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New Orleans Beer Fest Fun, Bourbon St. & Girls

I’ve been to New Orleans more times than I can even remember. Each time seems to be completely different from the next (from what I recall). Now, there are a few things that are almost always a guarantee when visiting NOLA. Those things are Bourbon St., babes, and beer. On one trip I got really lucky and learned that the New Orleans International Beer Festival was taking place. You know I wasn’t missing that event! At any rate, today I’m going to be sharing my knowledge and experience on a few things. First I’m sharing my notes after attending the NOLA Beer Fest. I’ll also be covering what happened that weekend on Bourbon Street and a quick rundown of the babes encountered during my weekend getaway.

new orleans guide
FYI, this is not me at the festival, but photos of a few people who were there!

My NOLA Beer Festival, Bourbon Street and Babes Guide

I’ll kick things off covering the hoppiest and happiest part of my trip, the beer fest experience!

New Orleans International Beer Festival

While I typically like posting just about my personal experiences visiting cities, sometimes I attend events that I feel are worthy of writing about. One of those events was the New Orleans International Beer Festival. Having taken many trips to NOLA, I am very experienced in what’s good and bad about the city. One trip I got extra lucky and attended this festival and it actually ended up being one of the best trips I’d ever taken. Here’s what you need to know about this festival and if it’s worth your time while partying in the French Quarter.

The first thing I can tell you is that this event was nothing short of amazing! The event was held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where the Saints play on Sunday. Other than being a bit hot because it was mid-summer, this event was so much fun. If you’re a beer fanatic like myself, then you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that over 60 breweries were present at this event. I’m not talking about the basic big breweries either. There were some solid rare ones. To name a few, there was Great Raft, Tin Roof, Lazy Magnolia, Saint Arnold, the local Urban South Brewery, Mudbug, and many more. Actually, now that I think of it, there were over 150 breweries present that weekend.

nola beer fest price

Now, because it’s a festival it obviously wasn’t free. So, you’re going to have to shell something out here in order to attend this event. You’ve got a few options depending on your budget. The $40 general admission will get you a lot including a sampling mug to enjoy the massive number of beers you consume all day. The VIP tickets at $75 a pop get you advanced access to the event and more. What’s really cool about this event is that they offered designated drivers discounted entry. They were able to attend the event for $20 general admission and $30 VIP. I ended up picking up some merch at the event too. They were selling glasses, growlers, super cool shirts (which I bought), and a few other great items.

I’ve got some advice for those planning on attending this event. If you’re going to go, then please be sure to buy the VIP and get there early. The music will keep you entertained and you’re not going to want to fight the crowd for beer samples. Also, don’t drink and drive. If you’re planning on going, take an Uber or bring a designated driver. Take it from me…I ended up have way too many drinks and got pretty drunk. Having too many drinks (especially on Bourbon St.) can lead to some real trouble. Find out what I’m talking about below. I’ve covered more crazy NOLA experiences with you.

First off, I’ve got a question for you…Are you a fan of NOLA?

Well, if you are, I’m here to share my stories of partying in New Orleans during a guy’s football weekend. I learned a lot about this city and even more about the New Orleans escorts that parade around Bourbon St. and Frenchmen St. I’ve covered everything that you need to know if you’re planning on visiting this city. Trust me, reading this part of my article will save you a lot of headaches not to mention, you’ll know all the hot spots to dine as well. Pay close attention…

New Orleans Escorts Trouble

The Rest Of The Weekend On Bourbon St

I’ll start this story over from the very beginning to cover the full details. A group of college buddies and I have an annual trip that we go on. We travel for football, mayhem, and some light binge drinking. New Orleans was the spot this past year and we spent a weekend getting after it. The group of guys is not all crazy party guys but some of us tend to take things up a notch.

We flew in on a Friday and arrived just in time for lunch kicking off our culinary quest at none other than Doris Metropolitan. This restaurant is right in the French Quarter where we were staying, close to Jackson Square. The steaks and sweetbreads with the bomb. Seriously, perhaps the best that I’ve ever had in my life. After spending what we consider a ton of money on food, we decided to skip out on the Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee and beignets and go straight into getting wasted.

We checked into Hotel Monteleone which has a sick carousel bar, which is where we posted up for a couple of cocktails. Eventually, we migrated to Pat O’Brien’s for some classic NOLA hurricane cocktails. Those drinks got all of us pretty smashed. It wasn’t even 7 pm on the first night before we were all basically legless.

That was NOT going to stop us from getting the full NOLA effect as we were troopers. In other words, we kept drinking. We wanted to kick things up a notch and decided to hit Larry Flint’s Hustler strip club there which is right on Bourbon St. Given that we had healthy stacks of cash and that it was the first night, I said what the hell why not! I wasn’t all that impressed with the place.

The girls weren’t willing to do anything with us and there was no sex in the champagne room. We wanted more, which is why we thought hiring one of the New Orleans escorts running around the city would be a far better idea.

Escorts In NOLA

While sitting in the Hustler Club, I started searching online for these call girls and eventually ended up on ECCIE.net which was where it immediately went downhill. I didn’t know anything about Nightshift.co at the time or I probably would have checked their first, but using one over the other would have been just as bad as the next.

I eventually connected with one of the local girls on ECCIE and although she wasn’t verified, we all agreed that it would be a good idea to hire her. After foolishly sending a couple of messages to her, we ended up meeting her in our hotel room. Now, the girl that showed up looked NOTHING like the girl in the ad. In fact, I felt like she was a legit crackwhore.

One of my buddies said fuck it and he ended up smashing it but gosh, she was disgusting and smelled terrible. I don’t know how he managed to hit that.

Things got worse though…

He tried shorting her cash and this chick went bonkers. She threatened to have some rugged dude that was waiting downstairs come up and pistol whip us. We were so wasted that we brushed it off. Next thing you know, there’s some big guy banging on our hotel room door. The girl lied and said that we owed her more than we did. She got all the money asked as we didn’t want to get arrested or even worse, shot. Keep in mind, that was the first night!

These escorts in New Orleans are gross and shady, AF to say the least. These mutt buckets are even worse in Harrah’s Casino. They latch on to you like an annoying suckerfish cleaning the tank.

Harrah's in NOLA

Suffice to say, we learned our lesson and stayed out of strip clubs and away from escorts the rest of the weekend. Instead, we hit nice restaurants like Emeril’s which had the absolute best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. We also hit a place called Barrel Proof which was a great whiskey spot. Guess what, we ended up connecting with some local girls and eventually banging a couple over the weekend. However, that only happened because we turned to a hookup site versus the traditional pay to play route – a much better idea!

Emeril's in New Orleans

While I’m on the subject of hookup sites, I should explain that there is one that trumps them all for me and many others. It’s not AFF either. Here’s a suggestion, read a few comments from my readers before throwing shade my way. Trust me, the fling.com reviews explain why it’s the best. Anyway, back to Football and NOLA food!

As for the football game, the Mercedes Benz Superdome was pretty cool but definitely not the best we’ve been to. All in all, it was a successful weekend but if you go there do not even think about hiring any escorts in New Orleans.

They’re shady scumbag thieves just like the people on the street asking you questions trying to take your money. As for the local girls that are on casual dating networks, they’re hot, flirty, and awesome based on my experience. I’ll go back, but I’ll never let my friends try to hire a hooker in NOLA ever again. What I will let them do is pay for my admission into the New Orleans International Beer Festival. It was definitely the highlight of my trip – no contest!

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