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Is Prostitution Legal in Costa Rica

Is Prostitution Legal in Costa Rica? What You Need to Know

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife. But did you know that prostitution is also legal in Costa Rica?

I was surprised to learn this, but the legalization of prostitution has actually made it a safer activity for both sex workers and their clients. Instead of operating in the shadows, sex workers are able to work openly and negotiate their services freely. This also makes it easier for them to access healthcare and other resources.

Of course, there are still some rules and regulations around prostitution in Costa Rica. For example, it is illegal to pimp or operate a brothel.

Costa Rica

What is legal and illegal in Costa Rica When it Comes to Prostitution?


In Costa Rica, you can do sex work and it’s fine by law. No need to hide or act like you’re doing something bad. Being legal, you get medical check-ups and stay safer. This also helps you talk openly about the job.

Both the worker and the client get a good deal. All cards on the table, no secrets. Makes the whole thing less risky for you and them.

You can’t just start working. First, you need to get a health paper and register with the government. Good for you and good for the client.

The government keeps tabs, making sure you’re following health rules. Keeps you safer and makes sure you’re fit for work.


You can’t be a pimp or own a house for sex work. That’s illegal. There are laws to make sure no one’s being forced into this. These laws stop bad stuff from happening. They make sure you’re in this job ’cause you want to be, not ’cause someone’s making you.

Don’t even think about it. Being with a minor is a big crime. Huge trouble if you get caught. The law is super clear on this. You could go to jail for a long time, so know the rules and follow them.

You can’t force someone into this job. That’s a big crime and the law will come down hard on you.

Best Places in Costa Rica to Have Sex

San José

San José is where you find action. Many hotels here get what you want—privacy for a sexy time. No one asks questions, they just do their job. Hotels are different prices, so you pick what you want. At night, you find bars and music. Perfect place for love and fun.


Jacó is where you go for beach and night fun. Hotels here are chill and give you what you need for a hot night. People are friendly, no drama. At night, places to eat and drink open up. Everything you need for a good sexy time is here.


Tamarindo is for people who like the beach but not too many people. Hotels are nice and give you space. Some even let you see the sea from your room. It’s more calm here. Good for you and your special someone to get close.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna is different. It’s got hot water from the ground and a big mountain that spits fire sometimes. Some hotels even have their own hot water pools. Perfect for a different kind of sexy time. If you want, you can walk in nature before heading back.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is for when you want something extra. Fancy hotels with nice views of water and trees. They bring food to you so you don’t need to leave. This place is about making everything easy for love and fun.

Are There Specific Areas Where Prostitution is More Common?

Yes, there are certain areas where you’ll see more activity. Places like San José, Jacó, and some tourist spots are known for it. It’s more open there, and you’ll find places that are okay with it.

Is It Safe for Tourists?

Yes, it’s generally safe. Because it’s legal, there’s less crime linked to it. But like anywhere, you should still be careful. Always make sure to use protection and only go to known and trusted places.

How Do Locals View Prostitution?

Views are mixed. Some people see it as just another job. Others don’t like it much, especially near schools or family places. But because it’s legal, it’s more out in the open than in other countries.

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