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How To Take A Good Dick Pic

Some girls are relentless when it comes to online dating. They want to see the goods before meeting in person. Which is exactly why I’m here today to tell you how to take a good dick pic. Lots of people out there haven’t got a clue how to take these types of photos. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that 99% of the dick pics being sent to people are horrible looking photos.

Hey, don’t give me a hard time here about this (Pun Intended) I’m just trying to help you get laid more and believe it or not, sometimes one single pic can make or break your chances of getting down with a local girl.

Remember, there’s a good chance that she’s seen plenty of these pics, and I hate to break the news to you but you’re not the only one! Who cares about that though. After all, you’re simply trying to dive in and dip.

Assuming you’re willing to put you’re learning/thinking cap on, you might actually pick up a tip or two here today…

taking a dick pic

How To Take A Dick Pic That Will Lead To Sex

Full disclosure: Before I get started with this tip here, I want you to know that I’m not a professional photographer and I cannot guarantee that you’ll be successful if you follow these steps. What I can guarantee is that these tips may help increase your chances of getting laid if communicating with a girl via a sex app on your phone. I’d also like to add that I only suggest sending these pics via the secure dating networks that you’ve joined, not via SMS or iMessage or whatever way you’d like.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the important liability aspects of this article, time to get to the good stuff…

This type of photo has been referred to in many ways. Whether you call it a dick selfie, junk pic, willy snapshot or whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me. What’s important here is that you know how to send the correct photo that’s going to get girls dropping their jaws in total dismay. Trust me when I say that many of the local girls who have received my personal pics have eventually got a lot more than just a photo if you know what I mean.

Here’s how I’ll break this down to make things easy. I like to refer to it as the “Do And Don’t Rules of Dick Pics.”

What You Shouldn’t Do!

To kick this party off, I’ve covered the Do NOT List. Please, please, please do not do anything that I am about to mention immediately below. If you do, just know that you’re taking huge chances and potentially destroying your ops for banging later on.

Avoid Scaling – What I mean by this is that it’s not a good thing to try and size yourself up for scale. The reason girls want a dick pick is not that they want to necessarily see how big it is in comparison to another object.

Pics to scale for that purpose alone show just how immature and insecure you are. Forget doing that all together.

Don’t Complicate Things – Avoid getting too creative or complicated here. My guess is that the girl is not looking for Picasso penis or anything of that nature.

If you do something that’s too creative there’s a solid chance that you’ll just freak her out enough to get her ghosting you for good.

No Close Ups – Don’t try and take some magnified insane close up dick pic. That’s not going to turn her on, but it might show off your unkempt pubic region and skin. Any dick photo that fills the entire frame of a photo is bad, really bad. My guess is that she’s going to think it’s ugly AF regardless if you send something like that.

Avoid Awkward Angles – Do not try and get the right to make your dick look bigger. You’re not fooling anyone by doing this, in fact, you might come off as looking totally desperate and weak if you attempt this. Trust me, she’s no fool, with the angles you’re only fooling yourself.

Do Not Send Unless Requested – This might be the most important of them all. You cannot and should not send dick pics to anyone unless they reach out to and ask for it. Sending an unsolicited pic of this nature can get you in big trouble and even banned from some of the crappy mainstream dating sites in general.

Just make sure she’s not some uptight girl that can’t handle getting a third leg photo. Not all of them are DFDP (Down For Dick Pics) so keep that in mind.

dick pic dancing

What You Should Do!

This part of the article is the DO portion! That means I’ve got a list of things that you most definitely should do when sending these pics to girls.

Adjust Lighting – You need to make sure you’ve got the proper lighting if you want to impress a girl with your schlong photo. I always suggest adjusting the lighting to make sure it’s not too bright or too dark.

You want the photo to look clean and clear without it looking as if you’re trying too hard. There’s a fine line but you’ll eventually find it.

More Body – Okay, if you’re in decent shape like myself, then you’ll want to include other parts of your body, not just your dick. Put the ultra zoom away and back things up a bit. If you’ve got six pack abs, then take a photo with those in it as well.

The more she thinks you’re in shape, the more she is going to want to have sex with you. Omit your head from the photo of course, but show off more of your body.

Hand Support – Keep at least one hand in the shot and make sure that you’ve got short fingernails and clean hands. This tactic accomplishes two things: 1. you’ll show her that care about your appearance enough to take care of your body and 2. you’ve got good hygiene. This is also a way to add scale to the photo without looking too desperate to do so.

Shave – Make sure that anytime you are planning on taking a dick pic that you have your situation properly groomed, trimmed, and looking fresh to def! No one wants to get some photo of the Amazon forest with a stump in the middle.

Not to mention it’s just gross. Think about it for a second. Do you get turned on when some girl sends you a photo of her unshaved bush? Of course, you don’t so use your head!

Time It Perfectly – You want to make sure that it’s the right time of the day to send a dick pic to someone. For example, sending it at 9 AM when someone is just getting to the office isn’t going to help you score points.

Instead, feel the conversation out with the girl that you’re talking to and if she’s talking dirty or getting a bit nasty on the phone with you, then that might be the right time to send it. I can tell you that it’s most definitely not when she’s in a lunch meeting with her boss. Just be on the same page I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Well, folks, those basic tips should have you snapping perfect Johnson photos from here on out. The girls will most likely get right back to you in seconds if you do as I’ve suggested. Additionally, doing so may actually help you get laid a lot more. Again, just be sure to send them through the messaging system within your dating network and only if they’re requesting them or you feel as though they want one.

Oh, one last thing…

Super important too, if you’re being an idiot and communicating with Backpage girls on that List Crawlers website and you’re sending photos of your dick, then you’re an absolute idiot. That escort site is filled with sting operations that might be setting you up for indecency and perhaps soliciting sex in exchange for cash. Stay the hell away from it and the others out there that are similar! If you need a really easy sex dating site to join, then my top list is here.

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