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Thai Massage Nearby: How I Find And Get Them For Free

I’ve got a tip to share with you today. It’s one that involves finding and connecting with massage therapists nearby. Many people turn to their local massage parlor and I can tell you for a fact that they’re putting themselves at risk – for many reasons. If you’re doing the same, please STOP.

Now, taking those trips over to the Craigslist casual ads and Backpage “alt” sites is another big no-no that people are doing. It’s dangerous, expensive, and even illegal. These girls are not certified nor are they performing their jobs in locations which are above board so to speak.

Oh, one other thing I want to share with you before I tell you how I get lots of massages from girls nearby free of charge. This is one that you’ll want to pay close attention to because it may hit home hard if you’re not careful.

find a massage nearby

I was speaking with someone yesterday who mentioned that they found a number from a company on their significant other’s phone. The number was a strange number with a Miami area code. The girl did some investigating and found out that her husband was calling girls who posted listings on Live Rub Reviews. Trust me, I’ll be doing a FULL investigation and review on that massage site, but for those not familiar with it – it sucks!

Long story short, it’s similar to Rubmaps.com where girls post ads and guys write reviews about the girls. At any rate, this girl found out that her husband was calling a massage girl from Live Rub Reviews and getting some special treatment from a Dominican princess located in Miami, FL. She wasn’t a real massage therapist obviously maybe a dancer at Tootsies Cabaret, but not a licensed therapist. And yes, it cost them their marriage.

Now, for those of you that have girlfriends or wives, please don’t be dumb enough to connect with some nasty mutt prostituting herself around on these shady massage sites just to get a disease or maybe arrested. Bad move homie! Instead, this is the proper approach to take…

Simple Steps I Take To Find A Massage Nearby

Okay, so this works about 90% of the time and it does take a little bit of finesse and work but it’s safer if you’re in a relationship with someone. Assuming you’re looking for a body rub or a full massage from someone nearby, the best approach is always to connect with someone using a secure network.

That trusty secure network that I use is none other than the apps which I’ve ranked on my site.

First Step Is The Easiest

Step one is getting a membership to any of the sites which I’ve suggested. If you fail to take that step, then you’re out of luck buddy. Don’t give up at step one. Only losers do that, geez!

Bio Optimizer

Okay, assuming you did all that, it’s time to get down to business. You’ll want to first set up a bio and profile tagline that specifically states that you’re looking for a massage girl. You can do this by adding the word massage fan or massage wanted or something catchy like that to your bio and maybe even your profile name.

Search (The Right Way)

The next thing you’ll want to do is start searching the dating network for girls that are willing to give massages. I typically do this by heading to the advanced search section and selecting massage/body rubs and then I check off that I’m only looking for girls within a five-mile radius. You want them close to make things convenient for you.

Ask For Info

Once you find some girls that give off the vibe that they are will to meet up to provide massage services to you, that’s when you ask them for more details and when they want to meet.

Typically speaking, these girls are willing to exchange massage for massage (if you know what I mean). You do me, I do you type stuff and it’s all 100% free. Both parties get lots of pleasure out of it and that’s how that works. If I’m looking to get a massage near me, then I know I might have to put in some work one way or another to keep costs down and privacy tight – so I do it. Remember, there is NO MONEY transaction here. All just two people that want to please one another!

massage near me for free


Now you don’t want something stupid like some girl investigating your phone records and all that jazz to find out you’re getting massages on the side right? Of course, you don’t want that! That’s why it’s extra important that you upgrade your account and keep all conversations within the dating network, never via phone to phone. That will protect your messages and connections with these girls.

Well, that’s all there is to it. Enjoy your massage and let me know how things go! Look, if this helps me find a massage nearby, then I guarantee it’ll help you out too. Just please stay the hell off those shady Bedpage listings!

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