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Toledo Ohio Sex Guide (Full Coverage)

I recently went to go visit a friend in Ohio. Yes, I went to the Buckeyes game, but while in Ohio, I took a trip to Toledo. My buddy actually lives in Toledo and I ended up doing a TON of research on the location. Toledo isn’t the biggest city in Ohio, only having roughly 287,000 residents.

While they’ve got glass manufacturing and Jeep’s, there isn’t too much happening in good old Toledo. That’s probably why the sex industry, in one way or another, is alive and booming. Remember, though, that if you’re planning on using any of the services I’m about to talk about, for your own safety, make sure your sex worker is of legal age.

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For the record, I do not suggest hiring any sex worker for any type of service, period. Use legal dating platforms versus illegal sex acts. Simple as that. 

Map of Toledo, Ohio

This is crazy, but the age of consent in Toledo is 16 years old as long as you’re not a cop or teacher, and if I were you, I would definitely ask your new lady friend if she’s legal. The last thing you want is a headache. And by headache, I mean prison sentence and registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into all the things Toledo, Ohio has to offer its horniest residents.

Internet Sex Sites For Toledo, Ohio Consumers

The internet has vastly improved our ability to find a sex partner, whether it be a paid escort or a hookup partner who wants to bang and go. If you’re looking for someone to have sex with, you’ll find that there is no better site than Adult Friend Finder (well, aside from Fling). And not just for Toledo, either.

Adult Friend Finder is a great dating site that isn’t just for traditional dating. There is every kink you can think of listed and their site algorithm matches you up locals based on whatever you’re into, whether that be vanilla or wild and crazy.

If you’re looking for a fling with someone married, Ashley Madison is another option. Things have vastly improved with Ashley M. since she was hacked years ago. The site is much safer, and the people are just as horny as ever.

Finally, I’m a bit of a kinkster, so I do spend a fair amount of time on two kink sites called Alt.com and BDSM.com. Both are for people who like to have a little more exciting sex than the regular missionary, vanilla kind. No matter what your kink, you’ll find it on those sites.

Skyline of Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Street Workers

If you’re not feeling the hookup websites, you might be tempted to take a drive down the streets of Toledo to find a friend. While not the recommended way of finding a sex partner, it still works as long as you’re careful.

Prices of prostitutes and hookers will vary with what you want them to do and where you’re looking in the city, but for the most part, a handjob will run about $20, a blow job can cost upwards of $50, and sex could be anywhere from $40-$100. Quickies can run between $80-$150, depending on what type of sex you want to have, but all of these prices depend on what you two agree upon.

Unsure where to look for a streetwalker? Here are the best places to find a prostitute in Toledo, Ohio:

  • Lagrange Street to North Telegraph Road
  • South Avenue around South Toledo
  • Elm Street, Chicago Street and Summit
  • Cherry Street and Mission Street
  • Starr, Oakdale, and East Broadway

Remember, if everyone knows this is where the prostitutes hang out for business, the police are very aware that “business” is being conducted there as well.

Toledo Escorts

If streetwalkers aren’t your thing, and you prefer a classier sex worker, you always have the option to get yourself an escort. Escorts don’t spend time on street corners, instead, they advertise on sites like Bedpage, Skip the Games, Bang Locals, Fish, and Escort.

If your escort of choice is a shemale, Toledo has those too. You can find trans sex workers on sites like Trans, EscortFish, TSEscorts, and ts4rent.eu. Prices range from $80-$300, again depending on the things you want to do and how long you want to spend doing them.

Toledo escorts are usually very pretty girls and they know they’re doing a service and getting paid for it, so no headaches with relationships and “are you going to call me tomorrow?” If you want a less stressful sex encounter, an escort might just be perfect for you.

I’d personally always opt for a college girl versus hired help but what you do is your business…


Massage Parlors

If you think you’re going to go to a massage parlor in Toledo and just get a massage, you, my friend, are a prude. Toledo is full of massage parlors that will give you some muscle rubbing, but you’ll also get a happy ending or even something more…for a fee. Don’t get caught like Robert Kraft did in Jupiter, FL!

Korean massage parlors are the most common in Toledo and they usually charge about $40-$60. The most popular parlors in Toledo are the following:

  • Phoenix Relax Massage
  • Sun Massage Spa
  • Chang Mi Sauna
  • Top Relax Massage

Strip Clubs

You might not think of strip clubs as a way to find a sex partner, but they are actually a great place to find a woman looking to satisfy your needs. Toledo has great strip clubs and the people there are almost like family, which if you’re a regular, you get to be a part of.

If you’re looking for a good strip club to visit in Toledo, here are the two I’d recommend:

  • Platinum Showgirls-This club has absolutely everything!
  • Lust Gentleman’s Club-If you like a west coast kind of club, this is the winner for you.

Swingers Clubs, Theaters, and Sex Stores

Lucky for you, there are enough stores, clubs, and theaters in Toledo that you’ll be able to find exactly the type of experience you’re craving. Toledo seems to have a huge swinger’s community and some of the swinger’s clubs include:

  • Ohio Swingers Club
  • Euphoria
  • Club 5661 Event Center
  • Naughtee by Nature

If you aren’t into swinging, you might prefer to visit a sex theater or sex shop. The best in Toledo include:

  • Adult Pleasures
  • Pleasure 365 Adult Entertainment Club
  • Body Shop Nightclub

Gay Bars

I’m not into gay dating, but I did my research in this arena as well. Maybe you don’t want to pick up a lady-friend, maybe you’re the type that likes to take some pipe in the bedroom. We don’t judge! If you’re gay and looking for sex, Toledo has your back(side) too. The best gay bars (according to research only) in Toledo include:

  • Mojo’s and Legends
  • The Attic
  • R House
  • McCune’s The Other Side Bar & Bistro
  • Georgjz419

The Rough Toledo Neighborhoods

Unfortunately, sex work usually goes hand-in-hand with other types of crimes. Toledo is pretty on-par with Detroit in crime, so you really need to be careful out there if you’re picking up a sex worker from the streets. Unless you have a death wish, if I were you, I would totally avoid these rough neighborhoods in Toledo:

  • North Toledo
  • North of downtown
  • East Toledo (across from the Maumee River)
  • Scott and Libby high schools
  • La Grange
  • Old South Toledo
  • North River
  • Warren Sherman
  • Onyx
  • South and Broadway
  • Oakwood, Brown Avenue, and Nebraska
  • Cherry Street and Bancroft
  • Bryne and Airport Highway
  • City Center
  • North Detroit, Water Street, or Lagrange Ave

I know that list seems long, and it is, but if you are planning on finding a sex partner for an hour or so, you should definitely avoid finding them in these areas.

Final Thoughts on Toledo’s Sex Scene

Toledo is horny and the number of ways you can get laid proves it. No matter what you’re looking for while you’re in the area, you’ll find it with a little poking around. Hopefully this Toledo, Ohio Sex Guide will help you in your endeavors. Be careful, avoid the shady places, and go bust that nut! Good luck and remember that I warned you if you end up doing something stupid and getting in trouble. Better off using a site that delivers and doesn’t come with all the headaches.

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