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Best Polyamorous Dating Sites

The Top 7 Polyamorous Dating Sites for Open-Minded Love Seekers

Polyamory is a relationship style in which people have multiple, committed romantic and/or sexual relationships with the knowledge and consent of all partners involved. It can be a very fulfilling and rewarding way to live, but it is important to find a dating site that is specifically designed for polyamorous people. This will help you to connect with other people who are looking for the same type of relationship as you.
If you are new to polyamory, or if you are looking for ways to connect with other polyamorous people, then dating sites can be a great resource. There are a number of different dating sites available

I have tested and reviewed the top 7 Polyamorous Dating Sites for you

  1. OkCupid
  2. Feeld
  3. PolyFinda
  4. Ashley Madison
  5. PolyDate
  6. Hinge
  7. Open


Visit: OkCupid

OkCupid is one of those dating apps that’s been around for a good while, but don’t let its age fool you. It’s updated, modern, and inclusive. The big deal about this app is how it lets you get specific. You can list yourself as ‘in an open relationship,’ ‘married,’ or even ‘polyamorous.’ This app helps you find people who are like you, which is a big plus if you’re into the poly lifestyle. You don’t have to sift through a bunch of profiles that aren’t a fit.

OkCupid gives you the freedom to express yourself and find others who feel the same way. Whether you’re new to polyamory or have been doing it for years, this app can help you find your people. You can opt for a free account or splurge for a premium to unlock even more features. Either way, OkCupid has your back.


  • Filters for days; you decide who you want to see and who gets to see you
  • The questions they ask help you get better matches; the more you answer, the better it gets
  • If you go for the premium, you get to see who likes you, and you can reach out to them first
  • Match based on what you care about, not just looks
  • You’re in control; block or report anyone who bugs you


Visit: Feeld

Feeld is the spot if you’re into polyamory or want to try new things in your relationship. This app gets high marks from people who live an open lifestyle. It’s not your everyday dating app; it’s tailored for folks who want more than one partner or who like different kinds of relationships. You can be straight up about what you want here. If you and your partner are looking to add another person into the mix, you can do that too. Feeld is all about being clear and upfront.


  • Designed for people who like more than one partner
  • You can state exactly what kind of relationship you’re after
  • If you pay for Majestic mode, you get cool extras like seeing everyone who digs you and being super stealth
  • Chat with multiple people at once to see who fits you the best
  • Based on your location, so you won’t match with someone a million miles away

For around 20 bucks, you can go Majestic mode. This gets you some neat extras. You can shoot out a daily ‘hello’ to catch someone’s eye, make your profile stick out, and even keep photos under wraps until you want to show them. So if you’re looking to branch out in your love life, Feeld helps you do just that.


Visit: PolyFinda

PolyFinda is made just for polyamorous people. Yep, this one isn’t trying to be all things to all people. If you’re into the poly lifestyle, this is the app for you. It understands what you’re looking for and helps you find it. You can find people nearby or even far away, depending on what you’re into. The app is also great if you’re just getting into polyamory because it has a lot of resources to help you understand better.

PolyFinda gives you a focused community of people who get what you’re about. The app keeps it simple but does it really well. You get what you need without a lot of fuss. You can stick with a free account or go for a paid one to unlock more features. Either way, this app is solid for anyone into the poly scene.


  • Made just for poly people, so you know you’re among like-minded folks
  • Distance settings let you find people close or far, your choice
  • Lots of info and guides to help you if you’re new to this
  • Chat options to talk to people you’re interested in without making it a big deal
  • Strong privacy settings, so you’re the boss of your own info

Ashley Madison

Visit: Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is not just for people looking to have an affair. Nope, this app also opens its doors to polyamorous people. If you want to add more people to your love life, Ashley Madison is a spot to consider. You’ll find a lot of people here open to different types of relationships. The site is all about secrecy, which is good if you want to keep things on the down-low. It’s got a lot of users, so your chances of finding someone, or someones, are high. Ashley Madison gives you a way to meet more than one person for love, or whatever else you’re into.

The privacy here is top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. It’s not free, but you get what you pay for. So if you’re serious about this poly thing, maybe give Ashley Madison a shot.


  • Welcomes polyamorous and open relationships, not just folks wanting an affair
  • Strong focus on privacy, so your secrets are safe
  • Huge user base, more people to meet and match with
  • Customizable profiles, you show what you want
  • Easy messaging system, quick and no-nonsense


Visit: PolyDate

PolyDate is straight to the point: It’s made for folks who live a polyamorous lifestyle. No beating around the bush; this app is for multiple relationships. It takes away the fuss, making it easy to meet people like you. The vibe here is pretty relaxed. No judgment, just a community that gets what you’re looking for.

So, if you’re tired of apps that don’t really get polyamory, give PolyDate a try. It’s built to fit your life, making it easier to find people who get you. The sign-up is simple, and you can start talking to people fast. It’s about as straightforward as it gets for finding more than one love.


  • Built for polyamorous relationships, they get you
  • Easy sign-up, no long quizzes
  • Search filters, find people your way
  • Direct messaging, no runaround
  • Low-cost or free options, budget-friendly


Hinge Visit: Hinge

Hinge is not just for monogamous folks. While many people use it for one-on-one relationships, you can tweak the settings for polyamorous interests. It’s a classy app, kind of a grown-up feel to it. You build a profile with pictures and some of your interests, and then you’re good to go. The app links you with folks who like what you like. Straight up, it’s all about connections, not just swipes.

If you’re looking for a platform where you can be upfront about your multiple love interests, Hinge might be worth your time. No mind games, you see who likes you and can choose to chat. Plus, it’s secure. They make sure your data stays just that, your data.


  • Fine-tune settings for poly interests
  • Profile prompts to show your true self
  • No endless swipes, it’s about connections
  • You can see who liked you, no games
  • Heavy on security, they keep your data safe


Visit: Open

Open is straight to the point. This app is for folks who want more than one partner, or want to try different kinds of relationships. Unlike some other apps, Open is all in for polyamorous, open relationships and other non-traditional forms of dating. So, you can be pretty clear about what you’re into. You make a profile, say what you like, and the app does the rest. It matches you with people who are into the same stuff.

If you’re tired of other apps not getting what you want, Open is a good pick. You won’t get mixed up with people who aren’t on the same page. Plus, the chat and block features make it easy to talk or cut things off.


I hope this list of best Polyamorous Dating Sites helps you find your pair or even more than one. I put time and effort into checking out these platforms, so you don’t have to run around, wasting your own time. From OkCupid to Open, each app offers something unique. Some are great for those new to the poly scene. Others are top choices for those who’ve been around the block a few times. Even if you decide to try all of them, at least now you know where to start. Sure, love can be complicated, but finding the right platform to start your search shouldn’t be. Here’s to a future with more love and less hassle.

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