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Best FWB Sites & Popular Dating Apps For Making Friends With Benefits

There are legit thousands dating apps out there that people use daily. However, the majority of them aren’t going to do you any good. That holds true especially if you want to make some friends with benefits. You might be scratching your head wondering what the heck I’m talking about. First things first, you need to know the definition of this term. It means having a friend in your life that you hook up with. These “friends” are nothing more than that. It’s basically a no string attached friendship. Yes, they can be extremely fun and often wild at times!

Now, if you’re interested in meeting new adults with benefits aka FWBs, then you need to know which apps to use to accomplish that. Here are the best that I use to accomplish that simple task.

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Top 7 Best Friend With Benefits Apps

These apps I’m about to share are not the ones to use if you’re looking to build a serious or long term relationship. Many of the dating apps attempt to target specific segments of the market. Lots of them do it completely wrong. They target those looking for long term relationships or even semi-serious relationships when that’s not what most people are looking for. If you’re looking for simple short-term hookups, friends to bang, or better yet to connect with like-minded adults looking for the same thing, then check these out below.

Oh, before I get started I want you to understand that location has nothing to do with this. Most of these are effective regardless of where you live. You can officially forget about spending time at the local bars looking for a one night stand. Guess what – there’s an app for that now!

No matter what type of friendly dating relationship you’re looking to develop, I’ve got you covered. Each of the apps listed below covers the bases. Here are the apps I recommend and the respecting type of relationship you’re trying to spark.

#1 – Looking for a local friend to just hook up for the night, download Fling.

Finding friends to hook up with is pretty simple if you’re using the Fling.com app. In fact, it’s the most effect FWB sites and apps that I’ve ever used in my life. The company behind this dating network is a veteran in the space.

The goal of using this is to have a fling, build a casual relationship with a user and go on with your day.

All you need to do is signup, put some effort into your profile, reach out to locals and go to town. I see you ending up in bang town soon enough.

#2 – Those that want to have the most anonymous sex possible, get the Pure app.

The Pure app is unique in a sense where they really don’t care who you are. All that these users care about is getting laid within a 60-minute window.

Step one, download the app. Once you download the app, you’ll have to use Facebook or your email address to signup. It’s pretty simple to kick things off too. Create a simple profile and attempt to anonymously connect with locals nearby to hookup. The “hookup opportunity window” lasts an hour. If anyone is interested, they’ll they will connect with you. That’s when you both set a time to meet, bang, and say bye. Easy peasy, right. Read the full app review here.

#3 – For those looking to spend time chatting on video with a new friend, try Snapsext.

This app is quite unique. It makes things rather easy if you’re looking to establish a friend with benefits but without the hassle of physically meeting someone. Sure, you can meet them to have sex, but the video snaps are what this is all about. Download the app or visit the mobile site via your browser and get a profile setup. You’ll find lots of single horny locals that are essentially Snapchat addicts looking to send nude snaps your way.

Not sure how else to say it but, this app is gaining a lot of exposure and has become the “go to” in terms of snapping, texting, and hooking up. Give it a whirl and you will not be sorry.

#4 – Some people just want to swipe and chat, I recommend downloading Tinder.

For those looking for something less risque and intimate but with a large network, then Tinder swiping might be the game you play. Here’s how to find a fwb online,  just join Tinder. Trust me, in this network it is possible but it’s not as common for people to get intimate with one another. However, lots of chat sessions take place here between users. I’m pretty confident that you’ll be able to find one if you search hard enough though.

It’s a network that has TONS of users and it’s pretty simple to find a match. To be frank about it, Tinder just takes some swiping to the right a bunch and you’ll eventually connect with a new friend. If someone likes you and swipes right back, then you’re both able to chat with one another. Get to chatting, make a connection and setup a date, then it’s shag time. It doesn’t always get the job done but you’ll meet a lot of people. Learn more in my Tinder.com review.

#5 – Want to let the girls make the move, download Bumble, setup a profile and wait.

Bumble works almost exactly the same as Tinder. You’ll be doing a lot of swiping left and right. However, it’s the females on the site that have the power to establish things and create the friend with benefits connection.

I like this because the women essentially have to make the decision and it takes the pressure off of me. Download the app, get signed up and give it a try. You might meet some new female friends to bang. But first, read this page before getting started.

#6 – Looking for something more long-term, there’s always Clover.

This is another semi-casual social app that aims to connect users based on a quick Q&A session. I’d say that the Clover.co app is a network that functions similar to Facebook but for finding someone to date.

There are more users looking for something long term versus the classic “bang and run” scenario. While you’ll find a significant number of users looking for friends to hook up, many of them are not looking for something so quickly. However, the app may prove to be effective for some looking to develop a deeper relationship.

#7 – If you want to connect with friends of friends on a more intimate but not too casual level Coffee Meets Bagel might help.

Some people absolutely hate using an app to meet people. They’re afraid of connecting with complete strangers. The Coffee Meets Bagel app helps relieve the pressure and anxiety that many have. While you’re likely not going to find a “sex friend,” you just might connect with a friend of a friend from Facebook using CMB.

It’s not one of those apps that you need to spend all day using either. The CMB app essentially does the work for you, connecting you with friends once a day, which is denoted as your “bagel” of the day. It’s a network for people looking to establish more long-term friends.

best friends with benefits apps

What are you waiting for, take some time to try one of these dating apps out. There’s no better time than now.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to share with you today. If you can’t get laid using one of the FWB sites that I’ve covered above or if you have more questions left unanswered, then just reach out to me. I’m happy to give you more pointers or personal dating advice should you need it. Like I said, what are you waiting for? Take some action or you’ll regret not doing so, trust me!

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