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Leaving the Friend Zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone – 6 Simple Steps

Leaving the Friend Zone

Discover the Friend Zone from the Female Point of View

Relationships typically begin the same way every time. You finally meet a girl that you find cute and you start hanging out with her from time to time. She enjoys having long conversations with you and she even laughs at your stupid jokes. This gives you hope and you believe that she’s probably into you, but you’re too chicken to step up and make a move.  It doesn’t matter if you met her on Omegle Chat, or if you met her on some more suggestive, freaky app like the one and only Fling.com.

After a while, time continues to creep by, and guess what? You’ve only stayed her friend this whole time. Once you’ve reached the now or never point, you finally share your feelings with this girl. Guess what happens next? She lays it on thick and says “Let’s just stay friends, okay?”

There’s nothing wrong with friendship, but you were looking for much more when you first met this beautiful girl who dominates your thoughts. Nevertheless, this has happened more than once. Fear grips you and you aren’t willing to make a move because you likely feel like you’re in the Friend Zone already.

How do you finally break free of the friend zone for good? Why do you always like girls that only want to be your friend?

From the female point of view, I can tell you that there are two specific reasons why women put men in the friend zone.

Friend Zone Scenario #1: She’s Just Not That into You

This isn’t her fault, your fault, or anyone else’s fault for that matter. Women and men have preferences and it’s a part of life. Oddly enough, when a girl is looking for her perfect man, the guy she desires usually fits her closest male friends anyway.

You might be the smartest, funniest, and cutest guy walking the face of the earth and have a high-paying job and other women will find you very attractive. But every so often, the girl that you’re into just isn’t going to be into you. She might find it flattering when you flirt with her and she might even flirt back.

In some cases, when a girl who isn’t into you flirts back anyway, she typically likes getting attention from men. If you aren’t her type, she likely isn’t going to take your relationship to the next level status. You may seem funny, intelligent, and nice, but she just might not find you attractive. This sounds rough, and I get it. But don’t fear because there are a few tricks that you can use to help change her mind.

Examples include: I have this totally gorgeous girl as a best friend. She’s brilliant, has sexy long legs and a smile that lights up the room. She could have any guy that she ever wanted, but she typically friend zones all the guys that talk to her. On occasion, some of these guys were even really hot, but she had no interest in any of these dudes. Why? Her preference is dark-skinned guys with lots of muscles.

Whenever she’s approached by an attractive guy with a different look, she’s always friendly and bats her eyelashes and whatnot, but that’s about as far as it goes. She never compromises her taste in men if they do not match her favorite type of guy.

If you happen to be her mental or physical opposite, as an example, you are a short but cute guy and she likes tall Viking-looking dudes, this is never going to work for her. Or maybe you’re a bartender but she’s looking for a consultant or a guy who works in finance, you’ll have an extremely tough time landing this girl.

Or maybe you’re a playboy and she’s into shy, wholesome dudes. Or maybe she wants an artist type and you’re an account. Exemptions certainly happen from time to time, but if you aren’t her usual type, you’ll have a tough time changing her mind.

Maybe this isn’t even the case? Did she date guys similar to you in the past? Do you think she might actually be into you? Maybe there’s something you continuously do wrong holding you back.

Friend Zone Scenario #2: Something You’re Doing Wrong Is Keeping You in the Friend Zone

If you’re doing something wrong, you have good news to cheer about. You could potentially change her mind with the six steps that I’m about to share with you below.

Get her to change her thinking about you by following the 6 simple steps that include:

Embrace the Situation and Keep Cool

Never beg a girl or pathetically ask her to give you a chance. She consciously chose to remain friends with you. This illogical side of her personality is something that you have to continue to play with. Focus more on yourself and less on her from here on out.

Initiate Personal Changes through Self-Improvement

It’s impossible to remain perfect in life, and everyone has room for self-improvement. Improving our lot in life is also a very hopeful experience, correct? Improve your appearance and start dressing to impress. Eat a healthy diet and workout at the gym a few times a week. Groom yourself, use a men’s facial cream.  And improve your intelligence as well. If you can be a hot and interesting person, you’ll get her attention quickly. Are you exhibiting more self-confidence? She’s going to notice your newfound self-confidence and you’ll pique her interest.

Do Normal Stuff When You Spend Time with Her

Forget about listening to romantic music or enjoying a candlelight dinner at sunset at your house. Invite her out and ask her to do things that friends typically do together. Believe it or not, she wanted you to be her friend, so do these things and you’ll get to spend time with her. Remember to buy new clothes and dress to impress as well. This will make it easier for her to notice you outside of the friend zone.

No matter the situation, remember to make physical contact with her. This will keep thoughts of you lingering in her mind for a long while. And emphasize your sexuality politely and unconsciously as best you can.

Have Fun Hanging Out with Other People

It never hurts to make a girl jealous. This will awaken the desire within her and add fuel to the fire. Without a little bit of jealousy, relationships can be boring at times, so spice things up by flirting with other women. You can be a great guy, but she can never know that she already has you.

Have you ever let her know about your feelings for her? A good way to really make her notice you is to show that you find other women attractive too. And when other people find you attractive in return, this could definitely spark a little bit of jealousy from her, which is certainly a good thing.

They say to never put your eggs in one basket anyway, and this is true, so you might as well make the most of it. Meet with other people. Get to know other girls and flirt with them. If anything, it’s good practice. But the more you meet with other women, the better you’ll get at playing relationship games and you’ll get better at attracting the girl you desire.

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Learn to Flirt the Right Way

Sexual attraction is of the utmost importance. Women find it less significant than men, but it’s still an issue nonetheless. We all have wants, needs, and desires to fulfill.

Begin giving the girl you desire compliments and don’t hesitate to mess around with her and tease her. Try not to give her elaborate or sophisticated compliments, because they might not work. Use perfume as an example.

If she wears a certain kind of perfume, comment on the scent and tell her how much you like it. Do not tease her about her weight or age, because this could go wrong for you.

Sensual Tricks Are the Name of the Game

Every once in a while, remember to touch her, but not grossly or disgustingly. Casually touch her arm to remind her that you’re there. If you’re shy, this might be difficult, but it’s important nonetheless. You can always act like you accidentally touched her and elicit the same response, so that’s something to consider.

No matter what, you have to focus on her body language when you touch her. See how she responds and it will help you decide if she’s interested or not.

Becoming a great observer is important too.

Keep a close eye on her to see if the attention you show her has changed her attitude toward you. Is she looking at you differently? Does she occasionally touch you for no reason? Is she flirting with you? Does she get jealous when you talk to other girls? All of these are great signs to look out for.

More than likely, she isn’t going to make a move, so you have to be prepared to make the move yourself. But she will provide hints that encourage you to ask her out or even kiss her on a first date.

Leverage Your Friendship As a Last Resort

If everything else fails, just commit to being friends with the girl you’re crushing on. Forget about the romantic feelings if you can and just be a good friend instead.

Why bother? If she doesn’t share the same feelings as you, you have to use this opportunity to maybe get her to hook you up with one of her friends.

She likes you a great deal, so this puts you in a great spot. You’ll have no problem getting to know one of her friends if you’re her best friend. Just avoid being put in the friend zone the next time.

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