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Bumble iOS & Android App Review

Have you heard of the famous Bumble app? According to the mean streets of Silicon Valley, it’s said to be one of the best ios dating apps on the market today. Some people don’t even know that this technology even exists. I’ll fill you in on everything today. That’s why I get the big bucks (cough, cough) because I like to fuck girls and have reasons to use dating apps as often as possible.

bumble app review

My Review Of The Bumble App

Bumble is a hookup and dating app similar to Tinder, but it has a twist. You can download the app to use on iOS or Google Play. Women are the ones who have to make the first move to connect. It was created by one of the people responsible for creating Tinder, so there are a lot of similarities, but it was obviously created to be more attractive to women. Given that there are lots of women who are tired of being approached by multiple guys, it makes sense to have an app like this exist.

I eventually made a connection on Bumble, but it was clearly more difficult because the advantage goes to female users. One advantage for guys is that the women have to come up with a good approach rather than the guy always having to do so. It takes the pressure away and makes it that much easier for decent-looking guys like myself to connect for sex. The downfall is that much fewer women are willing to approach multiple guys, so a guys chances are greatly reduced.

See females aren’t like us men. They typically don’t try and fuck as many people as possible. That said, they don’t try to make as many connections as guys do. Likely, they are leaving sex dates on the table here.

It’s a great app for women but, as a guy, I would rather use an app like those in my all-time dating apps list. The iOS app that I ranked number one works way better than Bumble. That’s a topic for another day. Now back to my review. Let me give you some info on joining.

How to Sign Up for Bumble.com

Signing up for Bumble is very easy and takes you no time at all, but you don’t get much of an option. You are required to sign up using your Facebook profile to validate your account.

This makes signing up fast and easy, but it also limits your privacy because your Facebook profile is exposed to strangers. Also, if you don’t happen to have a Facebook profile, you will have to create one if you want to sign up for Bumble.

Membership Stats

Bumble is a relatively new app on the market, so it has not had a chance to build a database of millions of users, but the users definitely grow each day. It’s certainly not as big as Tinder but it’s getting there.

Women are drawn to it because they are in charge of starting conversations and men are drawn to it because of the number of women interested in it.

As of 2015; Bumble reportedly topped 1 million unique conversations. I like to look at things from an optimistic perspective. See, it only takes one conversation to lead to connecting with a new sex partner. That right there is the honest to god truth.

App User Costs

Like Tinder, Bumble is 100% free to use and has not been on the market long enough to develop pay options other than the Bumble Boost. If it continues to grow in popularity, there will probably be more pay features added later, but it hasn’t made any further adjustments just yet.

Luckily, the fact that it is free makes it easy to try out with nothing to lose but the time you take playing around with it. I actually paid for the Bumble Boost. If you want to know what it gives you I’ll tell you right now.

What the Bumble Boost does is it unlocks features. For example, when you use this boost, you’re able to users that swiped right on your profile picture. It also allows you to re-connect with dead connections.

Best App Features

The best thing about Bumble is that it’s free and it works. Women being required to make the first move can be a good or bad feature, depending on how you look at it. It’s good for men because they don’t have to think of a clever opener, but they have to wait for the women to like them.

It’s good for women because they don’t have to deal with men approaching them constantly, but they are forced to put themselves on the line by approaching the men they like first.

So, imagine connecting with a horny girl that just wants sex and nothing more? She swipes right, connects with you and you fuck like crazy. That’s ideal to me and no work is necessary for that to happen.

My Personal Experience

Using Bumble was a bit depressing at first because I thought that more women would approach me (given that I’m a good-looking guy). I stuck with it and eventually I got some connections when some women finally liked my profile.

I noticed that I generated more interest when I added my work, education, and some witty recreational stuff. Some of my connections disappeared because the women did not contact me within 24 hours of making a match.

One eventually contacted me, but that was all I needed. We chatted for a while and ended up meeting locally. I am definitely glad I hooked up with her, but it almost wasn’t worth all the waiting and trouble I went through.

It was too much work when I know how easy it is to get laid using other sex apps. Bumble might eventually become a great app, but for now, I would rather use others.

My most common approach is to pop a couple of nootropics pills, drink a coffee and start scouring a few dating networks for some uberhorny girls. That seems to work quite well these days.

Customer Support 

There is a frequently asked questions section that tries to answer any questions you may have. If the problem you are having is not on this list; you can contact support by e-mail.

The Customer Support e-mail is feedback@bumble.com. This is where you can ask support-related questions and provide feedback or comments about your experience.

Conclusion: Bumble App Got Me Laid But Lots Of Waiting Around. There Are Better Apps Out There.

Bumble may look like an attractive app to many women, but some women do not like to be the ones to have to make the first move and set themselves up for rejection. I think that’s why some women liked my profile but didn’t end up contacting me within the allotted 24-hour time limit.

The app definitely has some kinks to work out, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try. If you want my honest opinion, I would pass on it completely and join a casual dating site that works almost every single time.

I’ve spent years studying online dating and I can promise you that people use smartphone apps to connect for sex. It’s just a matter of time before you’re doing the same. Matter of fact, feel free to check out some of the apps I’ve got in my top rankings below.

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