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Fuckr Review: Biggest Hookup Scam You Need To Avoid!

I don’t get all that pissed off about adult dating sites given that there are so many that absolutely suck today. I came across the Fuckr website and was furious when I did. The main reason I’m so pissed is two-fold. The first reason I’m pissed is that there’s a website that’s totally trying to scam consumers out there and I’ve actually covered the ins and outs of it here in this review. It’s posing as being a guru or expert in all things related to hookups but I’m telling you they are fraudsters for sure.

Now, the other reason that I am super pissed off today is that this Fuckr site is a load of crap. They do SO MANY things to scam consumers here it’s unreal.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t share all the things that I discovered while researching this site.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this whole thing short and sweet. I much rather you spend time using a dating site that works versus reading my review or rundown of the site.

Fuckr Homepage Review

My Official Review Of The Fuckr Site

The first thing that I’m going to cover is the fact that there are many sites other than myself that mention just how bad the Fuckr dating site is. Face it, we all can’t be wrong here!

If you look deeper into other review sites out there you’ll notice that Dating Busters, Scam Adviser, Bristollair, and Reddit report that the site is a scummy site.

fuckr search results

Now, you want to get to the bottom of why it’s a scummy site which is what I’ll do right nowhere…

Fake Countdown Timer

The main page of this site showcases a timer that states that you have 20 minutes to register for free if you’re a male. They make it seem like this is ONLY going to remain open for a short period of time.


If you refresh the page, the timer starts over and you’re in the same position that you were.

Fuckr Timer

Stolen Images On Homepage

I do not believe that the images on Fuckr are legit. Sure, they’re legit girls but I’m convinced that the girls on the landing page of this site are not members and they may even be stolen. While I cannot verify that, I will say that it’s possible. Anything is possible!

The Terms

If you look closely, you’ll realize that you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Guess what, the terms are absolutely ruthless. Something that you want to look into for sure.

The worst thing about the terms is that you end up communicating with Love Stars. These are Love Stars are essentially fake profiles that you’ll never use. They are bots, yes…BOTS! Fake users that try to scam you into upgrading your site.

Upgrade Charges

When you message these fake bots, you end up getting hit up for upgrade offers if you want to reply to these bots and whatever few real users they actually have you will get hit with an upgrade offer. This offer is going to cost you $150+ and it’s totally not worth it.

There are so many more reasons why I suggest NOT using this site or joining it, but I’m not going to waste your time doing so.

Conclusion: Fuckr Sucks, Don’t Use It…

Again, this is an awful dating site and fake AF if you ask me. If you want to meet someone that’s open to going to a local bar or restaurant, having a martini, and getting into a hotel or back to your crib, then you’ve got some options right here.

Want you to avoid having to try things out and get right to the best of the best in terms of sex dating? If so, then I’ve got you cover my friend! All you have to do is read this review and join.

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