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Oral Sex Toys

Best Oral Sex Toys – The Top Options Available Right Now

This article covers what you need to know about sex toys. If you’re not using sex toys in bed alone or with your partner, then you’re missing out big time. Find out everything you need to know about these toys, which to buy, how to use them, and more.

How do you get oral sex? Typically, you find a man or woman you want, go on dates, wait forever, and finally get to the point where you are both sexually frustrated.

It happens a lot, but now there’s no need to fear. Just grab a male masturbator that feels warm over your penis, or get a Swedish oral sex toy that’s like a Rube Goldberg machine to help you reach G-spot orgasms!

There are plenty of toys out there that simulate oral sex, and you don’t need a certified sex therapist to tell you what to get.

Likewise, some of them work well for partner play because they help with anal-oral sex (rim jobs) and all the rest.

Oral Sex Toys

Just keep an eye on the latest products, such as the cult-favorite vibrators from Fleshlight, Satisfyer, and LoveHoney.

While the Hitachi Magic Wand is an excellent toy, those tongue vibrators can often feel like oral sex and are becoming iconic. It’s magical to see how modern companies have found ways to emulate sucking, licking, and massaging from an oral sex toy!

Below, you will see clitoral stimulators, strokers, pumpers, and so much more. These are the best oral sex toys you can find, and most of them are super quiet and indirectly stimulate your body. Let’s get on with it (or get it on!)

And, if you like this type of stuff, you’ll also want to check out my list of the top furniture to buy for sexual encounters.  It’s an absolute gem of a roundup!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Oral Sex Toy

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the highest-rated oral sex toy on the market. Its magic comes from the patented air pulse technology, which helps you get touch-free stimulation that imitates oral.

Another reason it’s different than other products is that it has a soft silicone tip, 11 levels of pressure wave suction, and so much more. Plus, it makes direct contact with all of your lady bits!

Thick Penises Need the Satisfyer Men 2.0 Penis Masturbator

Oral sex toys often focus on products for men or women, but Satisfyer goes a step further and offers items for both sexes. The Satisfyer Men 2.0 looks like a Dustbuster, but you may not want to keep it out for people to see.

Most guys find that traditional penis sleeves just don’t cut it because they’re too thick. This one has no issues, and it’s quite comfortable. Many reviewers say that it feels so good. Plus, it has a long battery life, is rechargeable, and is waterproof. There’s even an interchangeable sleeve to make clean-up a breeze!

Foray Outside the Satisfyer with the Starlet 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Clitoral Stimulator

If you prefer clitoral stimulator products and want another one to add to your rotation, Dame and Womanizer are excellent choices.

Many of them feature soft silicone that lasts and aren’t super expensive. The Starlet 2 Suction Stimulator has a tapered shape, so it could go inside.

Plus, there are two buttons, so you don’t have to deal with various settings while you’re trying to knock the big O out of the park.

LoveHoney Penis Sleeve with Heat

Blowmotion penis sleeves are all the rage, and coddle your member with temperatures of 107 degrees Fahrenheit! If you like a tongue stroking your penis and can’t find a lady, this simulates the warmth she would give.

Many people like it because it’s waterproof and powered by three motors. Plus, you get eight vibration speeds. A mere mortal’s mouth just couldn’t provide all that. Use it with lube to get the best effect.

Stella Clitoral Vibrator from Better Love

Some people think that the movie was called “A Streetcar Named Desire” because of this little clitoral stimulation toy. It’s a textured vibrator called Stella from Better Love. You get the right amount of stimulation, and it covers the entire clitoris.

Those who want more texture and an amazing flicking tongue are sure to appreciate this three-speed demon!

Fleshlight Options

Fleshlights are now the top oral sex toys for men who enjoy solo play and still want to feel like they’re with a woman.

They’re designed to imitate three aspects of oral sex – throat, tongue, and lips. They’ve been around for a while, and many people enjoy them. Here are the two top options:

Turbo Thrust BJ Masturbator

When compared to other sex toys, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is an excellent choice. It features a unique design and three points of insertion. Plus, you can see through it to watch your member do its thing.

The Turbo Thrust is compatible with other toys and Fleshlight accessories, so you get hands-free fun anytime!

Flight Aviator Male Masturbator

There’s also the Fleshlight Flight Aviator, which is lighter than traditional ones. You can store it and travel with it easily. You also get internal rings that heighten your sexual experience. Plus, the SuperSkin material makes it feel like the real thing!

Aer Clitoral Vibrator

The Aer brand makes a breezy and lightweight clitoral vibrator. Dame is a woman-engineered and owned sex toy company that focuses on quality design. Plus, these vibrators are aesthetically pleasing.

This product holds a charge for a long time, is quiet, easy to clean, and features a tie-dye traveling pouch. It’s a low-maintenance vibe and maneuvers easily around the clitoris because it’s lightweight! Take it on vacation with you and see a big difference!

Sex Toys

Pro Traveler Clitoral Vibrator

If you’ve tried the Satisfyer before, you probably like it immensely. However, the brand came out with a palm-sized sex toy that you can take on the road or wherever you want to enjoy horny adventures. It’s a smaller size, but it features 11 settings and a waterproof design.

LELO Enigma (Clitoral Stimulator and G-Spot Finder)

LELO blessed the ladies when it launched this vibrator. The Enigma is a dual product because it stimulates the clitoris and G-spot. The sonic waves and air pressure mean that it doesn’t have to touch the clit to provide monster jam orgasms.

Flip Hole Black from Tenga

The Flip Hole Black looks like a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s made for oral sex. Your friends probably won’t be able to tell the difference between this peen machine and high-tech equipment.

Plus, it works similarly to a Fleshlight, and TSA agents aren’t likely to raise a fuss.

Ultimate Pleasure Oral Sex Stimulator

Fantasy For Her has created the best toy ever. Its prominent pump attachments set it apart; they look like small astronaut helmets! If you enjoy the pumping element for your sex toy, this will be the top choice for you.

There’s a tiny pink tongue you can swap for a ribbed texture one. Plus, it fits over the clitoral hood to be a G-spot stimulator!

Vicky Vette BJ Sucking Vibrating Masturbator

When it comes to oral sex toys, the Vicky Vette Masturbator is one of the weirdest I’ve ever seen, though nothing could beat the knock-off Vajankles.

This product is molded from soft and firm plastic and is supposed to be the spitting image of Vicky Vette’s lips (the famous porn star).

She, I mean it, has four vibration patterns and three speeds.

Duo Clitoral Stimulator/Vibrator Courtesy of Womanizer

The Womanizer Duo Clitoral Stimulator/Vibrator is a multi-tasking champion since it can stimulate the clitoris with air pressure technology and target the G-Spot with the dildo. If you sometimes like penetrative sex and internal stimulation with your oral sex, then this is the right tool for you!

There’s a setting combo for each person, and you get 12 intensity levels with 10 vibrational modes. Overall, the Womanizer Duo will do all the work and is so very quiet! One reviewer likened traditional orgasms to a Honda, with this one being a private jet.

LELO Sona 2 Cruise

The LELO Sona 2 is the bestselling vibrator on the market. This brand knows what it’s doing when it comes to making sex toys. The original gave people a new kind of orgasm. However, this newer version has more patterns, so you can start with a gentler setting.

Most women thought the OG (LELO Sona) was pretty strong. The new one features a wider opening to help fit your anatomy well. Those who want to reach climaxes many times over will love this one.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

Everyone wants the best oral sex, and that doesn’t mean hiring a male gigolo or using the best adult hookup site to get the job done. It’s easy with Sqweel 2.

This product has had an upward battle because of its appearance. Some people just can’t get over how it looks. Despite those mixed reviews, the positive ones cannot be ignored.

While most reviewers claim that it’s not the same as real oral sex, it lived up to expectations and did far better than it should have.

Yes, it’s just a series of “tongues” licking your private bits, but it could still help with reaching orgasm effortlessly.

We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt product features a slimmer profile compared to other suction vibes. Plus, it’s designed so that it fits comfortably between two bodies.

If you’re into partnered play, this bad boy has it all. Plus, there are 12 modes and a low-battery indicator so that you’re never left in the middle of masturbation without the finish.

If you want to make your partner squirm, it even has an app that you can use to turn it on and off at different times.

LELO Ora 3

There are so many LELO products because the brand knows what it’s doing when making toys. The latest version is the LELO Ora 3, which offers rotating pleasure nodes. Plus, this one offers faster and firmer movements to make it feel more realistic.

I know it’s not the same, but it’s a great little toy. Plus, those tongue nubbins rotate, vibrate, and are waterproof. There are 12 intensity settings, and it’s a USB-rechargeable product!


Do you like the feel of oral sex? Many sex experts believe that oral pleasure is the top choice. However, you can get the same effects without a partner.

This list of my favorite oral sex toys can help you achieve orgasm with a unique feeling. Whether it’s the mouth, sucking, or clitoral stimulation, these products are part of the must-have collection.

happy masturbating

Try one out today, and consider using a water-based lube for the best results. Happy masturbating!

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