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Inmate Dating Sites: Female Inmates & Pen Pals Looking For Love?

Before I get too deep into this I want to make it clear that I’m not bashing or giving convicts, those who have been to jail a hard time, or current prisoners a hard time. I’m merely here to share what I know about inmate dating sites that exist today.

Are you looking to connect with a female prisoner in a pen pal sex relationship or something more intimate and sensual? Well, you’ve got plenty of options so it seems!

I had no idea that all these prison dating and jail dating networks existed. I guess just like any other fetish (you know, like swingers or feet fiends or things of that nature), some people have a fetish of wanting to connect with women convicted of crimes.

For the record, it’s not for me and I’ll stick to using the apps that I know are safe and work. But to each their own I guess. Here’s what you need to know about all the inmate and prisoner dating sites that exist today!

inmate dating websites

stick to traditional casual dating

15+ Inmate Dating Networks To Meet Women Convicted Of Crimes

This list is in no particular order because I haven’t taken the time to try them out so I cannot rank them. However, I can tell you which I believe are the most popular.

Full disclosure: By reading this you will not hold me or Sexdatingapps.com liable for any issues that may arise from connecting with any prisoners using these sites. Here’s everything that you need to know about the websites before you try and use them.

Meet An Inmate – The meet-an-inmate.com website is a website that’s been around since 1998. It’s perhaps the most old-school looking of all the female prison dating sites and I cannot seem to understand why, to be honest. It looks likes one of those old HTML sites but apparently, people use it still. They claim to connect you with inmates so that you can exchange letters with a new lover.

Love A Prisoner – Supposedly this loveaprisoner.com website was a popular site for those looking for prison pen pals. Based on my research, about 900 people a month search for this site, so it seems like people are or were using this. However, the site seems to be completely down or broken. I wouldn’t recommend using this due to it looking as though it’s been hacked or something.

Inmate.Dating – The inmate.dating site took advantage of the latest domain extensions and they created a “dating” site just for civilians that want to connect with inmates I guess. It’s a free network that’s managed by a company called GoneGlobal. The company runs close to 100 very small dating sites and based on what I know they are all garbage. Be careful with this one, please.

Inmate Mingle – This inmatemingle.com website might be the most popular of them all. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say the most popular but it’s got a strong social media presence – no doubt about that. With thousands of Instagram followers and social media updates, it seems like this network has a lot of convicts. Man oh man, some of these photos are creepy AF though.

Hot Shot Inmates – The website hotshotinmates.com is a site that connects pen pals with prisoners behind bars. Apparently, this site connects people with female inmates, male inmates, death row inmates, and prisoners serving life sentences. I would share some of the creepy photos but I don’t want to cause any issues with some of the inmates – not worth my time at all. What I will say is that it seems like a lot of the inmates are looking for people to connect with free civilians in order to get them to send money via JPay.

PrisonInmates.com – This site claims to be the “World’s most trusted prison pen pal service in the USA.” Is it true? Honestly, I can’t say whether or not it’s true but the site does have 2,000+ Facebook likes. I’m positive that the Prison Inmates website cannot and will not protect you should you connect with a pen pal that decides to do something violent or harming when they get out. I’d also like to point out that the site cannot and will not protect prisoners either. Too many unknowns for me, I’m sorry. The site is owned by PrisonVoice.com, LLC.

Inmate Passions – The inmatepassions.com social network is definitely the most up-to-date site that I’ve researched in terms of look and feel. However, it’s loaded with a ton of banner ads. In fact, it’s damn near impossible to even use this site without clicking on an advertisement. After digging further, I was able to learn that the M.O. of this site is to eventually get you to join other websites. They promote sites like AdultFriendFinder and other websites.

Friends Beyond The Wall – Based on what I know, the friendsbeyondthewall.com website has 2,500+ prisoners. This website was started in 1999 and it’s older looking than all the other sites. It looks like the site is shady and insecure to the point where I probably wouldn’t suggest using it but some people. They provide photos and all that jazz. Just be sure not to give out too much personal information I guess. The site is owned by Friends Beyond The Wall Inc.

Dating Prisoners – I cannot suggest using this datingprisoners.com website for the mere fact that it looks like a shady white-label or copycat site. It might be one of those sites that just put on a front as if real inmates are on the site but they may not be. Please be very careful with this one.

Female Prison Pals – The femaleprisonpals.com network seems to be a pen pal site that caters to guy and girls that want to connect with female prisoners. The site was started back in 2011. It’s a site that provides answers to about 20 questions per prisoner along with the full name of the female prisoners and their charges. Some of these women are in jail for homicide and murder but they have release dates. You better be very careful what personal information you share with them as you have no idea what any of these women are capable of.

Jail Babes – The Jail Babes website is a site for women in prison that are seeking pen pal relationships with men. The jailbabes.com website was rebuilt back in June 2017 but it’s been around for many years (started back in 1998). Some of the girls on this site actually aren’t that bad looking but I’m certainly not suggesting that you connect with a convict and start to get intimate with them. They’ve got girls categorized via ages which helps connect with women within a particular age group I guess.

Lost Vault – Another pen pal prison site where prisoners can leave ads requesting civilians contact them and communicate via letters. It’s a free forum I guess but certainly not one that I suggest using. Personally, there are too many unknowns here for me.

Caged Ladies – This inmate hookup site has a very creepy name if you ask me. Cagedladies.com does showcase some decent looking photos of female prisoners but that’s about it. They offer nothing other than that based on what I saw. I was impressed that they did have an age warning on the site, something that most sites in this niche that I’ve reviewed don’t have.

The list goes on and one here with some of the other sites out there being Captive Angels, Prison Inmate Pen Pal, Women Behind Bars, Inmate.com, and Friends Til The End.

What I can say is that you 100% should think about using a site like Instabang or the Fuckbook Network before you go trying to connect with someone that’s been convicted of a crime and is in prison. Sure, the choice is 100% yours with who you connect with and who you hook up with but I’ll always opt for a secure dating network that I know works versus these types of sites. Heck, you might be better off trying to connect with some Backpage girls or writing them via text or email instead of using these inmate dating sites. Again, the choice is 100% yours to make.

stick to traditional casual dating

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