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le palace front door

Le Palace Night Club in Panama

Ask any male traveler looking for some fun in Panama and they are sure to mention Le Palace.  While there are plenty of websites out there that talk about this iconic night club, most of them are in Spanish.  I’ve been visiting Panama City since 2006, and Le Palace is a place I frequent every single time!  Today I’ll dive into what you can expect at this establishment and hopefully guide some of you to some amazing times when you are visiting Panama!

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What is Le Palace Night Club?

For starters, it’s best to explain what a night club is in Latin America, because it’s very different from the United States.

A “night club” is what we call a “strip club” here in the USA.  If you are looking to go out and disco dance and get bottle service while listening to a DJ spin tunes, this isn’t the place for you.  However, if you are looking for Latina strippers that most of the time aren’t shy to go all the way with you, than a night club is right up your alley.

Located in the heart of Panama City, across from a Marriott Hotel and on a safe street called  Av. Ricardo Arango, you’ll find this hidden nook with a bright sign saying “Le Palace Club Nocturno” 

le palace panama

One inside, you’ll find pure bliss in the form of about 30 – 5o Colombian and Venezuelan women wearing white lace as they peruse the room for men to spend time with.  Every thirty minutes a new “show” of sort starts on the main stage where one of the women will dance and frolic in an environment almost like a theater where all eyes are on her and only her.  With the lights dimmed and all the attention, the short show is the focal point of the period.

The rest of the time, music plays and the women line the bar, each of them hotter than the next!

You can invite women to your table to drink with you or approach them at the bar.  You will be expected to finance their drinks, so know that in advance.  It’s about the price of a drink in a city in the USA, unless you go to the very top shelf. I’ve never had a problem with the prices or the staff running up my tabs like they do at the clip joint strip clubs in Costa Rica.

Le Palace women
Image Source: Le Palace Facebook.

Why are the women all of Colombian and Venezuelan descent, you ask?

There are two things coming into play here.  Number one, those two countries export more women for prostitution than any other country in South America last time I checked, and number two, they are drop dead gorgeous.  Latina women, and typically those of competitive nature from Colombia and Venezuela are among the most well kept women in the world.

I will add that if you aren’t into fake boobs and plastic surgery, this probably isn’t the place for you.  It’s anything but natural, and last time I was there about 30% of them had the fake asses.  Out of the ones that did, two were just obnoxiously huge.  Like, unattractive and disgusting.

Not all of the women are super fake, so don’t let that deter you.  There are many skinny, fit women who simply opted to get bigger breasts, and I’m not one to really give a damn about that as I love big boobs.

The setting is intimate and classy. It’s a “who’s who” of Panamanians and a buffet of tourists who are lining up to get their dick wet.  This is as upscale as it gets in Panama City, so it keeps the riff raff out and you’ll notice that most people are well dressed even though there isn’t an advertised dress code.  Expect to see local bankers in suits treating their clients to some fun in the form of drinks, flirting with women, and if the decide to partake in more, well, that’s on the menu as well.

Taking Women From Le Palace

This is expected and it’s something that happens every night, so don’t think you are a Don Juan if you arrange a woman from there to leave with you!

This isn’t like other night clubs where they have private bang bang rooms, so you’ll have to take your talent off premises.

The women make money by getting tips there, but they make the lion’s share by sleeping with customers.  Every woman there will leave with you for the right price.  If it’s early in the evening, you’ll have to pay the club a fee.  Expect $300 – $500 all in, but like anything, timing, how much she’s into you, and time of  year, etc, will all come into play and you could fall outside those figures.

All in all, this is a fantastic spot to watch people, look at gorgeous women, and if interested take one or more out with you.  It doesn’t get any better than Le Palace Night Club in Panama City!

More Information about Le Palace

Doors open at 7:30 PM, action gets going around 9:00 PM nightly.  

My recommendation is to start off at Habano’s Cigar Shop right down the street. About 300 women grace the bar nightly!  Or, start off with a nice Mediterranean meal at Beirut, a sprawling restaurant and hookah lounge with a street view so you can see all the action unfold.


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