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Go Tinder Dating App Review

The Internet changed mid-September in 2012. It was the day the Tinder app was born! This location-based dating app was founded on the first of the month and less than a month later it was launched. First named, Go Tinder, it has gone from nothing to being one of the largest smartphone apps on the planet. I refuse to not get my hands dirty and (with any luck) hopefully my dick deep inside something when a new dating app hits the marketplace. I did join the rest of the world and tried it out. Read my Tinder review and find out what I have to say about all this!

go tinder app

Best Sex Dating App

Summary Of Tinder And My Reviews of their Dating App

There is simply very few apps that compare to this one as far as I’m concerned. It’s one of the only casual sex and dating apps that is truly free. Plus, it often gets more results than most apps that make you pay premium services for. Personally, I cannot wait for them to come out with the Premium subscription packages. I can just imagine the kind of results you can have with added exposure. Tinder is one of the fastest-growing apps on the market for a reason. But I have to say that I’ve had better luck on a couple other sex dating apps, keep reading to find out which are better.

How to Sign Up

This app is available on iTunes and Google play. Search the name and download it. Tinder is completely free to download and use. Just download the app. You will be prompted to sign up using your Facebook account. Tinder links with your Facebook account, but YOU ARE STILL ANONYMOUS. The app only uses Facebook to get your “likes” and pictures. They let you choose which pictures you want to use off of your Facebook profile. I have found that it helps to be brief in your About Me section. The app uses your Facebook info, but you can edit this section within the app. Keep it short and sweet and keep an air of mystery. It attracts more girls.

Membership Stats

Tinder recently topped 10 million matches a day for its members. Their active daily users are over 10 million and it is growing every day. The number is growing so fast that it might be quite a bit larger by the time you see this review. Tinder is getting more and more exposure and people are excited to see what new features will be available when they start their premium memberships soon.

The Costs to Join

There is absolutely no cost to join. The app is free and you are never prompted to pay for anything. The only cost is time because this app can be addicting. Tinder is supposed to add a premium service by the end of the year, but the prices and premium features have not been released.

Best App Features

Ease of use is the best feature. Simple to swipe left if you don’t like the person and swipe right if you do. It shows your shared likes and mutual friends on Facebook. No one can message you unless you like them and vice versa. Uses your phone to determine your location so only people in the immediate area you are in can connect with you.

My Site Experience

As a testament to the effectiveness of this app; I banged two girls in two weeks with very little effort. I downloaded the app, logged in with my Facebook and swiped right on a bunch of hot girls. Before I knew it; I was getting around twenty matches at a time depending on how many girls I hit the like button on. Then something came up and I became very busy. I still kept getting matches. This hot little brunette became really interested in me and we exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone a couple times and she was ready to meet. There was almost no talking when we met. We just started going at each other. I ended up having sex with her twice and another even hotter girl started hitting me up. I was in bed with her by the weekend.

What if I Have Problems

For help on the Tinder app; simply go into settings and open the Contact Tinder section. You will be prompted to report an issue, make suggestions or partner with Tinder. Once you open the report an issue section, you’ll be taken to an e-mail that you compose and send to Tinder support.

FAQ Section

People submit too many questions on using the Tinder dating app. Therefore, I’m sharing all my answers to a few of the  popular questions that people keep asking me. If you have a question that you do not see below and you still need answers, then email it directly to me please.

What is Tinder? Okay, I’m going to get really angry if I get another question like this in my inbox. Seriously? Do you really need to ask me what the fuck Tinder is? It’s one of the shittiest yet most popular dating apps on the planet. Come out from underneath that rock you’ve been living and check it out for yourself. No, but really! All it is essentially is a local social matching app that allows you to state whether you would be willing to date someone or not. Simple as that.

Are there any other apps like Tinder that exist? You bet there are! In fact, most of the dating apps that I use are just like Tinder. If they aren’t, they all have members with the same intentions of hooking up with local people. It’s pretty simple and obvious that as humans, we have a multitude of options and there is no shortage of sites and apps like Tinder.The problem is that most of them suck, just as bad if not worse than tinder.

Are Tinder girls hot? Truthfully, there are some girls that are hot and others that would peel the paint off a house or even make an onion cry. Not all dating apps have hot girls and Tinder certainly proves that point. You must always remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Is Tinder premium worth paying for? You have a better chance of getting lucky by driving as fast as you can down the street and throwing a bag of nickels at a hooker versus using Tinder premium. Does that answer your question? Don’t upgrade. Instead, click that big red button to join a real sex dating site.

What does “tindering” even mean? The act of “tindering” means nothing more than using tinder in order to find a date e.g. a match. That’s all it means. Stop over thinking things here. You’re going to hurt your brain!

Conclusion: Go Tinder? Yes, but it’s not the best.

The results do not lie. The Tinder app definitely works if you’re looking for a more serious dating relationship. However, if you’re trying to find someone to just have sex with then I’d have to say Tinder isn’t your best choice with all the other sex dating apps out there. I’d have to personally recommend trying the Instabang mobile app instead. Also, there are a few fake profiles, but not nearly as many as the real ones. One piece of advice I can give you is this. If you download Tinder, you better be ready for results. Some of the girls get impatient if you don’t talk to them or meet with them soon after you start chatting.

Best Sex Dating App


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