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The Pro’s and Con’s of Having Sex in a Hot Tub

People seem to get a little bit hot whenever they enter a hot tub, and sometimes it can lead to steady sex and passionate nights.  But, is that a good – or bad thing?  Today I’ll go over the research behind having sex in a hot tub, something that I thoroughly enjoy doing when the moment is right, but also feel the aggravation for whenever things get uncomfortable.  (Like when it’s 104 degrees and the session lasts longer than usual….things get really hot and sweaty.)

Is Sex in a Hot Tub a Good Idea?

This article was based on content that was posted on the UK Site Metro, and it referenced a Dr. Shazia Malik, who is a consultant and Gynecologist.  Her takes are shared here and they pretty much were in line with my preconceived thoughts about jacuzzi sex, but hey, it’s always good to hear things form an expert to get that solid confirmation on things, am I right?

Some of her concerns about having sex in a hot tub were the obvious things:

“Hot water is a breeding ground for germs.”

“It’s impossible to know which germs are floating around in the water.”  

“There’s a risk of rashes and infection.”  

Also, some of these things can enter the vagina, which also poses a risk of infection and disease.  Despite what you may have been told by your horny partner about chemicals in the water killing the germs, you can get an STD in hot tubs.  Even if you use a condom, when you remove it in the water you could find that the chemicals used can effect the condom, and in turn have an effect on it’s protective qualities and overall value.

Overall, it’s advised to entirely avoid sex in the hot tub due to these risks.  While I will admit, I did expect this answer, I am not going to stop.

Can’t stop.  Won’t Stop.  Eh-eh.  Just like P. Diddy says.  

I find that everything is better in hot water.  Drinking, smoking cigars, and having sex are three things I’ll always do in hot tubs despite what the health risks are out there.  I know that Cuba Dave agrees as well.  It’s like putting Q-Tips in my ears. I know it’s not the best, but it’s what I’ve been doing for so long, and what I’ll continue to do.

So there you have it, an official “Don’t do it” from a Doctor.  Do you agree?  What is your best story about hot tub sex?

Conclusion: Can You Have Sex In A Hot Tub?

The answer is yes, you can definitely have sex in a hot tub. Is it a good hygienic choice? Perhaps not, but that’s never stopped many folks in the past. Perhaps you shouldn’t let it stop you today either. I’ll leave that decision to you though.

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