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Locals At Play Review: Does Keeping It Local Work?

I like finding neat and unique dating sites, especially when they’re easy to use, have a nice look about them, and provide me the results I’m desiring at an affordable price, well then they’re a winner in my book.

Localsatplay.com came across my computer not too long ago and I wanted to see if it provided everything I look for and if it was worth my time and money to join as a paid member. I was pleasantly surprised that Localsatplay.com not only looked good, had a nice membership base, but delivered in everything it promised, all with a guarantee.

Locals At Play screenshot

Locals At Play – This Site Review Tells All

If you’re looking for a new dating site to try out, or you’re completely new to the dating site scene, keep reading to find out why I think Localsatplay.com is worth considering.

Key Benefits of Localsatplay.com

  • Free to join
  • Instant messaging, texting, or email communication options
  • 3-month guarantee
  • Extensive search options
  • Verified photos

Joining LAP

If you are interested in joining Localsatplay.com, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to do. Not only does it take less than two minutes, but you also don’t have to jump through hoops or answer any crazy questions to become a member. Just put in your gender, the gender you’re looking to connect with, an email address and password, your location, and accept Localsatplay.com’s terms and conditions and you’re a member.

Now, I know people can get kind of bent out of shape when they join a site for free but nothing on the site is in fact, free. Let me make sure you understand that Localsatplay.com is free to join but not free if you want to actually use the site beyond basic browsing.

Dating sites are a business and have bills to pay just like the rest of us. I mean, would you ever work for free? Nope, you wouldn’t.

If any dating site says they are completely free, they’re not. And, if they are 100% completely free, I bet you’ll see that the site not only stinks, there is no member engagement whatsoever. Free dating sites just don’t have a good membership base at all, and I think that is because the site can’t afford to offer security or ensure that their members are satisfied.

So, yes, you’re going to have to pay to actually use anything Localsatplay.com has to offer. Just what does Localsatplay.com have to offer? Let me tell all the good things I found while using the dating site.

Localsatplay.com Features

As a member of Localsatplay.com, you’re able to upload more pictures of yourself, which I highly recommend you do, and set your profile to private. This means that you can safely upload pictures without fearing someone you know seeing them. The only people who can see your pictures will be the people you allow to see them, such as the people you’ve added to your “Friends” list.

All members on Localsatplay.com can search for members using either the basic search feature if you’re not too particular on a partner, or the advanced search feature that gets pretty specific on certain aspects. These searches include:

Basic Searches

  • Sexual preference
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Users that will text, who are online currently, or have pictures

Advanced Searches

  • Appearance
  • Compatibility
  • What type of relationship they’re interested in
  • Professional
  • Text search

All of the advanced searches also allow you to check for everything included in a basic search, too. Honestly, Localsatplay.com does everything it can to encourage you to find the perfect partner or partners for you. If you can’t find someone, you’re just too damn picky, my friend!

If you enjoy the social media feel of a dating site, you’re going to enjoy that Localsatplay.com allows you to post status updates and stay in contact through either site-maintained emails, instant messaging, or private texting. I appreciate that you can do things pretty anonymously, especially if you’re trying to date on the side.

Oh, and if you’re someone who has been around the dating site scene for a bit, you’ve probably talked to people that you thought, “Hmm, I don’t think that they’re who they say they are”. Or, maybe you have been strung along by someone whose intentions were to try and scam you in some way. If you’re afraid of being catfished, don’t worry while you’re on Localsatplay.com.

Localsatplay.com verifies the photos of its members, essentially ensuring that everyone is on the up-and-up. It takes a little time, but in my opinion, it is totally worth it for the peace of mind that it provides. All profiles that have been verified will have a check mark, so look out for those if you’re worried about frauds.

Pricing at Localsatplay.com

If you’re reading about Localsatplay.com and it all sounds amazing, then your logical next question should be, “What’s it going to cost me?” Let me give you the current pricing structure of Localsatplay.com and you can choose the best membership level for your needs.

  • 2-day Gold Trial: $0.95
  • 7-day Gold Trial: $9.95
  • 1-month Gold Membership: $34.95
  • 6-month Gold Membership: $69.95 ($11.65/month)
  • 12-month Gold Membership: $6.67 a month+6 months free

Oh, and remember, Localsatplay.com offers a 3-month guarantee to its paid members. This means that if you don’t find a hookup within three months, Localsatplay.com will comp you 3-month membership for free. Truly, you can’t lose by giving Localsatplay.com a try.

Final Thoughts on Locals At Play Site

I have been using adult dating sites for a long time (particularly those listed here) and I’ve seen every site that has come down the pipe. I’ve seen the tricks of the trade, the good and the bad, and the just plain awful. When I joined Localsatplay.com, I kept my eyes sharp and I made sure to check out everything I could.

LocalsAtPlay is a good site and you’re sure to find a match for whatever you want to do. You do have to put in a little money, but with a three-month guarantee, verified profiles, and ease of communication, you’ll find dates and if you don’t, Localsatplay.com will help you out.

Give Localsatplay.com a try by clicking here, I think you’ll find it to be to your liking. Now, go have fun!

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