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Sex Is Good: Reasons Casually Hooking Up Is A Good Thing!

Having casual sex has always been looked down upon for various reasons, most of which are ridiculous. Having sex is never bad, as long as it’s consensual, and luckily for us, the idea of casual sex is becoming less risky and more common. Traditional dating is kinda dead.

Even if you don’t give a crap about what other people think about your penchant for having no-strings-attached sex, you might care that recent studies have shown that casual sex is good for you!


Yes, sir, you read that right!

couple having good casual sex

A recent study done by New York University found that not only does casual sex not harm you like “they” say, but it can improve your life overall. But, how is this possible, you ask?

Well, let me fill you in on the surprising reasons casual sex is good for you.

Six Reasons To Keep Having Casual Sex

Casual sex is better than you think and if you’re not doing it daily, then you’re only hurting yourself. Here are a few of the main reasons you should bang every day.

Sex feels good and relieves stress.

I don’t many people are going to say, “Ya know, I feel worse after I have sex.” It’s just a fact that sex releases all the good stuff in our brains that makes us feel happier, positive, and more relaxed.

The best part of the study? Never did it say that you needed to be in a long-term relationship for this to happen.

Nope, it is just the act of having sex that makes all this happen, no relationship and no specific sexual orientation is required. Just make sure everyone involved is aware of what is going on and go relieve that stress!

Sex makes you healthier.

Sex isn’t the workout everyone thinks it is unless you’re into some hardcore positions and marathon sessions. Even then, you’re not going to get the workout of an elite athlete. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s true.

However, sex can make you healthier in other ways. Think about it…

First, you’re using muscles you might not otherwise use on a regular day. You’re also working on your breathing, sweating, and releasing cortisol, endorphins, and controlling your blood pressure.

Sure, these may be short-term effects, but the more you have sex, the more these things will happen and the more they’re going to help you.

One important issue to consider is that casual sex must stay safe or all those good benefits are going to be nixed when you catch something that either requires a strong antibiotic or becomes something you live with for the rest of your life.

To ensure that you continue to reap all the good health benefits that sex has to offer, make sure you play safe.

Sex boosts your confidence.

As humans, we are pretty much hard-wired to want to reproduce. Well, how do we do that? Sex of course.

Sometimes we get very hung up on the way we look, and it can affect our self-esteem, making us think that nobody would ever want to get naked with us. It can really hit us hard.

Now let’s say you have a little extra weight you’re carrying. Or, maybe you’re not the traditional idea of handsome. But, then let’s say you find a cutie who is not only willing to have sex with you, but she wants to!

What does that do to your confidence?

It goes through the roof, doesn’t it?

Sex has a great way of erasing all those sins that make us uncomfortable and self-conscious and give us the boost that we need. Especially when it allows you to forget all those bad things and just enjoy yourself and someone else who may be dealing with their issues.

meme about the game

Sex lets you stay in the game until you find a life partner.

Ever heard the term, “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” Well, for sex, that is completely true.

Of course, you’re not going to forget how to have sex, it’s completely ingrained in us. However, your sexual skills may get a little rusty if you’re not having sex because you’re waiting for the perfect life partner. I mean, who knows when that will even happen!

And, how many times have you jumped around in bad relationships and only stayed together because the sex was good? I know I’ve done it.

If you’re not ready to settle down, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having casual sex with horny females until you find the perfect person for you to spend your life with. It won’t hurt that you’re also a pretty damn good lover since you kept your skills at their peak.

Sex allows you to learn about what other people like.

Did anyone ever tell you when you were growing up how to have sex? I mean, Dad didn’t sit you down and explain that some women enjoy being tongued and others enjoy taking it from behind. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, thank all the gods he didn’t do that!

You had to fumble along and kind of figure things out on your own, am I right?

And I’m sure you’ve done ok, or at least your female partners have said, “Oh, it was good for me,” but I bet you’ve wondered if they were telling the truth.

The good thing about having casual sex is that you begin to learn what other people like and how to be a better lover. Think about it, you’re learning various tips and techniques that you might not have been able to do with past partners. Not only is that exciting, it makes you a well-rounded lover that women are begging to go a second or third round with.

Now go get’em, Casanova.

Sex improves your focus.

I once mentioned taking nootropics before my dates to keep me sharp. Well, casually dating has a ripple effect, keeping my focus at full tilt. Remember when you were a teenager and how exciting it was to have sex? It made you want to get up out of bed, go about your day, and get to the fun that no matter how many times you did it, it was still new.

Now, think about your day-to-day life. What does it involve? Are you getting up every day, going to a boring-ass job, limping through the day only to come home to veg in front of the television until you fall asleep?

Sounds awesome, let me tell you.


Sex gives you a purpose and allows you to get through your days without being in a depressive fog. The dull and mundane bits of life don’t seem as bad as they once did. And…boobs!

My final thoughts on this…

Everybody likes to have sex. Some people try to make us feel guilty for enjoying one of the best things in life and that is wrong. If anyone tries to guilt you about having a fruitful sex life, just point out that not only is sex amazing, but science says it can make your life better.

And if your friends are guilting you about your sex life, it’s time to get new friends (with benefits).

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