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Why Women Swipe Left On Dating Apps

If you’re a single guy looking to hookup, then this article will no doubt help you better achieve your goal. I’ve recently gone out of my way to do a bunch fo research pertaining to females and why they may swipe left and block your chances of ever hooking up with them.

Women using casual apps are not as picky as those using mainstream apps e.g. okcupid, but they still have standards and know what they want.

Given that this online dating scene has literally opened up a gold mine for many good looking and smooth people, not everyone is flourishing.

Quite frankly, it’s because they’re doing it all wrong. Studies and focus group forums have revealed things about women and why they behave the way they do. More specifically, it’s revealed why they end up swiping left on you versus giving you a shot at a real date.

The biggest contributor in terms of data is Reddit, so I turned to some of the Reddit users to get their opinion on things.

left swipe dating tips

Reasons Why Women Swipe Left On You

There are a few simple reasons as to why many women choose to swipe left versus right. These aren’t necessarily my personal opinions but I’m not here to shovel bias garbage to you. Instead, I’m sharing facts backed by Reddit data.

Sex, sex, sex, sex

One of the things that I read within the Ask Women forum section was that lots of women were turned off by users that immediately focus on sex.

While I always harp on being truthful (especially on your profile) I don’t think it’s necessary to make it seem like you want to stick it within minutes of meeting. That would basically require zero game and this isn’t a “zero game” game if you know what I’m saying.

Cash Money 

One of the women also reported that she was turned off by seeing a man’s bank account balance which he willingly revealed on his profile. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but if it were me I wouldn’t simply throw caution to the wind and share all your financial details with someone.

Remember, you have no idea who’s viewing that profile on the other end and opening up about the fact that you have literally tons of cash in the bank is just poor in taste and leaving you wide open for a scam.

Fishing For Left Swipes

Some other woman reported that she’d seen a man with a raw fish in his mouth after fishing, showing off the catch of the day like a caveman.

Dude, just stop…

That’s something that a highschool student would do and at that, it’s childish and pretty disgusting. You’re not looking like an outdoorsman, you look like a douchebag.

Another thing that turns women and college girls off is when you proudly promote that you’re in a fraternity. Seriously, no girl wants to sleep with another frat guy. They can bang any frat guy they want 24/7. Why on earth would they bother swiping right to do so with another? Get a clue hot shot, leave your “Proud member of” blah blah blah on your dorm wall, not your online dating profile.

How To OCD Yourself Out Of A Hookup

Guys, if you make mention of wanting someone that’s disease free and that sleeping with a girl will result in you testing her for diseases, it’s too far bruh! You’re not entitled to control whether a woman does or does not get tested. It’s great to want to practice safe sex and I commend that but never demand something from a girl that you’ve yet to meet or bang – it’s just wrong.

Violent Games Aren’t Games

Another thing to never do is mention the words punch, kick, hurt, kill, murder, bomb or anything else nutty like that. Those words will not only get girls swiping left, but you might get a visit from local alw enforcement.

Smack Talk

I know for a fact that many women will swipe left if you talk bad about an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend in your profile. They don’t want to be the next one to be talked bad about. I’d say that swiping left is spot on there too.

You’re Mental

Don’t make any mention of having any mental or physical health issues. These girls are not trying to act like nurses, they want a guy that they can have fun with and enjoy their time with not someone that needs mental and physical assistance. If you’re dealing with these issues, then go see a professional, but don’t make it publically known.

Well, that should help you get started and hopefully avoid getting swiped left on in the future. Now, I’d say the most important thing here is to register for a free account on any of the recommended dating networks that I’ve suggested on the homepage. If you’re not using them, then you’ll never meet anyone.

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