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Benefits Of Marijuana To Your Sex Life

One of the benefits of marijuana is improving your sex life. Aside from mainstream products (like eye creams and skin care items, which, unfortunately, don’t directly help to improve your sex life), there are marijuana lubes available in dispensaries now. You can find this lube in e-tailer shelves promising to improve or make sex better. In fact, if you keep reading below you’ll find a full list of the most popular marijuana lube on the market today. I’m not a big pot smoker and I typically prefer to lean towards CBD versus THC, but hemp, marijuana, weed, ganja, whatever you want to call it is a solid choice for anyone looking to improve their sex life in general.

marijuana weed lube

How Marijuana Affects Your Sex Life

As I said, weed impacts your sex life like you wouldn’t believe. That said, in the past, people simply did not believe that marijuana actually helped fix your sexual problems. There are various perceptions which people hold about this plant, mainly that long-term, marijuana can/may affect your functionality from a sexual perspective in a negative way. There are also many popular beliefs that marijuana makes it difficult for you to achieve an orgasm and that it reduces sperm count in men.

I don’t personally believe this nonsense. However, I’m not trying to have a baby right now so this doesn’t really apply to me at all. Now, if I thought it did, the simple solution would be to supplement with testosterone pills like the TestoTek brand – bada boom, problem solved.

Now as for the things that weed can do for your sex life. Here’s what I truly believe happens when you consume marijuana.

Prolong Your Orgasms

According to a lot of testimonials, marijuana lube can help you reach peak orgasm and it can even make it last longer. However, this finding is one that I can’t be 100% sure on considering all the other ingredients which can be found in the lube. Coconut oil, surprisingly not on the sex food list, which is another effective lubricant is commonly included in the ingredient lists of many lubes and yes, it too has a lot of great qualities for those looking to kickstart their sex life and boost orgasms to heights unknown.

Increase Your Libido

Women who have a hard time reaching climax aka orgasming and those who suffer from low libidos are often prescribed medical marijuana. They’re given this for a number of reasons one of which is associated with them being too anxious.

As a relaxant, weed is also known to treat anxiety. Getting high via THC can help curb anxiety levels. Additionally, CBD in gummy form can help reduce your anxiety levels. I know I went on a bit of a tangent there, but circling back to the matter at hand, marijuana (in lube or whatever form) will help increase your libido and make you horny.

More Sex, More Frequently

One of the interesting benefits of marijuana is spending more time in sex-based activities. Results of a study that I recently came across reported that people who used marijuana every week had sex more frequently than those who did not consume marijuana. Hey, what’s wrong with a higher sex rate aka having more sex? Not a damn thing, right! Of course, this is just a study and nothing is a guarantee these days.

Nevertheless, marijuana rubs me the right way and has a positive effect on me. When I’m high, I have better vision and I can do almost anything.

No lie – I even write some of these articles and dating site reviews that I published when I’m high AF or on a bunch of CBD gummies.

When I smoke weed, my desire to have sex and try new things peaks like you wouldn’t believe. If marijuana helps me, then chances are it can help you.  You can read more about this topic on this page – The 42o Times report on marijuana’s effects on sexual performance and health. However, I suggest you not start smoking weed or doing anything until you check out some of the weed lubes listed below.

Oh, and if you are looking for an app to meet people who are into Cannabis, check out this one.

Top 5 Marijuana Lube Products To Improve Your Sex And Self-Pleasure

Now, here’s the skinny on those marijuana lubes that everyone is ranting and raving about.

Before getting into the products, I want to shed some more light on cannabis oil lube. There are some unknowns that people often ask and this should help answer some of your questions.

  1. Lube’s primary use is during sex or masturbation.
  2. Cannabis oil lube gives you that relaxed feeling.
  3. It typically takes about 20 minutes to kick in.
  4. This will work regardless of whether or not you have sex.
  5. If you’re using latex condoms, you’ll want to steer clear of this because it may cause them to break.
  6. Marijuana lube will not get you high.
  7. It often contains coconut oil.

How It Works Is Simple…

In simple terms, the mucous membranes of the vagina quickly absorb the cannabis oil. This oil acts locally with receptors and as a result, blood flow increases. Circulation makes the area significantly more sensitive and as a result, you have better orgasms. When a woman as better orgasms, so does the guy.

looking at your vagina

Why do CBD and THC lube brands use coconut oil? Well, because it’s safe to consume orally, keeps your pH levels balanced, and has antimicrobial properties. All of these things are a huge plus.

Your product options…

You’ve got a few options if you are willing to take weed lube for a ride and if so, then you’re on your way to the wild side.

Night Moves Intimacy Oils

Night Moves – The first brand that you might consider is called Quim Rock and it’s their Night Moves Intimate Oil that seems to be what people are raving about these days. The word Quim is slang for vagina and the product is certainly a fan favorite. This helps make motion in the ocean feel better.

So, if you’ve been having a hard time getting and keeping things wet, then this THC lube might be your best bet. Quit Rock lube has a coconut oil base to it with tea tree oil and THC. I guess this is a double whammy bonus for the women that like to kill two birds with one stone. Reason being, tea tree oil helps prevent UTI and yeast infections. Again, this is mostly, for the women, but it’ll help get off anyone at more than a snail’s pace, no doubt about that!

Quim Oh Yes Lube

Oh Yes – Next up is another product by Quim Rock except this one is called Oh Yes. You’ll find that this cannabis lube is actually safe for those using latex condoms. It will increase the flow of blood, stimulate your libido, moisturize, and do a lot more. This is basically like an eye cream but it’s for a woman’s vagina – that’s how good it works.

Foria Pleasure Lube

Pleasure Lube – Then there’s the Foria Pleasure lube. Actually, I’d call this a pre-lube because it typically takes about 20 minutes to kick into high gear. You need the time in order for your body to absorb the THC. If you want to increase your sensation, blood flow, and beat dryness, then this is the lubrication oil for you.

apothecanna intimacy oil

Intimacy Oil – Looking for something that doesn’t contain THC, but CBD instead? No problem! I’ve got you covered with this Apothecanna Intimacy Oil. This one should not be used with latex condoms as it will cause it to break and even the chance that it could certainly isn’t great. As for ingredients, you’ll find that it contains jasmine, coconut oil, Argan oil, and yes – cannabis. It’s got a musky scent to it so most men will love it.

Velvet Swing Lube Oil

Last on the list is the Velvet Swing oil by Mistress Matisse. This is a product that’s water based and it’s safe for use with latex condoms. So for those of you that are looking to protect yourself, then kudos to you, this will work. It’s a CBD spray that people often incorporate into their foreplay because it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Need I say more?

So, what do you have here? You’ve got a bunch of products that to use and a dating site that caters to stoners. I personally don’t think you’ll have any trouble trying to orgasm so long as you take action. To all my cannabis friendly bang buddies out there, have a blast!

After doing more research on this, I just might create my own. Who knows, I like cannabis and sex enough to do so! Keep it green and have a blessed day!

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