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Why Do Women Love Being Choked During Sex?

Choking during sex is often considered quite sexy by the ladies. This is usually because women enjoy being dominated during the act. This somehow gives them a sign that their partner is an alpha male (a dominant personality) and nothing turns her more than dominance.

Why Women Love Having Oxygen Cut Off During Sex

If you do not believe that choking is something a lot of women enjoy, why not look at the success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The book has sold more than 90 million copies around the world and has also been translated to more than 50 languages. The language may have been changed, but the message is same.

According to a report, the number one fantasy among women is a rape fantasy. It may be astonishing but nearly 40% of women have the fantasy of a rape. About nine surveys in 30 years have proven that around 4 women out of 10 enjoy this fantasy. Choking is a major part of a rape. But this doesn’t mean women like rape. It is just the fantasy that turns them on.

Given the nature of rape and the fantasy, it only makes sense why they love choking during sex. But choking a woman during sex isn’t something you can easily do without damage. So you need to learn how to properly choke during sex before you can attempt it with your woman.

Choking is also a major part of rough sex. And a lot of women like having rough sex because it also translates into dominance of the man.

To properly choke during sex, you need to learn some basic techniques. Because if you are not careful, you may end up hurting her by harshly pressing against her windpipe. That’s not something she’ll enjoy. In fact it may hurt a lot.

Choking During Sex Info Pic
Before you get involved in this fantasy, you need to learn the proper techniques.

You should aim for the carotid artery which are visible around either side of the neck. When you attempt to squeeze this artery, she will not cough because you aren’t pressing her windpipe. If a woman starts coughing during choking, it can only translate to one thing: she is being hurt.

Also when choking, you need to be careful not to choke for a long period of time. When choking, you basically cut the oxygen supply to her brain which can result in unconsciousness. You have only 3-5 seconds before she passes out.

Don’t expect to become a choking expert over night. Try to practice it with different women and see the response. Do it gently and they will enjoy it. Try putting in too much force and she will start to get hurt.

If you can master the art of choking without hurting a woman, she will start experiencing out of body orgasmic experiences. Her orgasms will be more powerful than ever.

There is no denying that when you learn how to choke, both you and the woman will become addicted to this kind of kinky sex. It will also give you confidence because you will now be considered an alpha male.

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