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How To Stop Overthinking And Hookup More

I once had a really bad habit of overthinking and this activity damn near ruined my life. Having spent most of my life overthinking just about everything down to the foods that I eat, it suffices to say that it’s done a number on me. Some people refer to this as analysis paralysis and that’s exactly what I used to be like.

In fact, if you looked up that word in the dictionary three years ago you would find my name and a photo of me right there.

That feeling sucks BUT…

The good news is that I ended up changing and my life has adjusted for the better.

Let me ask you a couple of questions before I get started here.

Do you tend to take action on impulse or do you think things through and only take action after contemplating all possible outcomes? I used to be the guy that wasted hours of time trying to decide what action to take and what the possible outcome of that action would be.

It hurt my dating life, social life, career, and more. The good news is that I’ve trained myself to think and act differently today and doing so has made my sex life flourish like you wouldn’t believe. I always wanted to make the perfect decision and have the perfect outcome but the truth is, life isn’t perfect.

If you’re suffering from analysis paralysis and you have trouble making decisions I’m going to help fix that once and for all!

stop overthinking things

Stop Overthinking And Live A Better Life

The first thing that you need to understand is that changing your way of thinking isn’t easy but once you finally do it, you’ll never look back – I promise. I’d also like to add that putting a halt to overthinking is what really helped me finally 10x my hookups and one night stands.

We need to ask ourselves one question if we want to change our way of thinking, “Why do we contemplate and procrastinate so much?” The answer to this is really simple. There are only two reasons why this might be the case.

Reason #1: We’ve picked up habits from friends, family, co-workers, and other influential people in our lives.

Reason #2: Society has taught and trained up to think instead of act. On the surface, society wants us to think long and hard before we make any choices at all.

Whatever your reason is, you need to STOP because there’s a huge cost to overthinking and it’s super expensive!

– Headaches
– Worrying
– Anxiety
– Stagnation

and those are just the basics, not to mention that your sex life will without a doubt suffer tremendously from this.

You don’t need to study and analyze every single thing in order to make a sound decision / good choice.

The main areas of your life where analysis paralysis is going to hurt the most is in dating and your job.

Women do not like indecisive men. In fact, it’s looked at as being an inferior quality and something that women can pick up on almost instantly. You do not need to wait for the “right” or “perfect” moment to make a move or pay her a compliment or whatever. If you wait too long, the moment will be gone and you’ll mist it just like that.

This holds true when using online dating apps and websites. In fact, more so today than ever before because people want instant gratification.

If you’re not careful, you’re going to miss out on that promotion at work, the chance to connect with the owner, or even becoming your own boss.

If all of this sounds really familiar, then these three tips will help you for sure.

Ways To Stop Overthinking So Damn Much

These are ALL of equal importance and I promise that this approach will help you get laid more frequently than ever before. Just understand each of the tips and start taking action.

1. Start practicing by making quicker “small” decisions.

I’m talking about any decisions which are considered to be small. You know, things like what you’re going to have for dinner or lunch or what drink you’re going to order at a bar, or when you’re going to go to the gym. Taking basic things like this and coming to quicker decisions will help you become less hesitant overall.

2. Write down those decisions.

When you make the decisions, write them down because you’ll want to reflect on them. This reflection period will help build your confidence and make you realize that you don’t need to overthink things so damn much, to begin with.

3. Believe in yourself because no one else will.

At the end of the day, you need to believe in yourself because not a soul out there will believe in you as much as you will yourself. Having that “I can” mentality puts a spark and fire in your belly that’s irreplaceable.

What about when dating online?

This is simple to answer. Send that message, set up that date, go back to her place, invite her to yours, tell that joke, pay her a compliment, flirt with her. Basically, stop overthinking and just do it. TAKE ACTION and you’ll be a happier person for doing so, I promise!

If you’re not using a dating site or mobile at this time and you want to start getting laid on every night that ends with “y” then read this page and TAKE SOME ACTION!

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