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ShesAHomewrecker.com: How I Use This Injunction With Casual Hook Up Apps

This isn’t your average update today. Nope, it’s much more than that! I’m really going out on a limb here to share some secret tip that does a number of things for me. You’ve perhaps seen it before as it’s a website called ShesAHomeWrecker.com. I’ll come clean with you and say that this site is rowdy as it gets and it’s not for everyone. I don’t use this randomly either, only in a very calculated manner to help boost my chances of getting laid using my trusty sex apps and as an added layer of protection when using them as well.

She's A Homewrecker Website

She’s A Homewrecker Is Useful For Affair Sex Dating (Here’s How)

But before I get into all of that, let me share some details on what She’s A Homewrecker is all about.

Let me kick things off by asking a simple question. Have you ever heard of The Dirty? It’s a site that Nik Richie started which I recently reviewed. Thedirty.com has been around for years and it’s been in lots of trouble over the years but there’s some juicy dirt over there. At any rate, I’m only pointing this out because to the best of my knowledge, Shesahomewrecker and TheDirty are both owned by the same company I believe.

At any rate, She’s a Homewrecker has been around since 2014 and I’ve been using it for as long as I’ve been dating random girls on the Internet and in my local area. It’s a site where people submit stories about their significant others cheating on them or doing shady stuff behind their lover’s backs.

You’re probably wondering why the heck I care about this. Well, think about it for a second. If someone is on this site, then there’s a good chance that if they’re in a relationship with someone that their partner is on to them and looking to further call them out of hooking up with people outside of their relationship. Given that’s the case you’ll want to stay far away from anyone that you see posted on this website. That is if you’re looking to have an affair and you’re in a relationship as well.

Getting with someone that’s on this site is too risky. They’ve already had their spot blown up and it’s only going to increase your chances of getting caught as well. You know, guilty by association type stuff.

My Actual Discovery Process

I’ve got a specific approach that I take when I’m in a relationship and looking to hook up with someone on the site. Regardless of whether I’m using Fling.com, AdultFriendFinder.com, EasySex.com or whatever, if I’m with someone the same rules and steps apply.

#1 – I browse whatever favorite dating site I’m using at the time and I ask the girl for her name before meeting in person. This is easy to get since I’m pretty sure that most sites require full verification via your full name (even if kept private). Yes, even the best free hook up networks require

#2 – I take the girls name and check to make sure that she’s not listed on She’s A Home Wrecker or The Dirty. In the event that she is listed on either of those websites and I’m in a relationship, then I’ll avoid them like the plague by calling it off. If I’m single, then I completely disregard the cheating and lying, using it to my best advantage knowing that she’s DTF – it’s a plus in this case! Some of these updates on the site are insane. I recently read one on Piyah Martell and Beth Brulport and I almost spit my coffee out this morning while doing so. Pfttttt!

#3 – Assuming that everything is in the clear and she passes with flying colors, then I message her via the casual app I’m using and we meet up to bang.

You’re probably wondering why the hell I go to this extent to do research on some of the girls before I meet them in person. Truthfully, I’m a research nut and data junky that tends to play the OCD card at times. It’s most likely not 100% necessary to do what I do with shesahomewrecker.com but why not use the data to your full advantage.

Okay, so most importantly, you NEED to make sure you’re using a dating app that’ll get you laid. There are lots of crappy apps out there. Check out my top list for the best of the best list.

Final note: I hope this instills in you just how important it is that you use a safe, secure, and verified dating network today especially when trying to have an affair. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up on the homewrecker website – not a good look! Just be smart about it!

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