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Datehookup Review: Find Out If It’s A Scam

Having heard so much about Datehookup, I had to do my own thorough review of this dating website. Datehookup.com is a surprisingly expensive “free” dating site that will own your likeness. Find out if this is a legit sex dating site or just another online dating scam.

Datehookup Scam Alert

datehookup scam review

Overview of DateHookup and My Personal Review

Datehookup.com advertises itself as a free site but is really anything but. There is also a very important agreement that you must accept, which grants the site absolute ownership over any pictures that you post.

Detailed Review

If you set up an account on Datehookup.com hoping to take advantage of a free dating site, then you are going to be let down very quickly by the site. Before you can even search through the profiles to get a sense of the number of available women and what they are looking for, you must sign up and create your own profile. This is a common tactic that many sites use in order to increase their membership numbers. Not only do you not know what you are getting into, you can barely tell if the clientele is going to be a good match for what you are seeking in a dating.

Once you’ve signed up or even paid for your membership, you can expect to be bombarded with ads right from the get go. Not only are they strewn across each and every page, they are obnoxious enough to take up more space than the actual content that you joined to see.

The Third Party Messages

Along with those, there is also this tidbit from the terms and conditions page: “When you join the website, you agree and consent to receive email messages from us or third party partners.” This is a nice way of saying that the site allows other companies to use their email system in order to send you spam and try to get you to spend money. Even if you have an ad blocker installed, there is simply no way to get around this type of unnecessary advertisement. I should also mention that Datehookup.com makes most of their revenue from ads that other people place on the site. In summary, they give up everything for a buck or two from people that are willing to pay for the ad spots.

Your Photos Are No Longer Private

Besides these obvious drawbacks, the most off-putting aspect of this site is summed up once again in their terms and conditions. The site states that if you post content “to any public area” of datehookup.com, then you are basically giving them rights to copy, distribute, display, incorporate in any many they wish with that image. This is seriously bothersome in my eyes and I would never rightfully agree to site terms to use me for anything.

In short, when you agree to use the site, you are also agreeing to let the site not only use any image that you post on your profile, but you are also giving them full and complete ownership of it. This means that is you, like most people, upload a picture of yourself, then the owners can download, edit, use, and distribute that picture in any way that they want. It’s specific rules like this that lead to horror stories about people finding pictures of themselves on completely unrelated websites, selling things that may or may not be just as scammy as the initial website they used.

Final Datehookup Review Conclusion: Steer Clear Of This Dating Site!

Datehookup.com uses all of the typical scam site tactics that are in use today. They send fake messages and force you to pay to respond as well as set up fake profiles to keep your hopes up. The one thing that they do well is that they take their scamming to the next level by getting you to agree to hand over ownership of your own likeness to be used in any way that they see fit. In a way, you yourself will most likely be used to scam another person. This site is simply not worth the trouble that it can cause for you.

What now if I shouldn’t join this site?

There are much better places out there that give you an honest chance of meeting the partner of your dreams, and they wouldn’t sink so low as to put messaging her behind a pay wall. Just stay away.

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