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XXXBlackbook Review: Is It A Legit Sex Dating Site That Led To A Threesome

The front page of the hookup site XXXBlackbook.com says adults at play, so I decided to play around on it. I saw enough with my free registration and browsing that I enjoyed so I decided to pay for a premium membership to see what this site was really all about.

I’ve been known to do crazy things when it comes to dating online. I’ll pretty much try anything once and will give any girl that’s decent looking a chance. I figured, what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose trying this site out. In fact, I have tried a few hookup sites that have failed me miserably more times than I have been successful. Honestly, that’s just the nature of the game. The good news is that XXX Blackbook is one of the good ones.

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XXXBlackbook Complete Review Of My Experience

I played around quite a bit on XXXBlackbook before I ever decided to go for it and pay. I like how you can start browsing immediately after you answer the first sign-up questions. It said I had 112 matches in my area. I looked through the matches and wow. You can send free flirts to the girls or suggestions to chat sometime with your free account.

You also get to set up a profile and search for girls before you spend a cent. I loved the different search options that the site has. It allows you to filter out many users and get down to the specific type of girl that you want to fuck. You can sort by body type, personality style, sexual fetishes, ethnicity and more. The one feature that I found especially useful was the “Perfect Matches” feature.

You have to fill out a detailed profile for this one. It matches you with the girls that share the same likes/dislikes and fit your exact specifications. It’s an easy way to basically get the exact type of pussy you want. Simple as that really.

Besides hooking up with hot singles, you can also view the site’s erotic content. That content includes both user-submitted content as well as professionally shot porn footage. I really enjoyed the home videos and all the different ways I could actively communicate with members on the site.

They have a sick live webcam chat, webcam performances, erotic e-mail fantasies, phone sex, hookup, threesome chats, and more. I hung out in the chat rooms for a while and even ended up having some webcam sex with a really cute blonde and her girlfriend. I blew a load on video for the girls and they absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the XXX content briefly, but I ended up spending more time hooking up with some girls that I went on dates with.

The best of both worlds to say the least. Keep reading below and I’ll talk about how I hooked up with 2 girls at the same time. XXXBlackbook is one of the few sites where I’ve been able to make this happen.

The Messaging

I messaged a few girls and also responded to the messages that I got when I signed up. A few of them turned out to be wasted efforts, but I didn’t let that scare me at all.

I’m really glad I stuck around because the girl I thought was the hottest was one of the first to give me her number. We had flirted and sent instant messages back and forth for a bit until we decided to chat on the phone.

Phone Conversation

One of the hot girls I met on XXXBlackbook had jet black hair with a really nice body. I’m a sucker for legs and one of her pictures was of her in shorts and her legs were flawless. I told her how nice they were when I called her and she told me that I should touch them sometime.

I knew I was in for a real treat at that point. I knew at the very least that I could drum up some phone sex with this dirty girl. Then she mentioned that she wanted to meet for drinks in a hotel lobby near her house. Things were going in the direction I needed them to go in!

First Date Using XXXBlackbook

This girl and I decided to meet at our hotel lobby bar. The hotel was about 10 minutes away from my house. She said it was 15 minutes away for her so I knew she lived just as close as I did. She wore short shorts and during our drinks, I kept touching her legs the whole time.

After we both got wasted, I asked her if she wanted to go have some more fun upstairs. Here’s the kicker, she wanted to invite a friend over to join in on the fun. I was thrilled. Sure enough, she was all for it and so was her friend! I fucked her and her friend that night in a hotel room. I was drunk but it happened and it was incredible. A night that I’ll never forget.

How To Cancel

If you need to cancel all you have to do is contact your billing provider. Contact info will be on your bill. XXXBlackbook will also assist you if you need help. Go to the frequently asked questions link at the bottom of the homepage.

When you get there, click and you will see a list of questions. Click on “How will I cancel once I become a member?” Click on the word “assist” at the bottom of the paragraph and you’ll be taken to an e-mail form where you can contact customer support.

Conclusion: XXXBlackbook Got Me Laid And A Threesome At That!

I didn’t meet tons of girls at XXXBlackbook but I definitely met enough. To be honest, I didn’t make much of an effort after having that threesome to have even more luck. I got laid enough to recommend this site! In fact, we’re going out again next weekend.

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