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How To Bang Better Than Ever Before

Given that I’ve gotten so many inquiries about the basic act of banging, I’m going out of my way to share how to bang and what you need to know if you want to be good at it. Fear not, I have got all the answers for you. You’ll know how to fuck better than just about everyone on the planet after reading this blog post.

Understanding sex and what women want from a hookup perspective is a make-or-break type of thing. Most people have no idea just how crucial and valuable this information is. The objective is quite simple. Bang her good enough to keep her coming back for more. That’s it – really! Here are the facts and what you need to know to make that happen…

How To Bang aka Fuck Better

How To Bang Someone: Work Your Way To More Sex

Here are just some simple tips that will without a doubt help lead you to more dates, more hookups, and a lot more sex in general! The information I’m sharing isn’t in any particular order of importance but make a conscious effort to incorporate the things that I’ve mentioned today if you want to be more successful in the bedroom.

Take Charge

Women like it when a man takes charge in the bedroom. There are some women out there who advertise their desire and need for this in their dating profiles. They will not mess with a guy who’s not willing to take charge and lead the way.

Sure, some milfs or cougars might be down with a timid young guy, but that’s not the norm. Given that you’re a man, you should just man up, grow a set, and for gosh sake, act like one. Be skillful, flirtatious, and filthy all at the same time – it’s possible.

Give It To Her Good

Some women want to make love, but most women want to get pounded. The average woman wants her hair pulled and she wants to get it six ways to Sunday with you taking her to Pound Town. Most women that I know want a guy to be forceful and give it to her nice and hard.

Grab her legs, arms, hips, hair, neck, and every other square inch of her body. Be ready to give her what she wants and deserves. For those not sure what that is, it’s not a gentle kiss on the cheek, it’s a good dicking.

Don’t Neglect The Clit

If you don’t know how to handle or master the clit, then you’re shit out of luck bro. Being a clit master is a skill similar to that of a ninja. If you possess the ability to tame this beast and make it do what you want, then you will win all day every damn day! That being said, do not neglect the clit, it needs your undivided attention! If you go down on her and don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, then you’re in serious trouble too. Here are some pointers on how to eat pussy, those should help you out.

Break The Silence

Ask any woman how to fuck and she will tell you that it involves making noise. Unless you’re on a sneak attack mission of some sort, you best be vocal and loud about how you want to bang her.

Please be sure to make a lot of noise for all other men out there. We need someone to set the standard as we often need to pussyfoot and tiptoe around not realizing that’s not what they want. If she’s moaning and making sounds, then that’s the green light for you to do the same. Don’t copy her sounds, but break the silence for god sakes! Again, no need to be grunting like a bull or some animal ready to charge you, but do something to mix things up a bit.

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Be Rough

I’d say that the majority of the women that I’ve met on dating sites like Fling and Instabang (see my “best of” list here) tend to only get off when they’re having rough sex. Many of these girls on the casual dating networks even request rough sex and nothing short of that.

Now, you don’t need to go slapping her around or being too forceful (unless she begs for it) but you do need to put some force and effort into things. Spanking, light smacks, and rough play are encouraged. Whatever you do, just don’t be super forceful unless she breaks out the gag ball and chains. At that point, it’s a damn free for all!

Mix In Some Dirty Talk

Want to know how to fuck? Into rough sex dating? Great, then start with some dirty talk in the bedroom. Women without a doubt want to be talked to and in a dirty way for sure. No need to call her a filthy slut or a bitch, LOL unless that’s something she requests but you can tell her that she’s a dirty momma or dirty girl.

Tell her you want her to beg for more dick, you know, things of that nature. If she’s into dick pics and she’s that kind of girl, then you’re in luck, she WILL beg for it!  Just use your brain and the best creative language possible without getting offensive here with things.

Wear A Condom If Asked

Some guys get pissed off when it comes to condoms. They don’t want to wear them and the guys that bitch about doing so have less sex.


The last thing that some girl wants to hear while being butt-ass naked in bed is you bitching about wearing a rubber. Just slide that puppy on and take her to Pound Town. If you want to know the main secret and “how to fuck” rule is to never, ever bitch about anything, period!

If you want to make yourself look good, come prepared. I typically carry around Durex Extra Sensitive rubbers just in case I get that chance for a random booty call.

Be Sure To Orgasm

Women love to orgasm but just as important if not more is whether or not you orgasm yourself. Most women love getting the money shot and when women see it happen, they feel super accomplished – more than you can even imagine. If you’re capable of shooting a big load for her then give it to her and she’ll love it. If you have issues with semen volume, then pop this pill to kickstart things.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you both orgasm because no party should ever be left out or feel as though their performance did not meet the needs of their partner, even if that’s the truth.

The good news is if you’re not satisfied with the sexual performance from either side, you’ve got plenty of options here and will find another sex partner in a matter of minutes.

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