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sexual dreams

How to Have Sex Dreams

Dreams allow you to put your mind to anything it desires since the mind is its only boundary.  Did you know that you can learn from your dreams and in turn understand yourself, develop real-life skill sets, and fulfill all of your heart’s desires?  Today I’ll talk about dreams and more importantly, how to have sex dreams! 

Having sex dreams is a solid way to get your sexual needs fulfilled, even if it is just while you are asleep.  Science has shown that when you have an orgasm in a lucid dream it can lead to a real orgasm for both sexes.  Real, physical responses can lead to muscular reactions, a faster heart rate, and even changes in your body.  (Such as vascular tissue.)

Further, if you train your mind the right way, you can let anyone into your fantasy land!  Bring on your favorite porn star, local stripper,  or whatever your dirtiest thoughts are, you can execute them to your heart’s desire with a little bit of training.

How Your Sleep Habits Can Encourage Sex Dreams

#1:  Create the Erotic Environment Around  You

You can entice your body to have sex dreams if you create an erotic environment!  Surround yourself in sexy sleepwear and eradicate the dirty laundry that lingers around your bedroom.  Feeling comfortable and sexy will help your mind sleep in a more intimate way.

#2:  Position Yourself

Studies also point to the way you sleep can encourage or the chance of sex dreams.  If you sleep on your stomach and place your arms over your head, you are in luck, studies show that you are more likely to have sex dreams in this position in comparison to any other!

#3:  Take Time to Wind Down

I’m guilty of watching television or playing on my phone before bed.  However, this is something that should be avoided.  This prevents you from relaxing as does drinking alcohol (whoops), having a disagreement, and eating.

#4:  Unplug

The National Sleep Foundation had a study that proved the lion’s share of Americans who watch programming before bed will become interrupted by the light emitting from the screen, and therefore not get as much quality sleep.  Unplug all of your devices, including your phone, television, and other electronics, in order to encourage sex dreams.

#5:  Read to Succeed

Taking the time to read a book before bed time is a cure for insomnia.  This encourages the body to relax and actually helps with stress levels.  Reading before bed is a much better way to relax when compared to using your electronic devices. Bonus points if you read a book about intimacy or erotica.  That’ll really get the vivid dreams flowing!

#6:  Take Off Your Clothing

Sleeping in the nude is a great way to encourage a sex dream!

You’ll actually get better genital health, so guys, pay attention!  When you are naked you will be prone to cuddling more, which we all know leads to more sex.

#7:  Take Some Time Off from Beating Your Dick

When you stop masturbating, your desire to have a sex dream increases.  So instead of beating your dick like it owes you money, take some time off and set up your mind for some steamy sex dreams.

sex dreams
You can choose anyone to be in your dreams. Choose wisely!

Lucid Dreams

If you haven’t heard about lucid dreams, odds are you haven’t had one.  When you are aware that you are dreaming but you don’t wake up, that’s a lucid dream, and it’s downright amazing!

With some practice, you an encourage lucid dreaming and have the ability to control (to some extent) exactly what you are dreaming about.  There are ways to train, such as keeping a diary of your dreams, using supplements that help increase your melatonin levels, as well as meditation.

Lucid dreaming is something that will heighten your desire to have harder orgasms, more excitement, and more sexual prowess.

Think About Your Sexual Partner Before Falling Asleep

hot womanWho are you going to bang in your dreams?  Is it someone from UtopiaGuide, or is it someone you’ve been talking with on the Fling Mobile App that you just haven’t been able to connect with?

Whomever you want to include in your fantasy, surround yourself with her images and get that into your mind.  Relax and think about the way she looks, dresses, and smells.  All of these little things sound cheesy, but SCIENCE shows it can lead to a very hot dream.  Laugh all you want, but I guarantee I sleep better than most of you by adjusting the way I wind down at night.  (When I’m alone, that is.)

Create a Location

This is your dream, and you can have it anywhere you want.

I recently teleported myself back to Panama and had sex with a stunning Colombian woman at Le Palace, the best strip club in the country.  Wow, that was hot.

You can control this, just put your mind to it and imagine it.  It’ll come.

No Foreplay Needed

Why waste time on this?  You are dreaming and can wake up at any moment.  Get right after it.  Enough said!

Stay Calm

When begin to understand that you are dreaming, you need to take things slow so all this erotica doesn’t wake you.  Be calm, stay involved in the dream, but know that you are in a fantasy land.

The more you trust your surroundings the more you can bring yourself back to this level of satisfaction.

How to Stabilize Your Dreams

Most people wake up before they can fully appreciate their lucid dreams.  However, there are ways you can improve your chances of staying in the dream longer, such as:

Look into the palms of your hands

When you are on a boat and want to puke, the captain tells you to stabilize yourself and look at the horizon.  Same concept here. Stare at the palms of your hands and study them while raising them over your head.

Anchor your dreams

Feel like you are a part of the dream and stay in it, like an anchor would stay in the water.  When combined with the above, it works.

Grab Something

When you start to come out of the dream, grab something!

Anything.  Touching something will prevent you from waking.

Try to Spin Your Dreams

When all else fails, try dream spinning.  This is something you can do if no other methods work and it’s a way to try to spin yourself into the dream.  You can do this by meditating, and while meditating, create your thoughts.

And while all of this is awesome, it’s going to take you some time to have sex dreams.  If you are successful, I GUARANTEE you that you will sleep better, and have better moods, stamina, and happiness in life.

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