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feeld app review

Feeld Dating App Review 2024

Finding a good dating site can be difficult, especially when there are so many sites and apps to choose from and many more that seem to pop up overnight. I have been made aware that a site that was known as “3nder” or “Thrinder” has rebranded itself into an app known as Feeld, which is supposed to be an app similar to Tinder and Bumble…with a twist.

What is that twist? Well, if you’re curious, you need to read this Feeld review to not only find out what it’s about but if it’s worth using as a dating app.

Feeld App review

Here’s everything you need to know about Feeld below, but I want to first let you know about my favorite dating app. The Fling.com app is better than everything. Give it a try here!

What is Feeld? 

Feeld has gotten a lot of press lately as a newbie (sort of) dating app that goes beyond the “vanilla” and is instead geared towards those who are looking for something more. They state on their site that “Feeld is a dating app for exploration, curiosity, and pleasure. Join solo or with a partner to find lovers and friends.” They are aiming to connect individuals and couples who see sex not as “one size fits all”, but more of a normal sexual desire that should be explored in whatever manner that means to you and your partner(s).

With Feeld being relatively newer on the scene, it is still building up its member base, so smaller towns are obviously not going to have the number of members that a larger city has, but that will change once word-of-mouth starts spreading how good this app is. And don’t let the smaller number of members stop you from checking Feeld out, it really is a great way to explore your sexual desires.

If you’ve ever used sites like Bumble or Tinder, you’ll recognize the look of Feeld. You’ll see profiles of those that meet your search criteria along with a short bio and a picture that you can look at for free. If you like what you see, you can “heart” them, if you don’t, you can pass on them. If it’s a match on their end too, you can then start chatting with each other. 

Here’s a note about the profiles: If you’re in a relationship and you’ve both signed up with Feeld, your profiles will link together. That’s a great thing, actually, because it lets other members know that you’re not completely single and you may have a partner who wants to join in with you and a third (or fourth, or fifth…). Also, if you are a bit more worried about putting yourself out there on a kinky dating app, you can use an alias, which is another great feature.

Feeld Profiles

Some dating apps have very questionable profiles and pictures of their members. Honestly, this is your calling card and you should make it stand out no matter what dating site you’re using. Feeld has a very good selection of profiles with clear pictures so you know what you’re getting with a potential match. 

And, don’t think that everyone on Feeld is unattractive, either! I would say that approximately 60% or more of the members are average in the looks department, or better. This is pretty on par with Tinder, although Feeld members are more likely to share more about themselves and their kinks, which makes sense given the type of app this is. 

Keep in mind that with it being a kink site, you’ll likely be shown matches that may or may not be your preferred gender. If you’re not into that, ignore it, it’s really no big deal but can be a little jarring if you’re not expecting it. 

I also kept my eyes open to fake profiles, which are very common on all dating sites. This is a way that dating sites will keep interactions going and keep members coming back for more, but it isn’t always the most honest method. Fortunately, Feeld looks to have more actual member accounts and very few fakes, which is refreshing. 

Messaging and Chatting on Feeld

Communicating on Feeld is once again similar to other dating sites, which means it will be familiar. You can see when a user is online and when they were last online, so if they’re not a frequent user, you can decide if you want to look elsewhere. 

If you match with a couple, you can use the Feeld group message function, however, many couples would rather take the talk to another chat app called Kik. This is common on Feeld and setting up a Kik account is both quick and easy. 

Before I move on, I would like to say this about online dating: Just because you’re on a kink site does not mean that you get to be a brutish pig. So many people I’ve talked to were just flummoxed because they weren’t getting the results that they had hoped for and once I found out that they were just approaching members and being sexual without chatting a bit, I found their problem.

Look, it’s a sex site, sure. But, remember, it’s still real people you’re dealing with and starting a conversation with, “You’re hot, I’d like to bang” is not the way to go about getting a date. Start with some class and work up to the sexual stuff; you’ll be more successful in the long run. 

What Does Feeld Cost?

The pricing on Feeld is pretty simple as they have two membership levels, which include:

Free Membership

  • Create a profile
  • Define your search distance
  • View potential matches in your area
  • Chat without restriction

Majestic Membership

  • Paid monthly for $11.99 or $23.99 for three months (making it $8.00/month)
  • Hide from Facebook friends that you’re on the app
  • Immediately see that a member likes you (you don’t have to wait to match)
  • Dark theme access
  • Add private photos that only paid members can see

If you want to just try out Feeld, start with the free membership. Honestly, I think that is going to be enough for most people to get a feel for the app and see if it’s the right dating app for them. You can always upgrade later for a very affordable price.

Pros and Cons

Here is the TL;DR review of Feeld.


  • Relatively anonymous and allows for an alias
  • Allows you to explore your sexuality/kinks
  • Clean, user-friendly interface
  • Simple billing
  • Caters to couples
  • Safe and reliable app


  • Smaller membership base
  • May see people on the app you know
  • Members want to take messaging elsewhere
  • The app logs you out if you don’t use it often enough and you can miss notifications

Feeld App Review Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

I’ve tried out many, many dating sites and apps and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the horrible.  Feeld is definitely a dating app that I would list in the category of “good”. While they’ve only been around since 2014, they’ve made an app that is user-friendly, familiar, and caters to those who don’t always get a legitimate site to explore their kinks.

I would recommend Feeld to anyone looking to explore new things in the bedroom and those who are looking for a new partner or two. As long as you’re in a larger city (or you’re willing to travel), you’re not acting piggish, and you’re open to exploring, I think Feeld will be a great dating app for you.

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