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The Best Sex Furniture – Create a Horny Playground with These Items

Just like squirting and spaghetti, it’s probably hard to remember the first time you heard about sex furniture. Since then, though, you’ve wondered if it’s worth it to buy something specifically for banging. If so, what’s the best sex furniture on the market?

First, I have to answer the question of what sex furniture isn’t. People have sex on just about anything. It’s by exploring the skills, brands, and limits that you can determine what will help you have better sex.

As a self-proclaimed sex expert, I know you’re dying to know the best piece of sex furniture to put in your sex room. There’s no one product, though. You might love banging on a huge high-heeled shoe sex chair, but someone else might find it tacky.

The parameters aren’t rigid like you probably think. There are countless subreddit communities that have impassioned and novel-length questions and reviews about sex furniture. One reviewer went so far as to claim that the pillows (wedges) are the most iconic pieces on the market.

Liberator is the top brand here, but the Nugget modules are also popular. Still, they were originally marketed as couches for children and ended up becoming accidental sex furniture in one part of the web.

What’s wrong with splurging on a new pillow for foreplay? There are plenty of wiggle candles and chaises on the market that will make the place look sexier, but do they promote better sex?!

Most of the pieces I talk about below are accessible in design, adaptable, and better versions of the futon you keep around for guests. They’re an upgrade to your home and your libido.

In the past, you just shoved a regular pillow under your butt to get more leverage. Now, many options feature a toy mount and are recommended by Women’s Health magazine. Whether you need extra support, a sturdy frame, or want assistance for solo play, there’ll be plenty of choices to motivate you.

While glass coffee tables and rickety chairs aren’t the best choices, you don’t have to jump down the rabbit hole of BDSM architecture and multiple partners to pump things up in the bedroom (or living room). You may want to leave out the regular furniture, but sex furniture can be versatile without being scary.

Most pieces are lounge rollers, wavy chairs, and transforming couches. They can sit in your living room all day, and no one is the wiser. When it’s time to explore your partner’s body, you can get into various positions and enhance the sexual experience without worrying that your friends (or mom) will know how naughty you are.

How to Choose Sex Furniture

When you’re looking for a piece of sex furniture to enhance your living space, what do you consider? The goal is sexual exploration, but the item must help you and your partner stay safe and clean while enjoying the sensations.

Therefore, materials like polyester, vinyl, and PVC are excellent because they’re easy to clean. Make sure that sex pillows and ramps have a machine-washable cover, as well.

If you decide to buy hanging furniture like a sex sling, it should have appropriate anchors for the ceiling. Make sure you check the weight capacity and purchase carabiners.

Those who don’t have a dedicated room for sex might focus more on versatility. The items should be easy to put away or be innocent enough that they can be used by guests you’re not planning to bang.

Regardless, look for high-quality items. All the products shown below fit the bill, but some might not be what you want. It’s okay to say no to something, but give it a thought before you turn away, blushing.

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The Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge pillow is a classic, providing support when you need it most. In fact, the angle is designed to help you hit the G-spot/prostate every time. This leads to incredible orgasms and better sensations. Plus, it feels luxurious when you’re alone and using a vibrator but need more support for the back.

If you’re on a budget, the Sleepnitez brand is budget-friendly. While it’s promoted as a wedge for sleeping, you can use it for other purposes.

The 1980s Version

When you want sex furniture that does double duty, the Liberator Flip Ramp wedge pillow is the top choice. Fold the tail over the fatter end to get a stool to sit on. I’m sure you can think of naughty uses for it! Plus, it feels like it was meant for a vacation pad in the 1980s, and that’s always a good thing.

A Deflatable Wedge

Sometimes, you don’t have room for large wedge pillows in your apartment or space. However, you can easily store a deflated one, making the Dominix Large Inflatable Wedge the perfect solution.

It’s a blow-up wedge that features a blindfold and handcuffs. If you want to get into BDSM, at least a little, this could be the best choice for you!

Under the Sea Wedge Pillow

Many ladies prefer “pretty” sex wedges, and the Luxurious Fabric Shell Pillow from CCMall is a great choice. It’s not designed as a sex pillow, but you can turn it into one. In fact, the ergonomic wedge shape and ridges help it support you like no other. Plus, it’s shiny and will fit into almost any home decor style, so your mom doesn’t have to know!

Knock-off Nugget

Foamnasium has created its Blocksy Mini Rectangle couch for children, but it’s a blank canvas for those who want exciting sex. It’s a low-cost version of the Nugget and has the same features as the hyped brand. You can transform it into different shapes for bend-over positions or more back support.

Don’t think it’s weird to buy a product made for kids and use it for sex!

Rocking Chair

Who wants a giant severed artery in their home? The MT3 Rocking Chair might look like that, but solid sex furniture focuses on versatility, ridges in the right places, and a smooth design. This takes the cake.

Driade is a furniture retailer with tons of pieces that can easily be turned into sex furniture. This one is unofficially called the oral sex rocking chair by those in the know.

The Non-velvet Sex Couch

While many people like velvet sex furniture, some people just don’t. Though it’s the traditional option and feels great on the butt, there are many other options. The Tri-fold folding mattress/sofa bed from Milliard features high-density foam and a mesh covering to help you keep a grip when things get slippery.

As long as you keep it clean, you can also unfold it to get a guest mattress, which is perfect if your partner decides to spend the night!

Wavy Sex Couch

The Amettes Faux-leather Chaise Lounge is a great addition to any home. It’s similar to the Tantra chair, which is very expensive. Since you might be on a budget, this one is king. Plus, you can get into multiple positions, such as doggy style. It also works for double penetration fun and is functional!

Big Liberator Combo

You’ve finally tried the Liberator wedge, and you’re completely hooked. Now, you can get the extension pack. It includes a ramp and wedge, so you may get into limitless positions. Plus, it has a removable cover that helps you keep it clean.

Liberator Esse Chaise Lounge

The Liberator Esse chaise lounge or the Esse II are perfect. In fact, I think the upgraded version is the best, though it does cost more. It features a removable mini scoop pillow, so you can get into difficult positions easily without straining yourself.

While the original Esse has the removable headrest (which is included with the upgrade), I feel that it offers a plush feel with the newer one. You even get a wedge!

Kitschy Sex Chair

When you want deeper penetration, sex chairs are the go-to solution. However, you might miss those kitschy remnants of the past. Whether you like to be spanked or want to bend over deeply, the Elford Lounge Chair has you covered. It’s not specifically designed for sex play, but it sure works well for that purpose!

The Bounce Chair

When you’re alone and want to play, do you really need a sex chair? Yes! While it’s more like a dildo sex ball, it’s still great for penetrative sex. When you’re not bouncing alone, it also works for partnered play if you like it in the back door.

Kink Throne (Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair from Dominix)

The Sex Position Enhancer Chair from Dominix is a great sex chair! It’s made of faux leather and is pre-assembled to help with your oral play.

You actually get two seat surfaces for all types of fun. Plus, the nine-inch hole ensures that you can explore queening and whatever else you like.

Still, those into oral sex are sure to enjoy it. The faux leather has a good feeling, too!

Improve Your Sex Life with the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench

The Obedience Extreme Sex Bench is a piece of sex furniture you definitely need in your house. Whether you like spanking or just want to experiment with BDSM, you can get into many different positions. While sex chairs are the rage, this bench will get you into bondage easily!

Liberator Prelude Bench

The Queen Black Label Liberator Prelude bench just looks like a chic and beautiful option for sitting. It comes in many colors and helps you and your partner get into different positions. Those who want to explore BDSM safely will surely love the hidden restraint clips. Your grandma and mom can come to visit without knowing your kinks!

The Bondage Sex Swing

If you’re into BDSM furniture, you might want to try the Dominix Fantasy Sex Swing. Sometimes called a sex sling, it rotates 360 degrees and includes detachable ankle/wrist cuffs and an eye mask. You remain comfortable because of the padded stirrups and straps, and it supports a weight of 330 pounds!

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UTIMI Sex Swings Toy

If you need a budget-friendly option for your sex swings, the UTIMI Sex Sling is a great choice. It’s easy to install and tuck away when you’re not playing naughty games. Plus, it goes over the door, is made with heavy-duty materials, and holds up to 400 pounds.

Just make sure that you consider the door frame. While the swing itself might hold your partner, you’ve got to ensure that the frame supports the weight, as well.

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Sex machines mimic sex and are designed for women who play alone. They’re often extremely expensive, but if you frequently enjoy solo play, the Cowgirl Sex Machine might be worth it.

There are tons of perks to enjoy, such as a toy mount for your dildos, multiple vibration patterns, and a 360-degree swivel rotation. Plus, you can find many other attachments sold separately.

However, the Lovense machine might be a solid investment if you and your partner want to play. It offers thrusting penetration and is double-sided. Overall, it’s app-controlled, so you can let someone else control your orgasm for a new experience.


If you want to improve your sex life, there are plenty of ways to do it. Most people start off slow, buying a single piece, and end up turning the bedroom into a sex room. It’s fun to experiment and try new positions!

I’ve talked about the best sex furniture, which includes sex chairs, sex machines, and everything in between. If you want to get into various sex positions easily, you need these products in your life.

While wedges and cubes are what most people turn to, there’s no reason you can’t explore further into the world of sex furniture. Likewise, you shouldn’t feel bad when you buy kid’s furniture for your naughty fun. No one has to know what you’re using the products for. There are discreet options!

Are you ready to spice things up in the bedroom (or anywhere in the house)? Try one of these pieces today!

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