brief. Because clients have a reputation and family, a lavatory is convenient, as long as the male prostitute doesn’t mind.

Sex Clubs and Bathhouses

Sometimes, a male prostitute works in a sex club, adult bookstore, or gay bathhouse, but prostitution is often prohibited in these places. Known prostitutes get banned. Still, a male prostitute might be overlooked if business is good.

Male Brothels

Generally, a male prostitute seeks a male brothel or stable to work in. There has been some confusion about male brothels.

For example, Las Vegas, Nevada rules state that a cervical exam is necessary before someone can work in a legal brothel. Clearly, a male prostitute doesn’t have that internal body part. However, some brothels allow men to work in them anyway, though there are no male-only brothels in the United States.

However, Switzerland opened its first brothel primarily for gay men in 2010, and it’s still running.

Risks of Being a Male Prostitute

The male prostitute and his clients could face problems and risks. They include (for the prostitute):

  • Stigma – People frown upon a gigolo.
  • Criminal and legal risks – It’s illegal to be a male prostitute in the United States.
  • Physical abuse – They could be beaten or otherwise injured.
  • Health-related risks – This includes sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Family/friend rejection
  • Gay-bashing
  • Insecure income
  • Emotional and mental anguish

The client could also experience some risks, such as:

  • Fear of stigma
  • Work and family issues if the activities aren’t discreet
  • Being robbed
  • Health-related risks
  • Being injured or blackmailed

Overall, men are less likely to be robbed, blackmailed, or beaten by the client. It might be because they’re naturally larger than women.

The Stigma of Being a Male Prostitute

Social criticism is a big deal for the male prostitute. Factors like economic status, social status, and age differences are the primary reasons. However, stigma can be attached to gay men who don’t pay to get sexual services.

Men may also use certain words or terms to refer to the older man in the relationship (sugar daddy), while the younger male prostitute is called a boy toy or kept boy.


Whether a person chooses to become a male prostitute or not is up to them. Generally, they must face stigma about their profession, but that’s true for female prostitution and is everywhere in the world.

Being a gigolo has some benefits, especially for men who enjoy sex with all types of people. It’s best to search online for a male prostitute from a reputable source. However, some do like the thrill of meeting at a bar or in other public places.

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