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How To Have Skype Sex That You Partner Will Never Forget

I’m here to talk about some things we all have grown to love, SEX and Skype. Using any of the online dating sites or apps and meeting someone that’s into having Skype sex is awesome. Just because you’re both miles apart from one another does not mean that you can’t both enjoy a steamy Skype session using your cams.

If you’re ever done any sexting or if you’ve had hot phone sex with someone then you understand how much of a turn on performing these acts can be. News flash, Skype sex is ten times better!!!!

A hot Skype session with some new girl you just met is the perfect way to see if she’s worth taking things to the next level with. Once you build up enough trust with the girl your flirting with on any dating site and take things to Skype.

skype sex tips

A Few Tips On How To Have Great Skype Sex With Anyone

Here are some tips that are likely to help you have the Skype session of a lifetime. If it’s your first time, then these tips are going to help make things more enjoyable for you. Keep reading…

Check Internet Connection And Get Prepared

Before you agree to some crazy sex session via this webcam app, you need to make sure you have a good connection. There’s nothing worse than getting on a call with someone, getting half way to cumming and losing a connection or having the screen freeze up. Check your connection and hard wire if the wifi sucks. Once I know my connection is solid and I’ve lined up my Skype session I immediately pop one of my nootropics pills. I wanna be focused as fuck during this session!

Have A Music Playlist Ready

Girls love music. It turns them on and when you’re Skyping with them, it would be in your best interest to have a hot playlist ready. I’m not talking about some heavy metal bullshit. Throw some grinding music on that’s going to make a girl want to fuck. This heats things up.

Wear Something Hot

Girls like guys that dress to impress. No, I’m not telling you to wear a fucking suit for your Skype session.However, I’d like to suggest that you wear a nice pair of shorts and clean underwear to start things off. Go shirtless if you’re in shape. It’ll get her more excited if you do.

Strip Game

Ask her if she wants to play a strip game with you via your cam session. This will get her clothes off quicker all while making her horny seeing you get naked. It works like a charm.

Dirty Talking

Skype sex isn’t good without incorporating some dirty talk into your session. It’s no different than the typical snap sexting that you do or the conversations that you have during phone sex sessions. If you’re not comfortable doing this live, then you need to practice.

Touch and Masturbate

The objective is for both of you to get off here. I recommend touching yourself while talking to the girl. She’ll love the fact that you’re getting hard and wanting to fuck while talking to her. Girls love that type of attention. It’s literally the perfect time to act a dirty and provocative as possible. If she doesn’t like it now, she’s not going to in person. If she does like it, you’ve just scored some more points.

Breathe Heavy

Make it seem like your breathing heavy and slightly moaning as you touch yourself on cam. She’ll like the fact that you’re getting that turned on just seeing her masturbate.

Clean Your Room

No one likes a messy room. You’re going to want to clean it for the best possible outcome. What your dating partner sees is a real indicator of what you’re going to be like in bed. A messy room may not be the best approach to take.

Enjoy Every Moment

A Skype sex chat session is so fucking enjoyable. Some of them are not very long but they are fun and enjoyable. Don’t take any of it seriously at all and keep things fun. Laugh, chat, cum and then go out on a real date to fuck each other!

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