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Sex Addiction Test

Have you ever wondered if you had a sex addiction?  I found myself preoccupied with pornography, sexual thoughts, fantasies, and just thinking dirty about every woman I pass in the supermarket and I figured it was time for a sex addiction test.

I didn’t think my thoughts were normal.  I thought I was sort of a savage who goes throughout life with a sole purpose of drinking and having sexual encounters.  Not a day goes by when I’m not perusing the best adult dating apps and looking at profiles of women I’d love to get busy with.  Then again, most of my friends do the same, so am I really that different?

Why I Took the Sex Addiction Test

I figured I’d take this short quiz to find out if I was suffering from an addiction to sex.  I found it so intriguing, that I figured I’d promote it and made it part of my website, SexDatingApps.com.

How Accurate is the Quiz?

Only a true mental health professional can diagnose a mental health disorder, so please don’t use this as a diagnostic tool. There are many sexual addiction quizzes online, but I found what I felt was the most reputable website out of all of them, a psychology website, and used theirs.  They stated on their site that this assessment is step one in towards getting treatment by a professional.

Here is the quiz – – – > Sex addiction test

Again, I have no association with this company, but it looks highly reputable, so if you are curious, check it out.  

What Is Sex Addiction?

Described as a compulsive sexual behavior that has an excessive preoccupation with fantasies, sexual activities, and has constant urges that are very hard to control.  Sex addiction causes a lot of problems in life and can interfere with daily activities as well as relationships.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

Some thoughts are that sexual addictions can be drawn from anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse.

Where to Get Help for Sex Addiction?

If you feel you have lost control of things because of sex addiction, you should speak to someone.  Below are several links you can use to find professionals:



It turns out, that after taking the sex addiction quiz myself, that I am NOT addicted to sex.  That totally shocked me, and I guess I’ll just remain a life long deviant that loves to get out of the friend zone rapidly and move on to have sex with women.

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