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Best sex position

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Quora

Best sex position

To get pregnant quicker, many women try different sex positions that help them get pregnant faster. There are many variations of sex positions that can get a woman pregnant. These positions help stimulate the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

According to research, certain sex positions when having sex can significantly affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Sex during pregnancy can increase the risks of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Sex positions that are suggested for pregnancy plays are a good way for a woman to enjoy her sex. A woman can enjoy different styles of sex positions during pregnancy such as the cowgirl position.

Getting pregnant can be a long and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re trying to conceive, it’s important in optimizing natural fertility by knowing the best sex position so the sperm can swim upstream and in the right direction.

List of best sex positions to get pregnant

Missionary position

Missionaries are one of the most intimate and sexual positions for partners who want to conceive. The missionary position is a sex position where you are on all fours, with your legs spread and your bottom in the air, and the man or woman on top positions to reach orgasm. This position is not only best for foreplay; it is suitable for men and women to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. This position is most effective when done in a seated position (like on a couch) but can also be done on the bed or on the floor.

Doggy style position

The doggy style position is a sex position that is basically just the “downward” dog position, where you put your knees in the air, and your head rests on your partner’s shoulder. It all sounds pretty straightforward, right? Doggy style sex positions achieve orgasm, however, they can be a lot more exciting, varied, arousing, and give deep penetration than you might imagine.

Leg on Shoulder

Leg on Shoulder is a sexual position in which both participants lie on their backs. The female participant lies on her back with both legs straight up, and the penis of a male participant is placed on the thigh of the female participant’s right leg for sexual intercourse. The female participant’s arms support her head and face, as well as her weight, as she rests in this position to feel comfortable. This position allows a male participant direct access to the penis to enter the vagina, which allows for deeper penetration.

Why the Missionary position is best for female orgasm?

Why the missionary position? Because that position is the one chosen for female orgasm. The missionary position for women is the classic sex position where one person lies on top while the other lies underneath and faces the opposite direction of the partner.

Other positions that raise likelihood of conception

There are many positions for a man to use when engaging in sex. But, there is one best position that is becoming increasingly popular for women to use to get an orgasm. It is called missionary, and it is a sex position in which the woman lies on her back with her genitalia facing upwards. This position can also sometimes be referred to as the “69 positions.”

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