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How to Have Sex in Public and Get Away With It

There are many different fetishes I can get down with, but perhaps the one that sends the most blood flow to my penis is exhibitionism.  If you like to have consensual sex in public and not get caught, I suggest you read up on a few tips I’ve acquired over the years.  The thrill about having sex in public isn’t the act, rather, it’s getting away with it!

Guide to Having Sex in Public

having sex in public

Don’t be ashamed if having sex outdoors in public, in mother nature, or at an amusement park is your thing.

This is one of the sexual fetishes that has a greater threat to happen due to logistics when compared to other fetishes.  The art of having sex in public is about pulling it off and getting away with it, and that’s just what I plan on sharing with you today.

Know The Law By You

Some people enjoy being looked at or the mere chance that someone may be looking at them while they get it on.

Obstacles that can come into play when you are looking to have sex publicly can range from where you live because in places like where I live in the USA sexual activity in public is against the law and you could get charged with indecent exposure.

Avoid Videos

Additionally, if you were to get caught by the authorities, you always run the risk of this act being recorded and put online.

You don’t want that to happen and in today’s era where everything goes viral and gets shared, you may become infamous rather quickly.

Lastly, this newfound “fame” could land you in hot water with your employer, so unless you are willing to take that risk, or live somewhere very remote, you need to assume that potential issues could surface from your good time.


Another name for sex in public is exhibitionism, and while this isn’t the strangest fetish out there, it has a degree of difficulty to pull it off.

With other fetishes like an ANR fetish that can be done in  your own home, you throw yourself (and your partners) at risk when you go into public and have sex.

No Shame

A Vice article I read quoted a psychologist that said not to be ashamed of your desire to be an exhibitionist.  I don’t disagree.  If someone happens to stumble into my romp and catch a glimpse of my white ass and jackhammer-type thrusting, I’m fine with it.

Do I want that stuff on the Internet for people to see?  Absolutely not, but I’m very calculated when I get into a situation where there could be people lurking with bad intentions.

Sex Clubs Are An Option

The same article recommends that people who are into exhibitionism visit sex clubs if they are looking for an experience where they aren’t going to get into any trouble by doing what they want to do.

They can have people watch them do what they want to do without running any risk of photos being taken or getting into trouble with the law.  Sex clubs exist for this purpose, to connect people with similar lifestyle interests and give them a safe environment to share those experiences.

For me, I’ve been to the Miami sex clubs, and I have to say it takes a lot of the thrill of public sex out of the equation. It’s almost like using a cheat code on a video game.  While the rush is there because others are watching, the fact that I can’t get in trouble takes some of the mystique out of the entire situation.

How Can I Have Sex in Public in a Safe Way?

how to have sex in public and not get caught

So let’s say you are either not interested in sex clubs or just already have that incorporated in your lifestyle.

How can you have sex in public in a way that won’t get you in trouble?

For starters, don’t go anywhere that children hang out at.  Sure, the park sounds like an awesome place.  Who wouldn’t want to have sex in the twisty tornado slide that we all slide down on as children?

This is a recipe for disaster.  If children are abundant, the law will throw the book at you.  And they should, because you don’t want to traumatize anyone’s children obviously as everyone has different parenting styles and I’d say 99% won’t approve of their kids seeing you get it on in public.

Exit To The Left…

Second, have an exit plan.  If you are one of the daring people to try to have sex in a night club, bar, or restaurant bathroom, make sure you know how to escape.

Having an escape plan in case someone has a problem with what you are doing could be the difference between having a thrilling night or a seriously ending up in trouble.


Lastly, know your environment.  If you are in the woods, you could get poison ivy.  If you are in the snow, your dick could get frostbite!  On a beach, you could get your ass bit by ants.  There’s a risk with every environment, so know your environment and know the challenges you could face.

And like GI Joe says, “knowing is half the battle.”

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