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Funny Condoms To Spice Up Your Approach To Safe Sex

If you’re dating and actively having sex with people in your hometown, then hopefully you’re doing it safely. That means wearing condoms and practicing safe sex. If you’re not doing that, then you’re leaving yourself at risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease, perhaps even HIV. The good news is that safe sex just became a hell of a lot more fun!

How? Do you ask? Well, with funny condoms! Instead of using the boring condoms that you’re so used to embarrassingly buying at the local CVS or Walgreens, you should think about picking up something that’s going to add some more fun to your hookups. Below you will find some funny condoms that you can and should purchase. I went ahead and bought a few of those mentioned below. Don’t worry, I’ll point out those which I went ahead and purchased.

Funny Condoms

Funny Condoms For Laughs In The Bedroom

I’ll kick things off by letting you know that FunnyCondoms.com is where I purchased all these silly rubbers. You’ll love them, I’m sure. Here’s a rundown of the condoms that I think are a real hoot!

LOL, yes I said it, they’re hilarious.

No, they won’t make your dick look bigger but they just might lighten the situation up if you’re sporting a below average penis.

Whether you’re looking for Pokemon condoms, novelty rubbers, the infamous Netflix and chill condom or whatever, they’ve got you covered. Here are some of the funny jimmy raincoats that I’ve purchased in the past.

I’ll kick things off with my favorite seasonal condom which is the one that’s made for Christmas. This features Santa saying don’t be a ho, ho, ho! Well, that’s the objective and pay no mind to Saint Nick.

Santa Claus Christmas Condom

Next up is the Star Wars condom that fans go wild over. There are actually quite a few options for those that are big Star Wars fans. However, this one below is by far my favorite.

Star Wars Condom

Then there’s the emoji condom for the girls that are obsessed with texting and sending sext messages 24/7. Bust this out and you’ll get somewhere, trust me!

Emoji condoms

I love the pizza condom too because it’s the perfect way to show a girl you truly love her. She’ll realize that you’ve recognized her affinity for pizza and hopefully let you hit it from the back as a nice gesture.

get pizza condom

The Pokemon condom was a massive hit during that mobile app craze. People still love it!

Why be an organ donor when you can donate your orgasm? Riddle me that one!

Orgasm donor

Last but not least, let’s forget about making America Great Again. We should all be focusing on Making America Erect Again!

I personally buy all my condoms from one website. If you’re looking for an unlimited supply of condoms, then you likely want to give UndercoverCondoms.com try. They discreetly send you rubbers to your doorstep. No need to make the embarrassing trip to the store for jimmies.

To buy tons of condoms from the Undercover Condoms depot – CLICK HERE!

Soon enough you two will be going at it like a bunch of horny hamsters!

Hamster sex

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