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Switter Review: A Sex Worker Twitter Alternative?

I took a close look at a social network called Switter.at and I’m sharing everything I know about it. Before I dive into this site, I want you to understand that I’m not a fan of hiring sex workers and I don’t use Switter. However, if you’re the type that likes to hire escorts, then you’ll want to read this review. Here’s everything you need to know!

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My Review of Switter.at

Do you like spending time on Twitter?

Are you also kind of a dirty tweeter, but you don’t want to get banned while on Twitter?

Or, are you looking for people of like-minds who are into the same kinky kinds of things that you’re into, i.e. sex work?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re going to be very interested in a site I found that’s a sexy Twitter alternative called Switter.at. Switter was created as a safe spot for those that work in the sex industry, whatever that may be.

Twitter, like most other online companies, follows the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act that passed in 2017. This act is the same one that dried up the personals section on Craigslist and closed down Backpage (i.e. San Diego Backpage), pretty much shutting down a quick and easy way to find NSA sex and making finding a sex worker, even sexy online live shows, near impossible. Of course, you’ve got the fake Backpage alternatives such as Bedpage.com and others that play the scumbag role screwing people over, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Sex workers originally turned to Twitter to advertise and find work without the help of a pimp, which we all know is not good for anyone but the pimp. With the passing of the sex trafficking legislation, though, things have changed, and Twitter now bans anyone they suspect of using the site for sexual reasons.

Enter the site Switter, where sex work, sexy tweets (sweets), and the people who appreciate and enjoy anything sex can connect and do so safely.

If you’re the type of person that enjoys sex workers, or you’ve been banned from Twitter for being too obscene, you should read this review to find out why I think Switter is a great option for those on the fringes of the sex world who are looking for a place to turn.

How Does Switter Work?

Switter.at works exactly like Twitter. You can compose a sweet of 480 characters, upload images, place tags, and add content warnings easily and send them off to the rest of Switter.at to enjoy. Other members can then respond or re-sweet what you’ve written, just like Twitter.

The Switter home widget is pretty straightforward and easy to use. The things you can do and see once logged on are:

  • See the community timeline posts
  • Federated timeline updates
  • Modify your settings and preferences
  • Logout

This service is completely free to use and has no censorship, so whatever you’re into, you can share. This does not mean you can talk about illegal things, like sex-for-money, bestiality, or pedophilia, however. They do have a Code of Conduct that does follow the law and you must accept this before you can join and start posting.

Things like BDSM, roleplaying, sexual massage, girlfriend and boyfriend experiences, and all (legal) things sex are permitted. If you’ve got a cellphone, and who doesn’t, you can also download the iOS or Android app for your phone, making it possible to keep the fun going no matter where you are.

Switter escort listing

Other Switter Features

Switter.at is not just a dumbed-down version of Twitter. Besides the above features, this platform also offers up some unique and interesting features that users may enjoy.

These include:

  • An authorized external app to keep in touch with fans on social media
  • Import data to upload pictures, videos, and anything else you want to share with other Switter.at users
  • Notifications to see who liked or disliked your content, get alerts and updates, read messages, see your favorites, see your re-sweets, etc.
  • Preferences that allow you to change colors and really personalize your account
  • Upload an avatar to further personalize your account which can be a JPEG, GIF, or PNG image of 2MB in size
  • Write a header to create a short bio about yourself of up to 160 characters
  • Blocking for when you have a member or members that you just can’t stand or have bothered you
  • Listings that are very similar to Craigslist personals
  • 2-Step verification to ensure that your account isn’t hacked and only you are using it

Switter really wants to ensure that you enjoy your time on their site and that it is safe for everyone. However, let me be clear, I do NOT suggest hiring sex workers. There’s no need to with all the sex apps out there and it’s illegal to boot.


Is Switter really legit? It sounds too good to be true.

I understand being skeptical, especially with the law cracking down on sex trafficking. But, trust me, Switter.at is definitely just for sex workers. If you’re looking for a escort connection of any type, Switter is where it’s at.

Is Switter really free? I hate joining a free site only to be charged when I want to use it.

Yes, it’s completely free and you will not be paying to use the site at all. All the features are free for every member, which is really great.

Is Switter going to get shut down like all the other sites?

Truthfully, I am no expert on law, nor do I know where the law will go in the future, but as of now, this platform is legal and still going strong. As long as people understand what they can and can’t do and keep things on the up-and-up according to the law and the Code of Conduct that Switter.at lays out, I have no doubt that it will stick around for a long time. Now, behave yourself and don’t be the guy who ruins it for everyone else!

Final Verdict: Just Use A Dating Site – Save Your Money!

Most deviants were pretty damn upset (many red-blooded men) when favorites like Backpage and Craigslist stopped allowing sex ads. They actually turn to Twitter to try and find a suitable replacement. But, once they were on there for a short while they realized that Twitter wasn’t going to be the answer, for me, or anyone for that matter that enjoys sex.

Switter came along and tried to fill the void that Craigslist and Backpage left, it followed the social media format that we all know, understand, and enjoy. If you want a site to use that connects you with like-minded sexual individuals, I’m not going to suggest using Switter as your top choice. Instead, I’m going to suggest you use a hookup site – this one. Sure, the platform has sex workers, like porn stars and strippers, but you don’t need to pay for sex today. There’s no need – EVER.

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