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Adult Hookup Advice For Weekend Warriors

Are you one of those corporate guys that grind all week 12-14 hours a day and has no time for fun? If so, then you’re likely struggling in the casual dating department. Which is why I’m here today to share all the adult hookup advice that I can for the typical weekend warrior like yourself.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first…

What’s a weekend warrior?

A weekend warrior is a person who works their butt of in a laser-focused way during the workweek. That same person goes balls to the wall and puts forth their effort to play just as hard during the weekend. He’s a warrior in and out of the office and guess what? That weekend activity for the warrior typically encompasses adult hookups.

But how do you efficiently make your weekend most successful as possible? Simple, you follow the tips and advice that I’m going to share with you right now. I’ll be focusing on providing hookup help but you’ll gather some other tips along the way as well, I promise.

five adult hookup tips

Top 5 Adult Hookup Tips For A Successful Weekend

These are my ten best tips for having as many adult hookups as possible over the weekend. Take them seriously, take action and p

Start On Hump Day

The most successful person in the office is the planner. That planner is also typically the most successful when it comes to getting laid during the weekend. I typically suggest that the weekend warriors start connecting with potential hookups on Wednesday.

How do you do that? Easy, you send messages to girls early and you create a dialogue early. That early dialogue is what prevents the need to frantically connect with girls and message them on Friday at 5 PM. Instead, you line up your night before the day even starts.

I go into the weekend with my dates all lined up and 9 out of 10 weekends I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way.

Make Reservations

If you want to improve your chances of having a great time with some horny locals during the weekend, then you need to make sure you’ve got something planned. Make reservations early and line them up even if you’ve got no one to go with.

I typically make a reservation either close by my place, close to a nice hotel (not one of those fantasy hotels), or better yet, in a hotel restaurant if possible. The reservations make you it easy for you to entice girls to want to meet up. If you let them know that you have a reservation and want to invite them with you, then you’re making it difficult for them to say no.

Splurge A Bit

Don’t e afraid to splurge and order something nice during your dinner or drinks with your date. If not, then you’re only shortchanging yourself. If you’re willing to spend money on food and drinks, then they’re going to feel like you can provide even in the short period of time while you’re out.

It takes their mind off things and gets them to loosen up. Trust me, this approach works like a charm. I also go for an expensive wine or scotch. This approach helps limit your alcohol intake too and gets you focusing on things versus over consuming.

Be Prepared On ALL Fronts

I’m talking about booze, money, well-groomed, clean house/apartment, contraceptives on hand, the whole nine yards. Preparation makes hooking up so much easier. No lie and I can attest to this 100%.

Girls don’t like to mess around with some slop that’s unprepared and not ready to get down. So make sure you’ve got you’re prepared.

Dating Apps Are A Must

I shouldn’t have to wrap things up with this but I will. If you’re not using adult hookup apps, then you’re most definitely doing it all wrong! I use multiple apps to hedge my bets and leverage things.

Reason being, I rather put myself out there on multiple networks because if one doesn’t work one night, the other most likely will. They aren’t all 100% guaranteed all the time, but most of the time they are. You can message tons of people if you use one of these networks.

Give one a try here, take my adult hookup advice and get laid every weekend. There you have it. #BOOM

One last thing, whatever you do, please promise me you won’t stoop to using one of those typical adult search sites where people hire escorts. That and the Listcrawler is bad, so stay the hell away from them. They will cause nothing but trouble and wallet ache.

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