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Tips For Making A Sex Tape With Casual Dates

I’ve got a real treat for you today. This article may help save you from a lot of issues and pain if you just read it. We all know about the famous sex tapes that have leaked to the public over the years. You’ve got the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape, the Game sex tape, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderso, and Brett Micheals, Keeley Hazell, Kendra Wilkinson and more. They’ve all made sex tapes with casual dates and many of them ended up regretting doing so.

If you’re considering recording a sex video with one of your casual hook up partners, then you need to read this. Be sure to read this and take it into consideration before you click the record button. Here are all the tips that I’ve got to share with you…

tips for making a sex tape

8 Sex Tape Making Tips To Know Before You Start Filming

Filming a sex tape can be fun, but if you’re not taking these crucial tips into consideration, then you may shoot yourself in the foot doing so. Some things will undoubtedly bite you in the butt. Here are all the most important things to consider before you start playing the steven spielberg and actor role in your latest video.

People Won’t Buy It

Okay, so if you think that people will buy your sex tape, then think again! No one is going to buy your sex tape. Not a single person because let’s face it, you’re not a pornstar and it’s not worth it. If you’re planning on getting rich like Kim Kardashian did, then think again because it will not happen. Instead, just watch a pornstar via Snapchat and save yourself the embarrassment.

Other Than You, No One Wants To Watch You Bang

Again, let me reiterate the fact that no one will want to watch you bang unless you’ve got some superhuman sex powers or your an absolute animal in the sack. Most people think they look amazing naked but the truth is that most of us look awful. We’re not professional models and our bodies are not in shapes like a Sports Illustrated athlete or model.

sex tape memes

Are Your Skills Good Enough For The Public

Bedroom skills are the type of skills that typically should be kept behind closed doors. Most of us are not good enough to show off in public. I know I don’t have the skills to showcase to millions of people online. Chances are that you don’t have those skills either.

You Cannot Remove It

Once it hits the Internet, it’s on there forever. Guess what, forever is a long, long, long, long, time. The Internet makes it possible for things to exist until the end of time and that’s longer than one can even imagine. If you think making a porn video or a sex tape is only going to be a temporary thing, think again.

Are You Thinking Long Term

Long term is the only way you need to think about this unless you’re the only person with a copy of the sex tape. If so, then you might want to destroy it. If you’re having casual sex with random people you meet on dating networks, then you need to think long term before releasing that tape to the public. Who knows, you may end up on TheDirty.com or even worse, ShesAHomeWrecker.com if she’s cheating on someone.

Your Friends Will Become Distant

Once friends find out you’ve made a sex tape (if they do) they may not be so friendly. Some people who claim to be your friends may start to become distant. It’s not uncommon for friends to become really distant and for those friends do not want you to hang around their significant others even. They likely disapprove of your behavior and if so they will start distancing themselves from you.

It’ll Follow You For Life

These sex tapes follow you for life and not in a good way. You need to know that 99.99% of the people that make sex tapes will not benefit from doing so and they’ll follow you throughout your entire life. Is that video with that one casual sex partner worth being followed for your entire life? If so, then go for it. If not, then just have sex with them and keep the video camera out of the bedroom.

Social Media Will Make Memes Out Of You

If you make a sex tape, then you best be ready for the memes to start rolling in. I’ve seen dozens of memes made of Kim Kardashian just because she created that sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray-J. Those memes will even follow your family around, so be very careful!

kim kardashian sex tape meme

Okay, so to wrap things up, I don’t want you thinking that you 10% absolutely shouldn’t ever make a sex tape with anyone. All I’m saying is that you need to make sure that you have things under wraps, in control, and that you have control of the only copy of the sex tape.

If you’re going to be naked and eventually having sex on camera with someone, make sure that person is a dime piece that’s horny AF and has bedroom skills for days. You can find someone like that at one of the dating networks I use. Check them out right here.

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