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Flirt Hook Up Review: Totally Fake Profiles Exposed Right Here

Once I started researching Flirt Hook Up, I quickly realized why so many inquiries existed that were related to deleting an account. Fake profiles and other reasons, Flirthookup.com is just another scam site to separate you from your money. I’d suggest you read my detailed review before joining because it’s not a hookup site I recommend.

Fake Profile Alert

flirt hook up review

Flirt Hook Up General Overview And Why I Avoided It

Even when trying to balance the negative with the positive for a website review, you occasionally come across one that is so clearly out to steal your money that the positive column remains completely empty. This is exactly the case with flirthookup.com and I couldn’t be more accurate here in exposing this bullshit!

Flirt Hook Up ‘Fake’ Details Exposed

Let’s just begin with a sample of the website’s terms and conditions page that basically flat out exposes their efforts to incorporate fake profiles. The site terms read as follows: “You might meet actual people through our services, but then again, you might not; you may never know for sure whether any encounter was with a real person. You may encounter profiles that are total fakes and you may receive communications from total fakes through our services.”

You guessed it, another website that basically comes right out and says that they are sending fake messages by fake users. You might get a message from one of these total fakes and they try and say it’s for entertainment purposes only and it’s fucking bullshit! These typical moves are one of the reasons why dating sites get a bad rap.

Whereas other sites must be upfront about their use of automated messaging and computer-generated profiles, Flirthookup basically tells you right away that they allow con artists to use their site and arrange meetups with their targets. The simple fact that this specific scenario has played out so many times that the site had to address it in the conditions that you agree to should be a massive red flag and send you running, but the potential to be mugged in an alleyway after setting up a meeting with what you thought was a hot girl is just the tip of the iceberg for this waste of money.

Like most scam sites out there, flirthookup also employs the use of fake profiles and messages to get you to fork over the cash. After you sign up, and before you even fill out your profile, you’ll start getting message after message from beautiful women who just want to fuck. These girls will say just the right things in their initial emails to get your blood pumping and your fingers typing.

However, once you try to respond, you are going to be greeted with a friendly reminder that you must upgrade your account in order to send messages. No matter which option you choose, once your credit card information is on file and your payment has been processed, these girls will immediately lose interest in you and never respond to your well-thought-out and clever messages. The reason for this is not that you lackwit or charm; it is simply because the women were never women to begin with. The emails were generated by the site in order to persuade you to take the plunge and by a subscription.

Site Judegment: Flirt Hook Up Is A Fake Profile Scam

Flirthookup.com has absolutely nothing to offer other than the fake profile pictures of some very attractive women. If you feel that it makes sense to waste quite a bit of money just to see those, even though you can see them for free, then it might be the site for you.

For everyone else, however, don’t waste your time on it. If the fake accounts and fake emails aren’t enough to dissuade you from signing up, then just ask yourself how many people you think it took getting conned and possibly hurt before the owners of the site decided to write up their terms and conditions.

By agreeing to those, you are agreeing to be scammed and that is exactly what flirt hookup intends to do to you. Why join any dating site that blatantly comes out and says the services you’re paying for are fake. It’s a bad business decision for sure!

Am I doomed or can I get laid using another site?

Fear not, there are plenty of other really great casual dating sites that I know you can get laid on because I do all the time. Instead of wasting your time using a site like Flirt Hook Up, I suggest you join one of the sites located below…

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