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Foods That Increase Sex Drive and Stamina

As a man, I take pride in having a solid sex drive.  If I’m going to hit the rack with a woman, I want her to know I’m going to give her a great time.  To me, this means keeping my sex drive fully charged at all times, which means building up my testosterone levels.

Today I’m going to talk about a very basic way to increase the sex drive, and that’s through the foods I intake.  Read along if you want some solid hacks on how you can do the same for your body.

sexual stamina boosters in foods

Foods That Increase Sexual Stamina in Men

I didn’t make this up or just decide to spout off at the mouth about what I ate last weekend after a wild weekend with women I met on hook up apps, I am actually conveying the message made on this website by Dr. Vijay Singhal, who is a Sexologist.  I never like to argue with Doctors, and I figured I’d take his advice. Boy, am I glad that I did.

He starts off with the statement “any healthy food is good for sex.”  As a guy who eats mostly clean, I liked hearing that.  Gone are my days of potato chips and frozen pizza, although on cheat days I’ll house pizza with anyone.  I like to save up my big cheats for Sunday Football, where I consume wings, beer, and if they have them fresh – oysters.  (Another great libido enhancer.)

One thing that the good Doctor pointed out is that alcohol is bad for our sex life – boo.

In particular, he suggests we consume avocados, watermelons, strawberries, walnuts, and almonds. 

Below I’ll add further commentary on why each of these are scientifically proven to assist us in the bedroom.


These are known to improve fertility in addition to helping the shape and vitality of our sperm.

Strawberries & Raspberries

These are actually good for men, and women. Loaded with zinc, which is a great additive for sexual appetites, a higher zinc level in a woman makes them easier to get ready for sexual intercourse.  For us guys, zinc helps with testosterone levels that in turn produce sperm.  Load up on zinc, boys and girls!

Note: for testosterone boosting, I also use supplements, namely this one.


B6, in addition to folic acid, are both found in avocados.  B6 will stabilize your hormones while folic acid will add energy.


So I was visiting Colombia one time, and my buddy who had a place there noticed I was extremely hung over.  “Dude, have the watermelon juice my maid just made,” was his solution.

After housing about a pitcher of this concoction, I was back in action and ready to take on as many Colombian escorts as a guy could throw at me.  (But I didn’t, I met a “regular” gal at a bar and ended up hanging with her all weekend.)  Turns out, watermelon not only works to hydrate the human body, but it also increases your libido and increases your erection. Boom, I think I know why I like watermelon so much.

These contain arginine, which improves circulation.  Circulation in your penis equals bigger boners.  Enough said.


Serotonin is released in dark chocolate, and this means that you’ll be in a better mood.  Everyone needs that!


Something as simple as your morning breakfast can help you in the bedroom.  Eggs contain L-Arginine, which fights ED and promotes a healthy erection.


Peaches include a big dose of vitamin C and help improve sperm count.  Plus, they are delicious.


As a stimulant, it spikes your sex drive.  On the down side, drink too much and you may have to use the restroom a few times before sex!


When I read this, I rejoiced. I’m a huge carnivore, and eat a nice rib-eye about twice weekly.  I wish it was healthier for me overall, but hey, it’s protein, right?  As far as our sex drives, steak also has zinc, vitamin b, and iron.  All of these are essential in promoting a solid sex drive.

Now that you know what to eat to have a better sex life, also check out my entry on what foods not to eat while you are dating. There are actually foods that can work against you in your mission to achieve better sex!

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