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breeding fetish

What is a Breeding Kink?

I thought I had heard of all the kinky stuff people do and experienced all of the fetishes in this weird, dark underbelly of Miami.  However, I found a kink that I haven’t even heard about at the strangest after hours parties in Miami, and I have to think it’s more of a rural area thing, and what I’m talking about is the “breeding kink.”

Yes, I had to sit down and ask myself who would get turned on by having intentional unprotected sex that resulted in babies being born. I actually sat in a chair at my local cigar bar and asked around.  Not surprisingly, nobody had heard of this crazy fetish.  Not a soul.  So today, after spending hours upon hours of time on research, I’ll go ahead and share with you just exactly what is a breeding kink and why do people subscribe to such a crazy fetish?

Breeding Fetish – What Does it Mean?

This shocked me, but there’s an actual WebMD definition for this term.  Here it is below in all of it’s glory:

A breeding fetish is a strong attraction to the idea of getting — or getting someone else — pregnant. Frequently, this fetish involves a person with a penis ejaculating into someone with a uterus, “breeding” them’

Imagine that, “frequently” in terms of getting impregnated a penis ejaculates into a vagina.  What noble concept!

breeding kink

As I read on in the article, I read that people really enjoy the risk associated with potentially life changing consequences from having unprotected intercourse and ejaculating inside a vagina.  They feel that they share an exchange of power, where one partner simply submits to the other.  While I used to have a lot of unprotected sex earlier in my days, especially in hot tubs in college, this is a game of financial and personal Russian Roulette.

In some situations, partners may even get off on the risk of getting an STD from the other partner.  Like, I have to ask, are they like bragging when they find out they got an STD?  Or is it the other way around, they cheer openly when they find out that they had sex with someone who has an STD and their teflon cock didn’t catch it?

Either way, it’s safe to say that while I am a HUGE fan of casual encounters and sex in general, the breeding kink is not for me.  I think this is some real Alabama redneck stuff going on here and people who get off on this don’t have much going for them.  I’ll stand corrected if this is a thing in Hollywood, and as always, feel free to weigh in below in the comments section.

What Is the Difference Between a Breeding Fetish and a Pregnancy Fetish?

When you hear about people having a “pregnancy fetish” that’s not what this whole breeding fetish is about.  A pregnancy fetish involves being into pregnant women.  Some people enjoy the fact that women’s bodies change throughout pregnancy.  I’m all set on that one as well as other kinks I’ve blogged about like the people who meet people on breastfeeding sites.

In the case of the breeding fetish, this is strictly for people who are thinking about the act of impregnation.

I also read that people enjoy the thought of this, but not the aftermath, which makes perfect sense.  Children are permanent, and need to be raised properly with parental guidance.  A good set of parents goes a long way for kids, and if you don’t see yourself being a solid mentor, don’t even think about this fetish.


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