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Five Reasons Why SDA Is The Best Sex Finder

This post shares the main reasons why my site kicks ass and is the best dating resource on the planet. Simply put, you will get way more advice and direction here on Sex Dating Apps than any other site out there. Find out the reasons why below. I explain everything in great detail just for you…

I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, none of which are a liar. Given my track record in hooking up and the sheer number of dating reviews that I’ve written, it should go without saying that SexDatingApps.com is a solid resource for anyone looking to find an app to use for sex. At the surface of things, that’s it and it should go without saying.

However, some people have recently hit me with a few emails asking why they should take my advice over other people’s advice. To all those people asking the same question, here’s why…because I know what works!

Some people were not satisfied with that response. That said, I’m here today to give you more reasons why my site is better than all the other dating review sites out there today. Yes, I’m talking about Hookupguru!

five reasons sex dating apps rocks

Five Reasons Why SDA Trumps All – Best Sex Finder Ever.

These reasons are not in any particular order at all. Please don’t think that one reason carries more weight than another because they are all equally important. Here are the top five reasons why you should listen to me and forget all that other noise from people on the Internet.

I Take My Time

The first reason why you’ll want to take my advice when it comes to dating is that I take my time and put the work in to make sure I cover every aspect of every program out there today.

If there is a dating network and I’ve reviewed it, then best believe that I know everything about it and then some. That’s because I’ve put the time and effort into learning all about them.

No Corporate B.S.

Some of the review sites out there are fake AF. They’re run by companies that are just trying to point you in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, I’m here simply documenting my experiences in my online journal. If you’re able to benefit from that, then wonder. I am not a corporate robot that takes orders from some snobby CEO to pull the wool over your eyes. Quite the contrary.

Veteran User

I’ve been using dating apps since they came out and I’m what many would consider a veteran in the online dating game. Sure, I get burned from time to time but that just means I’m a real person trying to accomplish real things here.

You wouldn’t take advice from an amateur baseball player, would you? Nope, you’d go straight to Daryl Strawberry or Derek Jeter and take their advice if it was provided. The same goes for dating.

Two Week Minimum

I use every dating app I join for at least two weeks. Some people just try it for a couple of days and then move on. You can’t see if something works if you’re not testing it for an extended period. That’s what separates me from the rest.

I Dive Into The Details

I like to dive headfirst into the details and I hold nothing back. That includes the costs involved in using these sites and whether or not they are cost-effective. See, some people hide all that stuff.

They don’t let you know that there are lots of people paying for 3-5 memberships on a single registration and subscription. You know what I do? I always call those sites out and do so with the strongest voice possible.

Those are five reasons why you should take my advice when it comes to mobile dating apps and why this is the best sex finder site on the planet. I know better than anyone and you’d be a fool not to try the networks I use. I’m glad that I was able to clear that up today! Now go find some booty in your neighborhood and take that down to Chinatown! Bada boom!

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