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HookupGuru.com Review: Fake Ratings, Testimonials & “Fake Profile” Sites

If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate it’s when someone comes along and starts giving crappy advice about dating. I recently came across a website called HookupGuru and by the looks of it, the site claims to go if you’re “looking for a hookup on the Internet” and I’ll tell you right now, that’s not the case. HookupGuru.com is not what you think and quite frankly, I’ve got a bunch of things that I’m going to point out to you today which will make you think twice before taking the advice they offer.

I guess you can call this my official review of the Hookup Guru website and why I suggest avoiding it – for reals! Let me put it this way, in my humble and personal opinion these guys have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to hookups and the best adult dating sites out there today. Seriously, and I’m entitled to my opinion! Read my review to get the full rundown. I’ve left nothing out here.

hookupguru review

My Review Of The HookupGuru Website

What the hell is this site? I’ll give you a quick rundown of what they’re doing here even if I don’t agree with their findings and rankings. The site caters to those looking to join adult dating sites and webcam sites. They try to entice you with these articles, quizzes, and even by showcasing random girls.

DON’T believe the hype!

Let me just walk you through what I discovered after reviewing the homepage first and foremost.

List of Sites

The first thing I noticed about this site was that they have a list of what they’ve categorized as the Best Adult Webcam Sites and the Best Adult Dating Sites. Of ALL these sites that they have showcased on the homepage, I’d say maybe one from each is actually worth trying (again, in my personal opinion). Since I’m not much of a webcam site guy I’ll leave that alone. As for the dating, they’ve got FuckSwipe, AshleyMadison, Fuckr, LocalDates, and LonelyWifeHookups all listed.

Guess what? Of those listed, I have to say that it’s likely that all but maybe one is not real to a certain extent in the sense that they incorporate fake profiles to entice users to join. They put these rankings front and center in hopes that you’ll join one of the sites.

Do yourself a favor – DON’T. I know I wouldn’t.

Scrolling down through the homepage you’ll notice super sexy women wearing lingerie and looking online. If you think these are real members of the sites they’re promoting then you’re a complete moron.

All these photos are nothing but a basic marketing tactic to get you to join the site. This main photo is a marketing photo purchased via Shutterstock. See below for photo proof.

March 21, 2019, Wayback Machine Screenshot:

main site page

main marketing image tineye

shutterstock image

What People Say Section Is Laughable

I love it when I come across testimonials and “what people are saying” sections of sites like this. Here’s the thing, they’ve got this guy “Michael” on here who’s rated HookupGuru as a 10.0 out of 10.0! Wow, fantastic ratings! The only problem is that this guy doesn’t even exist.

michael from hookupguru

I did some research and determined that they are using stock photos of people and showcasing them as real reviews. How you like them apples. Interestingly, there are 29 results of Micheal on the Internet and the first one is from Shutterstock.

hookupguru image of michael

The same goes for this guy Chris and the other testimonial written by David. Either they coincidently know who all these people are or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes with fake reviews about how awesome hookupguru.com is. I’ll let you decide that one.

hookupguru.com fake testimonial by chris

Name Dropping Is A Lie

I saw that they had a section called “Trusted By” which showcases logos of some of the most popular publications such as GQ, Playboy, Esquire, Men’s Health, Maxim, and Men’s Journal.

I don’t know where to begin here. After doing some searches on these reputable sites not anywhere did I see a single mention of the HookupGuru website.

Not even one time!

I can’t stand companies that parade around and piggyback off of others when they don’t have any real connection to them at all.

My guess is that the company behind HookupGuru.com would be in major trouble if these big publications found out that they were using their brands to leverage their reputation and authority in the dating and webcam industry.

I don’t have time to reach out to these companies and ask if they are working with the site, but in the event that it is deemed necessary to do so I certainly will.

trusted by logo hookupguru.com


If you keep scrolling down you’ll come across three bloggers. They are Jake Pierce, Elaine Chao, and Ryan Bird. One claims to be an Online Hookup Expert, a Sex Blogger, and a Senior Associate Editor.

Guess what, based on my opinion, these are all stock images that yes, you’ll most likely find on iStock and the other image site previously mentioned.

The reason I’m skeptical is that I cannot find a single thing about these bloggers online. I did a search for these people’s names and couldn’t find anything out there associated with them.

Fake Bloggers on Hookup Guru

As of March 21, 2019, the above and below photos were being used.

blogger photos

They then decided sometime after to change the photos to those shown below (snapshot as of April 10, 2019). While the first individual looks like the same person. The one to the far right does not. I took an extremely close look at the images too. Close, but no cigar if you ask me.

updated blogger pics

Protected By Section Is Bull

Not even going to waste my time here other than saying that the company most likely isn’t protected by Norton Security, McAfee, and Truste. The only protection that I was able to validate was the DMCA protection, that’s it. I may be wrong here but that’s just my humble and personal opinion.

I’d also like to add that if they are using these security badges without actually paying for the protection of the services and being a customer of the company, it’s against the security companies’ terms and conditions. I did not reach out to each of these companies yet to further verify.

security protection badges on hookupguru

Webcam Dating Sites Voting Research

I took a closer look at the voting for the Webcam Sites, specifically going back to May 13, 2018 within Wayback Machine and I noticed that for the Flirt4Free site, at that point in time, there were “(8547 votes)” with a “98% Hookup rate” and a “9.5 rating” and if you look at the Camsoda site on the same date, you’ll notice that there were “(5113 votes)” and a “95% Hookup rate” with an “8.8 rating.”

Flirt4Free Rating:

Flirt4free screenshot

Camsoda Rating:

Camsoda Rating

Fast forward to February 1, 2019 via Wayback Machine. You’ll notice that Flirt4Free now has “(5113 votes)” with a “9.0 Rating” and a “95% Hookup rate” where Camsoda has a “9.5 rating” with “(8547 votes)” and a “97% Hookup rate.”

Flirt4Free Rating 2019:

flirt4free rating 2019

Camsoda Rating 2019:

Camsoda Rating 2019

Why did the number of votes for Flirt4Free decrease overtime and ironically end up with the same number of votes that Camsoda had on May 13, 2018?

The Dating Reviews

If you check out the adult dating reviews posted on this site, you’ll notice that they have a 10-star rating system in place along with a hookup rate, the number of people online and votes associated with that review.

First off, there is no way that they can verify the hookup rate of these members. It’s impossible for them to do that. Second, they don’t have the ability to see how many people are actually using these sites and are online at the time of reading the review. Lastly, the vote count which they’ve applied doesn’t allow for anyone to vote. That said, how can the votes be real. What if I want to vote? I guess I can’t because the voting system is rigged and static on HookupGuru.

fake dating ratings

One thing that I will say about the individual dating reviews…

They do make it a point to confirm the use of fake profiles within their reviews for those that utilize this technique. Of course, the dating companies do it to make their members areas more attractive to consumers. However, where I do have a problem is that they’re rating the quality of the profiles as a 10 out of 10 for some of these sites that utilize these fake profiles.

Take for example the FuckSwipe review, their #1 rated dating site based on placement. They’ve got the site listed and they make mention of it incorporating the “Love Stars” which are obviously not real profiles, but they’ve then got the “Quality of Profiles” rated as a 10. How can you rate the quality of profiles as a 10 when the profiles being incorporated are not real? Think about that for just one second.

Conclusion: HookupGuru = Bad Advice

The bottom line is that you do not want to use hookupguru.com when seeking out adult dating advice. Based on what I know, they steer you in the wrong direction and it’s just wrong, simple as that.

If you want some real advice on which dating sites to join, then read the front page of my site and feel free to read more about me before taking my advice.

I’ve even got a way for you to contact me via my site, so reach out or leave a comment if you wish. Good luck and watch out for shady advice and hookup scams because it’s everywhere these days.

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