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How To Use A Sex Doll

How To Use A Sex Doll (My Guide)

This is my one and only sex doll guide, where I teach out all about buying and using one. If you’ve never used one, then you’re missing out for sure! I’ve dabbled in these plastic and rubber holes once or twice. No shame in my game! Purchasing a sex doll is a wild ride of emotions, and you never know what future enjoyment you’ll get out of your new sex partner. You see, you’re not just getting an instrument for sexual pleasure, but you’re also getting a real friend, company, and why not, some attention and love.  I say this tongue in cheek!

How To Use A Sex Doll

Someone who will not get fat, will not complain, and will always be there for you. It’s almost like dating a stripper, only she won’t talk back or ask for more money! Is it your first time buying sex dolls, and you don’t know where to begin?

Fret not because we will teach you the proper ways to use a sex doll. Sex doll lovers like us have been there already. That’s why we have prepared this detailed and thorough guide for beginners like you, so you know to use a female sex doll and get the most out of it.

Sex Doll

But before you teach yourself the ways to use a sex doll, how to realize your sexual fantasies, and make love with a realistic sex doll, let’s take time to understand what a sex doll really is.

What is a Sex Doll?

In case you didn’t know yet, a sex doll is a simulation of an adult sex toy. Instead of having real people meet to obtain their sexual needs, you can use a new sex doll instead. Sex dolls are defined as human-like, anatomically correct anthropomorphic dollars made of different materials.

Some of the common materials used in real sex dollars are silicone, plush, rubber, and thermoplastic elastomer. The price for these realistic sex dolls ranges and are made for sexual use.

What are the Different Types of Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are artificial humans that can offer all the fantasies and joys that your real human partner provides you in the bedroom. They look so gorgeous and realistic that you even forget real human beings. You’ll be stunned by their beauty, and even other people get so attached to it that they marry them.

You see, a love doll is a substitute for your real female or even your real wife. There are different benefits to using real sex dolls, such as fulfilling your hottest fantasies, lowering your stress, avoiding cheating, and many more. We will talk about that later.

Normally, you will find different types of sex dolls that come in different varieties and shapes. Here are the most common of them.

Full TPE sex doll

A full TPE sex doll is made from quality TPE material. It is a class of copolymers or a physical combination of polymers that is composed of elastomeric and thermoplastic properties. These materials are softer and more realistic.

TPE sex dolls are also much cheaper than those silicone dolls. However, it retains a good body shape as well as flexible joints. You can move your female doll up and down—whatever sex position you want—a TPE real love doll will fulfill your sexual satisfaction.

Keep in mind that these love dolls are hypoallergenic. Thus, you don’t need to think about any allergic reactions when having anal sex, vaginal sex, or normal sexual play with your love dolls. On top of that, they are odorless and don’t have any smell.

Full silicone sex doll

A silicone sex doll is typically made of platinum silicone material that’s a lot costlier than TPE sex dolls but with a more realistic look. The sex doll head is made up by a real makeup artist, and it looks so good and feels like a real lady in front of you.

Keep in mind that a silicone-made sex doll is non-reactive, heat resistant, stain-resistant, and stable to extremely hot temperatures and environments while still keeping its extraordinarily realistic feeling and feeling.

Remember that silicone female dolls aren’t as durable and soft as TPE female dolls. Thus, touching on a silicone love doll is a bit stiff, but it’s less soft than a TPE love doll.

Silicon head and TPE body sex doll

There are silicone lifelike adult dolls and TPE dolls, but manufacturers decided to make a combination of these two. TPE offers more softness, flexibility, and a skin-like touch. Thus, manufacturers keep the body with TPE material.

However, since silicone could be carved into a real woman, keeping the head with a silicone material is much more real.

Sex robot

Sexbots or sec robot is considered an anthropomorphic robot sex doll. The inner body is built with smart chips so that it can speak and walk like a woman. This real doll is a good companion as it’s loaded with information, which could recall and retain what you tell them.

Blow-up sex doll

These love dolls are made with a combination of TPE, rubber, and vinyl which makes the female dolls extremely flexible. These sex dolls are cost-efficient and durable as well. Both anus and vagina have special teasers and ticklers that will certainly make you a man with pleasure until you cum.

Stuffed and cloth sex dolls

Compared to other types of lifelike male and female dolls, they are stuffed, and cloth sex dolls are like stuffed dolls and animated dolls instead of realistic dolls. These kinds of full-size dolls are soft and simple to carry.

It comes with slits for vagina inserts, so the materials won’t be damaged. Nonetheless, they do not look or feel like real lifelike adult dolls.

Unpacking Your Sex Doll

Congratulations on having a love doll. We are certain you cannot wait to have sex with your doll, a willing partner who will help you achieve intense memories. You have a huge amount of time to send and share with your realistic doll.

So, make sure you take good care of her right out from the packaging down to storage. This section will tell you everything you need to know to have sex with your doll and everything that comes in between.

1.      Unpacking the sex doll

Keep in mind that you will need enough space as the packaging weight of your sex doll is typically large. Expect that your doll is well protected to prevent any damage or bumps during the trip.

It is essential that you open the package carefully using scissors or a cutter, but without introducing it very deeply. It must be enough to cut the package as well as the adhesive tape in that box.

2.      Take your love doll

Once you open the box of your male dolls or women dolls, make sure you wash your hands first. After all, you do not like to get the skin of your lifelike adult doll to get dirty. Right? Grooming will never be a concern in the long run.

With the box already open, you will notice that your doll is being covered with a blanket, and the sex doll’s body is wrapped in foam. After you take your doll out, you’ll notice on your doll’s upper thighs there will be another package covered in foam.

You should be extra cautious with this one, as it’s the doll’s head. You do not like to mistreat the face of your new favorite sex partner. Once you get rid of the foam covering its head, the bag will remain between you and the sex doll’s head. You can store that bag to keep your doll’s head when it’s not in use, but it will be up to you.

3.      Remove the packing foam

Use a pair of scissors to get rid of the packing foam. You should be extra careful in this step as well because any rubbing could ruin your sex doll. You don’t want to get a sex doll repair without using your sex doll first, do you?

You can leave aside the rest of the accessories the packaging box brings. Be extra cautious of your fingers, nails, and each part of your body when removing the foam.

4.      Connect the head to the doll’s body

Bring the head close to the doll’s neck and screw it slowly. Put on the doll’s wig, and now you have a complete and fully packaged sex doll.

How to Have Sex with Your Sex Doll

Having sex with your doll improves your sexual pleasure and makes your sex life a little spicier and more exciting. The body of the doll, the doll’s material, its human-like skin, its super tight vagina, and the doll’s vaginal opening make the experience a lot better than any masturbation you will ever have. Other people sometimes use flavored lipstick, so you can enjoy kissing her on the lips.

Here is a list of the very common practice on how to enjoy sex dolls:

Touching and kissing

A high-quality new sex doll has human skin-like materials. Thus, it often feels like you are touching a real, willing partner. Everything from its face to the arms, breasts, skin, and doll’s feet is extremely squishy and responsive to touch.

On top of that, whatever the size of her breast, they are squeezable with pointed nipples as well as a glorious cleavage. What can you expect from an extreme hot sex partner? The sex doll’s lips have squishy and soft material, too, so you can enjoy roll play with your new partner.

Vaginal sex

Did you know that vaginal sex is the most pleasurable part of owning a sex doll? The hole mimics a real vagina with proper grip and texture to get you excited. On top of that, you do need much to enjoy vaginal sex.

Just position the doll as you would like, dab just a tiny amount of silicone-based lubricants, and enjoy the entire party. Further, you can pick to have a fixed vagina or have a removable vagina. People often go to a removable vagina as it is a lot simpler to clean. You can also use it as a pocket pussy if you need a quick fix.

You can also use a condom, as it’s a lot hygienic and easier to clean. It protects your penis and the tender skin of the doll. Otherwise, if you come to her vagina, the entire cleaning with an antibacterial soap is essential.

Silicone and TPE material makes the doll extremely realistic, but we suggest using a water-soluble lubricant to keep your skin unharmed and protect the doll’s skin from sudden damage. Still, whether you use a condom or not, it’s better to clean the doll’s vagina each time you have sex with her. Always keep her clean, as it’s your duty and good for you, too.

Anal sex

Do you love anal sex? A lifelike sex doll is an excellent doll to pamper all your sexual fantasies. Its ass is super tight, more so than the vagina, not to mention the canal hugs your penis a lot better!

Like any other vaginal play, you can position your doll at your preferred angle, sprinkle some water-based lubricant, and devour her from the back. Many doll manufacturers use top-notch designs to make sure the anal orifice feels distinctive. The best part here is that you will not even notice the difference from a real woman. How awesome is that?

Oral sex

No one dislikes oral sex, particularly if it happens when you least expect it. Fortunately, lifelike sex dolls come with a mouth that has one roll—to satisfy you with an amazing sex doll blow job. Compared to your previous lover, you don’t need to mind the doll’s gag reflex.

Do you know the best part here? Your doll does not have any sex position preferences. She can suck your diff from any angle, no moaning, no gag reflex, no stiff neck. What can you ask more?

The Best Sex Positions to Have with Your Sex Doll

Are you wondering how you can make the most out of your real doll? Here are some of the best sex positions you can have to have sex amazingly.

Girls on top

This position works perfectly if you are strong enough to lift your doll up and down in a thrusting position. You can lay on the floor or bed and pick her up before releasing her so she can easily fall into place. Just ensure her feet are bent, and her soft hands are on your chest.

Against the wall

The against the wall position provides deep penetration and the thrill of penetrating your partner at the back. Let your doll face the wall, along with her hands holding on as you screw at the back. You can also hold your doll onto one of her legs in the air for that smooth and unlimited access. It’s pretty damn fun, right?


The spooning position is suitable if you do not feel like breaking a sweat for a nut. You can let your doll lie in front of you on the side, along with one of her legs raised. From there, you can easily penetrate her at the back while using your other hand to fondle her soft breasts.

Doggy style

Are you craving some back shots? The doggy-style position provides an amazing view and awesome access to your sex doll’s sweet spots. You can have her scooch on the floor or bed with her hands and knees, providing additional support to enjoy the entire experience. You can also use your other hand to hold her into position.


These are perhaps the most famous sex positions you can try with your real doll. The missionary position enables direct vagina-to-penis stimulation. There is not much anything on your way, not to mention you can regulate the penetration angle for maximum pleasure. Make sure you place both of your arms on her side to stabilize her.

I don’t know if EVERY fetish is satisfied with a sex doll, face sitting or queening comes to mind, but I guess you could make it work.

More Sex Doll Tips You Should Try with Your Doll

Are you looking for more tips on how you can enjoy making love with your doll? Use the tips below:

Have some foreplay

Keep in mind that the sexy doll is close to giving that real sex experience. Her entire face looks real, and her skin feels smooth and soft. Her mouth is openable, enabling you to experiment and put your tongue, even your penis, inside it.

For a better sexual experience with your sex doll resting, you would like to use her teeth, tongue, and deep throat. Would you like to enjoy a harder boner? Then you would want to play with her round, soft, and squeezable breast and spank-able ass.

Travel with your sex doll

How easy traveling with your doll is will massively depend on different factors. That includes the size of your doll sex doll laws in your travel destination. Do you have a small, realistic doll? Then it can easily fit inside your travel bag.

Nonetheless, life-size dolls might need to be transported using storage crates. Make sure you ask first before your journey begins to understand where dolls are permitted in the town or country you are visiting.

Dress your doll beautifully

The ideal thing about a sex doll is that you can always dress her for the event. Whether you are having a regular sexy night or role-playing, you can spice your dolls clothing by making her wear different costumes. You can make her wear tight clothing—anything that your mind thinks of.

Watch porn while making love with your doll

Did you know that watching porn while having sex with your doll increases the thrill around sex? Thus, save some sex videos on your laptop or computer and enjoy improved sex or role play with your petite women dolls.  

Use as many sex positions

Realistic love dolls, particularly those with full skeletal articulation and removable sex organs, make it simple to enjoy sex in various positions. Thus, do not be afraid to experiment with your sex positions to make the sex acts more pleasurable and exciting.

Have sex in the shower or bathtub

If your dol is made from silicone materials, you can go ahead and try some water sex acts. Nonetheless, keep in mind that having a TPE doll and other porous materials is not suggested.

Those materials have microscopic holes that trap water, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, which might trigger infections later on. Further, aquatic role play can ruin your porous sex doll, impacting its longevity.

Use water-based lubricants

Compared to your real partner, these dolls do not have any sort of self-lubrication mechanism. For that reason, it will help if you apply a water-based lubricant on the orifice and your penis when having sex. That lubricant is perfect as it will not harm your silicone dolls. You can use those silicone-based or oil-based lubricants. One benefit of using these is it’s simpler to clean off your sheets.

Clean it after use

Cleaning your doll after use is the ideal way to keep everything clean and tidy. Use warm water and mild antibacterial soap to get rid of all the dirt, so your doll is always ready for you whenever you need it.

It will also help if you use oil, renewable powder, or baby powder regularly.

Have a threesome with your partner

A female doll is an ideal tool to have a threesome with your girlfriend. Ensure you run that idea first to your partner to ensure she is open to that concept. Once they confirm, you can freely enjoy the new third wheel in your bedroom.

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Doll

Dirt and dust can be easily cleaned on your doll with a normal antibacterial washing detergent. Clean slowly and be extra cautious with nails and rough materials, which might scratch or impact the doll’s surface.

Take note as well that your doll can be bathed in the tub, given that its head is not submerged in the water. The water could leak on the body and head’s junction point. When it’s time to dry the doll, make sure you do it thoroughly.

After it’s dry, you can apply some baby powder. That way, your doll should look fresh, as if it’s new, and will stay that way for a longer time.

On top of that, the oral, anal, and vaginal orifices of your doll should be cleaned properly after every use to avoid bacteria growth. If your doll has a fixed vagina, you can use a vaginal irrigator, together with an antibacterial soap.

Once the opening is totally clean, wash the canal with some water. You can also use the handpiece in that matter. Rinse it until the soap has been completely removed. Then, dry the canal carefully.

What about if the vaginal is removable? In that case, you can easily wash it with antibacterial soap and running water. We recommend doing the same process for the anal activity, except for those sexy dolls where the hole isn’t covered. If you like to dry the holes, we suggest using tampons.

After the cavity is completely dry and would you like to disinfect it, we suggest using 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can spray some on the tampon and then leave it for at least half an hour.

Take note that you should not use any alcohol products to disinfect your vagina’s doll, as it will damage it not just on the outside but the inside too. Alcohol quickly dries TPE.

Sprinkle your doll with cornstarch or talcum powder regularly to avoid the skin from being sticky. Please bear in mind as well that baby oil, Nivea cream, and Vaseline can remove the doll’s original makeup on the face, vagina, and chest, as well as any self-applied makeup. That’s why we suggest stopping applying to those areas or lessening the contact for only a few minutes.

Tips for hanging

Do you like to keep your doll hanging? If you have a closet with enough space to hang her, you can hang her body with a hook on her neck and use a holder for her head.

Tips for lying

Don’t place your doll on the hard surface directly. Instead, make sure you place a cushion or anything soft on the first floor, then lay her down on it. If you have a bed or box especially made for her, then that would be great. Just ensure her back won’t be deformed or flattened, or else it is nearly impossible to rebound back.

Storing Your Sex Doll

When not in use, you can store your doll in the original cardboard box or the flight case provided by the delivery guy. Store it in a dry place, neither too cold nor too hot. For TPE dolls, they can start to deform at temperatures of 50 to 55 degrees Celsius. You can also store it vertically.

If the doll can stand, you can just place it in a clean space and leave it there standing, even though the presence of a wall or support element is highly suggested.

Doll bodies that aren’t too heavy can be hung from a horizontal bar. To safeguard it during storage, always use soft and non-staining materials.

Foam mattresses and soft blankets are among the most suggested materials. If you prefer a foam mattress, make sure you leave space for the butt and breasts to prevent the risk of flattening them.

Final Thoughts

You see, a sex doll can be your best friend, your undeniable hot sex partner, and a confidant who will always be there for you. That is why you should understand the proper ways to use a sex doll, so you can treat it properly and offer it the proper care it needs to spend as much quality time with you as possible.

Keep in mind that even though your doll looks like a real woman, she can be more delicate too and often needs special treatment.

We hope you find this guide informative and helpful at the same time for beginners like you. Would you like to know more about love sexy dolls? Which part are your favorites? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!

Get your sex doll today and get it delivered to your door with a discrete delivery guy. These dolls are available for free shipping worldwide.

If you want to get really crazy, take some shrooms before having sex with your sex doll! That will really make things weird!

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