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A Sextexting App Can Help You Bang Fast AF

Listen, using a sextexting app can help you get laid very fast. In fact, it might be the fastest way to actually hook up with someone today. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this type of app on a weekly and sometimes daily basis for a period of time. Guess what, it works pretty damn well!

Why would anyone want to use one of these apps? Well, that’s pretty simple to answer. The main reason you would want to use a trusty app like this is to improve your chances of meeting someone to fuck, simple as that. I’ll give you a quick rundown of all the reasons I use a sexting app today.

sextexting app and why you need one

Reasons To Use A Sextexting App Today

Here are all the reasons I use these sex apps injunction with a paid dating membership to meet women. There are many reasons why one would do so, but I’ll just cover the most important aspects of them. Before I do, I want you to try one out so you know what I’m referring to. Download this app now and then come back and read this post. I am willing to bet a $100 that you will get laid using the app I recommend or at least have a few text sexting sessions with a hot local girl.

Plenty of Girls Use Them

Honestly, I’ve met more than 200 girls using this type of app and in doing so, I’ve slept with at least 10% of those girls. While 20 girls may not seem like much, you must remember that I’m saying that is a minimum. I’ve fucked plenty more than that over the years using adult dating networks but at least 20 using an app.

Geo-Location Edge

The edge that you get from using a geo-location sexting app, whether you’re using it on Android or iOS, it can help you turn on local women that are nearby. Here’s what I typically do, I head to a busy public place to up my chances of finding a horny girl nearby to eventually connect with in-person. If I’m in New York, I’ll head to Rockefeller Center or even Central Park, assuming the weather is nice, to try and up my chances of meeting with some girls. I start sexting them almost immediately once I determine that they are close. From there, I tend to eventually ask to meet in person once I’ve had a chance to turn them on.

Some Girls Fall In Love Texting

Believe it or not, some girls can fall in love with someone that sends them dirty text messages. While I’m not technically trying to get them to fall in love with me, it helps if you want to bang them. Local girls in move give it up easier than any other type of girl.

Do It Anywhere

The main reason I use these types of apps is because I can make progress on-the-go almost anywhere just by using my mobile phone. People are so busy today that they just don’t have time to sit in front of their computers at home to connect with someone. A sextexting app allows me (and others) to spend time working a hot local college girl or milf to connect and set up a convenient meeting spot to hook up. I tend to gravitate towards meeting these women at a hotel with a bar, making it much easier to bang them.

Bottomline is simple, I love these apps. They make my life so much easier and definitely more enjoyable. If you’re not using all your resources to have a bootycall, then you are failing. Not doing everything you can to get laid is foolish AF.

Give one a shot, if the results are not favorable then tell me and I’ll help you out. Good luck!


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