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The Dirty Review: Bottle Rats, Pepsi Heads, Sloots, & More Getting Called Out! Crazy AF!

While I typically don’t review sites like this, I’m going to do so today and I’ll tell you why. The site that I’m covering today is called The Dirty. For those unfamiliar with this site, it’s a gossip style site that was started by a guy named Nik Richie. TheDirty.com is pretty much an iconic website and the first of its kind. I’ve actually got a few things to share about this site. There are some things that I love and others that I hate about it. I’ve shared it all in my review of TheDirty.com below.

The Dirty Website Screenshot

My Review Of The Dirty Website

Okay, so let me tell you what this site is and how it works. The Dirty which was created by Nik Richie aka Corbin Grimes back in 2007. Those are the pen names he goes by and although some sites disclose his real name, I’m not going to do that. He started The Dirty as a site that was called DirtyScottsdale.com, focusing on Scottsdale, Arizona and it quickly expanded into a national website.

So what the hell does it actually cover? Well, it’s a site that allows people to submit rants about individuals they’ve been scammed, burned, or cheated on by.

Just how popular is the site and network? It’s insanely popular to the tune that I’d call this site a one-of-a-kind. People have created their own vocabulary and terminology when it comes to describing some people showcased on the site. But before I get into all that, let me explain how it works…

How The Dirty Works

It’s really very simple. Anyone can go to TheDirty.com and submit dirty on someone. Either that or they can submit it via email at tips@thedirty.com. When tips or gossip is submitted, the site publishes the information in the respective city where that person is located.

These random tip submissions often refer to people as being a Pepsi head (slang for coke head), a sloot (slang for slut obviously), bottle rats, rat hoes, and a bunch of other slang terms. Every single time I read these updates I almost spit my drink out because some of them are ruthless.

Pure entertainment, no doubt about that!

At any rate, that’s what this site is about. Now, while I love reading the updates and I get 100% sucked into my local city updates, it’s a bit harsh that they call these people out. I do my best to keep all the comments and updates I get on my website free from any personal information. It’s just too risky to share personal information without credible sources and even if people are submitting updates. I choose not to do so.

However, I’m definitely not telling people to stop submitting updates about bottle rats and Pepsi heads in my local city. In fact, it’s probably helped save a bunch of poor suckers from becoming victims.

The Calling Out Is Rowdy AF!

Just who exactly has TheDirty.com called out over the years? Well, some of the most famous updates that they’ve covered are of Sophie Brussaux, Sierra Skye, Clarababylegs in Nashville, Stephy Scolaro, Mariah Prout, and many more. These updates are crazy that people are posting about these girls and I’m actually surprised that the site hasn’t been shut down yet, but they don’t share any nudity or explicit photos so no reason for it to get shut down. Additionally, all the content is user submitted tips, so it makes it difficult for someone to take legal action due to our rights as Americans.

He has had some serious battles that he’s lost I believe and some heavy hitters have come after him. For example, I think Dan Bilzerian (America’s sugar daddy) may have filed a lawsuit against him for one thing or another along with some other people. Crazy. The Dirty is a crazy site but I don’t see it going away anytime soon. People just love gossip and dirty.

Where’s Nik Richie Now?

I’m not exactly sure what Nik Richie is doing today, but he’s likely retired due to making a ton of money from the site. Again, just me guessing. I can only think he’s made quite a bit of coin running this website.

That all said, I’m going to stick to my guns and not share personal information about escorts from Listcrawler and others that reach out to me via email and via comment. It’s just not worth the hassle or a headache. I’d rather spend my time trying to bang bottle rats and Pepsi heads that I meet on my favorite dating networks.

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