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Dating Fails And How To Fix Them

If you’re not having very much luck on the dating scene these days then there is a good chance that you’re just not that good at it. Fear not though! You can get good at it! Here’s a quick tidbit on how to fix your dating fails in order to finally stop the bleeding and start getting laid.

dating fails

Here’s How To Fix Those Dating Fails

Here are a few tips that should help you fix the dating fails that you can’t get past in no time flat.

Write Things Down
If you’re finding yourself having problems and you’re not taking notes on the situation then you’re not doing everything you can to get to the root of the issue. You’ve got to start taking notes so you remember things. Sometimes when we are literally so intimately involved with a situation it becomes difficult to measure. You need to write down things so you can remember what’s going on here and what needs to be fixed.

Test Things, Then Test Some More
If something isn’t working for you then you need to test something else. It’s that’s fucking simple really. For example, when you’re using your Badoo app and you’re not having any luck getting lucky then it’s time to try out another app! If you don’t test you’ll never figure out what works best. it’s really as simple as that. The same goes for messaging girls through the messaging system that dating sites have. You’ve got to try new things to see what works and what doesn’t. Once you find something that works best then roll with that.

Go After The Right People
I’ve seen it too many times and this one goes hand in hand with what I’ve mentioned above. If you’re trying to get laid, you need to go after people that are trying to do the same thing as you. Going after someone that wants to have children and settle down isn’t going to get you laid. Instead, try and meet the loose girl that’s a party animal and just wants to fuck.

Know What You Bring
If you want to fix your failures and perhaps even yourself for that matter, then you need to be able to identify what it is that you have to bring to the table. If you have nothing to bring to the table then you’re up shits creek. I don’t care if you’re looking to hook up for you want to find the date of your dreams. If you have nothing to offer or you present it as such then you’re not going to succeed. You must be higher than the minimum standard douchebag that pollutes the earth today. Sorry, I’m in a bad mood and I’m being straight up with you on things!

If you want to fix your dating failures, this is how and where you need to start. Simple as that really. Well, of course, you will first need to know how to dress.


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