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Net-Fling.com Review

Net-Fling.com Review & Consumer Opinions (2023)

I cover lots of “fling” dating sites here at SexDatingApps.com. This one is called Net-Fling.com. What you need to know upfront is that I spent about 17 days using the site to see how it works. I ended up buying a 300-coin membership and rolling into a 900-coin membership. This is my detailed Net-Fling review which will cover what features I tried, how much it costs to use, main advantages, disadvantages, and more. Right from the start, I will tell you this is not #1. Check out the best fling site before using net-fling.com or at a minimum, get registered to learn about them both.

Net-Fling.com Review

My Net-Fling Review User Opinion

Do you want fun without feelings involved? Net-Fling.com might just be your playground. The main reason why this platform was created is to help you find a date with the same perspective with no strings attached.

Whether you like flirty talks, one-night hookups, or a little spice in your life, Net-Fling.com has established a reputation as a hotspot for adventurous people looking for short-term relationships. A simple and user-friendly interface makes it simple to enter the world of casual dating. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s navigate the exciting landscape of Net-Fling.com.

Getting to Know More About Net-Fling?

One of the numerous dating websites that enable users to look for partners for flings and unplanned sex encounters anywhere in the world is fling.com. The name of the website gives an enormous amount of details about its goals.

On a website with a name like this, you probably won’t expect to find your only true love or anything else. Even while there are instances of this, most people are here for different reasons unrelated to establishing long-term relationships.

What are the Features?

Dealing with Unwanted Messages and Invitations

When faced with unwanted messages or excessive invitations, Fling.com provides a handy “block user” tool to effectively handle inappropriate activity. It severs communication with the blocked user and allows you to report such behavior to site moderators.

Prioritizing Local Connections

For many users, connecting with nearby matches is a priority. You may zero in on prospective partners in the region employing Fling.com’s regional filtering tools. Simple criteria-based filters strengthen the ability to connect with individuals who share your beliefs.

Enhanced Messaging and Profile Customization

Messaging plays a pivotal role in online dating, and Fling.com goes the extra mile. In order to make your interactions more enjoyable and eloquent it gives you chat invitations along with to other features like emojis and virtual presents.

Flexible Search and Filtering

Fling.com enables you to search and filter other users based on fundamental criteria, including gender, age, profile pictures, and online status. Beyond these basic options, more specific criteria are available, allowing you to fine-tune your search and filter users according to your preferences.


Live Chat for Real-Time Interaction: One of the standout advantages of this platform is the availability of live chat, fostering instant and engaging communication among users.

Privacy-Preserving Profiles: Users can enjoy the benefit of private profiles, ensuring that their personal information is not readily accessible to the public. This adds an extra layer of security and discretion.

Anonymous Payment Methods: To enhance user privacy, the platform offers anonymous payment methods. This means you can enjoy the site’s features and services without revealing your personal financial information.


Absence of Identity Verification: The platform lacks a robust identity verification system, which could potentially lead to concerns regarding the authenticity of user profiles.

Inability to Report Spam Profiles: Users currently do not have the option to report spam profiles, which could result in a less optimal user experience due to the presence of unwanted or suspicious accounts.

Cost and Payment Method

No Trial Plans Available

Coin-Plan: Coins Purchasing with Paysafecard (Non-recurring)

No further action is required on your part.

  • 12,000 coins for $438.90
  • 25,000 coins for $878.90

Payment is accepted through: Paysafecard.

Coin-Plan: Coins Purchasing with Credit Card and Paysafecard (Non-recurring)

No additional steps are needed.

  • 300 coins for $20.90
  • 900 coins for $53.90
  • 2,000 coins for $108.90
  • 6,000 coins for $218.90
  • 200 coins for $9.90

Payment is accepted through: Credit Card and Paysafecard.

Are there Coupons or Discounts Available?

Regrettably, there are no coupons or discounts currently on offer. If you’re looking for a deal, then you’ll have to try the fling discount

Fast and Easy Registration

Net-flings simplifies registration with a moderate-length form, encompassing 12 mandatory fields.

Net-Fling App and Mobile

This website’s fully responsive web design makes it usable on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. But there isn’t yet a smartphone app accessible.

Safety and Security

If you are not already a member of the site, you are not permitted to view any profiles. You now have a fundamental level of privacy. On Net-flings, you may, however, hide your profile pictures and restrict access to only the users you trust.

Typically, your profile allows you to submit several images. You can add private images to Net-flings and restrict access to them to users you authorize. Some dating websites provide a panic button that allows users to go to another website right away. On Net-flings, this feature is not available.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Net-Fling.com

There is no doubt that Net-Fling.com is an online dating site. It’s a platform that has what you might need, but I cannot say it’s the best. If you want to find a date and hookup, the original Fling.com is WAY better. This online platform promises to guide a massive number of members to get you the most memorable and amazing sexual experience. Avoid Net-Flings and go with the regular fling site.

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